• How come the death scenes in King's Quest VII weren't as graphic as other Sierra games?
    • The King's Quest games were always more kid-friendly than some of the other games. I don't think seven is any less graphic than the others in that series. But if you're talking about something like, say, Quest For Glory or Gabriel Knight, they were a little more adult than King's Quest, and thus more violent.
    • It would probably look well out of place in a cartoonish game. Even in the scope of cartoons, it's more Disney while many Sierra deaths are a lot closer to Warner Brothers.
    • Sez you!
  • Why did they make Cedric the Owl from King's Quest 5 so useless? He doesn't point out danger until it's too late.
    • He made a nice meat shield, though.
    • I got the sense with KQ 5 that they were so excited to finally have the capacity for more developed story/dialogue/characters that they rushed out one draft and didn't stop to make sure all the characters had a purpose (or the dialogue and voice acting were particularly good). KQ 6 was a huge step up from KQ 5, plot-and-character-wise.
  • Since Valve/Vivendi owns Sierra, why haven't the old games been put out on Steam? Do they just not see a demand for them, or is it a rights issue with the various creators?
    • Well, Sierra now belongs to Activision for starters...
    • Some of them are; a Kings Quest package and Space Quest package are both availalable on Steam.
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