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...Not as easy as you might think. Star of the Alien movies (at least the first four, of which two were undiluted awesome, one that we don't speak of, and one that was flawed but nonetheless pretty good), making her one of a few actresses (and inarguably the first) who is believable in a heavy action role. She even got nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress for the second movie, Aliens. Yes a sci-fi/action/horror film, something that then and now is practically unheard of.

Her reprisal of the Ripley character is culturally significant; although mothers in films were respected before Aliens, after Ripley's courageous rescue of Newt from the taloned grasp of the Alien Queen in 1986 filmmakers began taking mothers SERIOUSLY as warriors. Weaver also holds a Black-Belt in Goju-Ryu karate, so she is not a Mama Bear with whom you'd want to fuck with in Real Life either.

Poster lady of awesome, yet occasionally terrifying, grace and beauty (you know, the kind who can still be put in a Fan Service shot when she's 60). Got to be a really hot babe in Galaxy Quest and Heartbreakers (where, at age 51, she gave co-star Jennifer Love Hewitt a run for her money).

Also played Dana Barrett in Ghostbusters and its sequel, anthropologist Dian Fossey in the film adaptation of Fossey's book Gorillas in The Mist (for which she got another Best Actress nomination; she also got a Best Supporting Actress nomination the same year for Working Girl), and Grace Augustine in Avatar. And the Director in The Cabin in the Woods.

Her real name is Susan. Somehow, not even this can undermine her inherent Badass.

Is a walking embodiment of the following tropes:

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