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~~Dramatic Hour Long Dramedy, Korean Drama, Teen Drama~~

File:Shutup 4104.jpg

Meet Eye Candy, a six-member rock band, led by Joo Byung Hee. They're the Big Man on Campus of Delinquents Dongnae High School. Due to Seoul rezoning, they've been moved over to the better, cleaner Jeongsang High. Jeongsang has its own Big Man on Campus rock band Strawberry Fields led by rich and popular Yoo Seung Hoon. Naturally, Strawberry Fields become rivals to Eye Candy. The rivalry is heightened by the fact that both Byung Hee and Seung Hoon have fallen in love with Su Ah.

Better Than It Sounds. Shut Up Flower Boy Band is a 2012 Korean Drama is a Coming of Age Story that deals serious themes of friendship, death of a loved one, and music. And it has a cool soundtrack!

The series contains the following examples:

  Byung Hee: (repeatedly) Friends, let's just quit school.

  Do Il: Stop making Woo Kyung cry!

  • Big Damn Heroes: Anytime one of the Eye Candy boys is threatened, expect The Cavalry.
    • Subverted when Ji Hyuk and the others fail to reach Byung Hee before his death.
  • Big Damn Kiss
  • Big Entrance: The first day Eye Candy goes to Jeongsang
  • Bittersweet Ending: Both Eye Candy and Strawberry Fields are disbanded at the end, but the boys are young and there are lots of options for them in the future. Also, their friendships are reinforced.
  • Boy Band: Eye Candy. Strawberry Fields.
  • Broken Ace: Su Ah is the rich, popular, pretty girl--but then her father's business goes under.
  • Call Back
    • To scare the Strawberry Fields boys, Ji Hyuk throws a guitar pick at their dart board--and it sticks. The next time we see Maro, he's taken up using picks instead of darts.
    • Ji Hyuk records one of the songs that Seung Hoon wrote, and find out that Su Ah has it on her MP 3 player. When she is looking for her MP 3 player, he asks, "[Are you looking] because of Seung Hoon's song?" She replies, "[I'm looking] because of your voice!"
  • The Casanova: Ha Jin, who "understands" girls because of his older sisters
  • Cat Fight: Woo Kyung gets into one with 3 Eye Candy fangirls, leading the boys to jump in and pull them apart.

  Ha Jin: Nothing is fun when there are 4 girls. Girls are best enjoyed separately.

  Ji Hyuk: So it was just pity? (Leaves)

 Byung Hee: That's a totally famous Picasso.

Kyung Jong: It's a Van Gogh.

Byung Hee: It's a Van Gogh, painted by Picasso.

Kyung Jong: Ah, it is.

  Byung Hee: (to Ji Hyuk) I'm in the band so I can be with you. Are you saying that my love is one-sided?

    • Kyung Jong/Ha Jin--to the point where Kyung Jong tries to ruin Ha Jin's date when the latter had forgotten about his birthday.
      • And this exchange,

 Mr. Kim: What did you do last night?

Ha Jin: Kyung Jong and I went to bed early.

Mr. Kim: Are you two married!

  Mr. Kim: Is this coffee chunky?

  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Do Il's face darkens whenever Woo Kyung chases after Ji Hyuk, but he doesn't protest. When Woo Kyung misses her chance to give Ji Hyuk a Valentine's present, Do Il mentions that she missed her chance "this year too."
  • Implausible Deniability:

  Ji Hyuk: She's Byung Hee's muse!

  Seung Hoon: How long are you going to keep being my Mooks?

 Hyun Soo: Has the world ever made sense?

 Ji Hyuk: Why would you climb up here when you're afraid?

 Su Ah: Because you won't come down.

 Ji Hyuk: Why do you care?

 Su Ah: Because I want to be with you.

 Seung Hoon: I like you. I didn't want to confine us with the titles of "girlfriend/boyfriend," but I want to be your boyfriend. Officially.

 Ji Hyuk: I'm going crazy. Because I like you.

    • A bromance one

  Ji Hyuk: Listen up; I won't say it twice. I love you, Dog Hyun Soo.

  Byung Hee: I met up! With a girl! Last night!

 Hyun Soo: Stop just doing what you "feel." If you're a leader, act like one. Think!

Su Ah: You want me to be clear [about my feelings]? What about you? Your friends? That girl? Is there anyone who knows about me? YOU, be clear.

 Mr. Kim: So, this is all you guys amount to?

Ji Hyuk: Yeah, it is. What did you expect?

 Dongnae gang leader: Do you want to die?

Byung Hee: (nods) Yep. (smile)

Pyo Joo: You want me to replace your drumkit and and apologize?

Byung Hee: (nods) Yep. (smile)

Pyo Joo: Are you serious?

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