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You see a lot, Doctor. But are you strong enough to point that high powered perception at yourself? What about it, why don't you look at yourself and write down what you see? Maybe you're afraid to.
Clarice Starling, in response to the Trope Namer
I... hate... Silence of the Lambs. Every time I try to treat prisoners as people I have to sit through another variation of... "HELLOOOOO CLARICE! AM I TRAPPED IN HERE WITH YOU OR ARE YOU TRAPPED IN HERE WITH MEEEE?"
Rikk, Fans
Maybe there've been times were I've been pissed and hated things, but it wasn't from this work. My dad's a no-show, my mom's lush and school sucks, but this job is the one damn thing I'm good at. If all the crap in my life hasn't screwed me up yet, then neither will this and neither will you.
Yusuke Urameshi to Big Bad Nietzsche Wannabe Sensui, Yu Yu Hakusho
For me, fighting has been an end in and of itself. You over-complicate things, I don't!
Yusuke Urameshi in the Viz manga translation.

Your petty persuasions can't deceive me.

My brethren's cries of anguish as they fell before your phantoms... They ring too loud in my ears.

You say you're infinite? I'll bring you infinite destruction!

You say you're perpetual? I'll show you perpetual ruin!
What were you trying to prove? That deep down, everyone's as ugly as you?! You're alone!
Batman, The Dark Knight

Big Bad: The greatest gift I give is this: that I buy your surrender. That I allow you to come to Me with your dignity as well as your life. This is less a surrender than it is a contract: value given for value received. Thus do I demonstrate to all history the love I bear you, Caine; thus shall it be written in every -

Caine: (stands up)

Big Bad: ...You've learned a new trick. Come, then: Let us meet as men, standing face-to-face, for the surrender of the sword. I applaud your sense of ceremony: Grant and Lee at Appomattox Courthouse, rather than Brutus at the feet of Ant-

Caine: (points Kosall at him) You talk too fucking much. You and me, we both know what's going on here, and it has nothing to do with surrender.
Then the prophet spake: saying "Frak this, for my faith is a shield proof against your blandishments."
Alem Mahat, The Book of Cain, Chapter IV, Verse XXI

Jaren: Don't be too arrogant...

Yoshimori: Shut up! We want to be arrogant, what about it!

Weil: The desire for power. The joy of making everything work for you. You have no way of experiencing this without a human brain. It's the ultimate joy! No mere Reploids could ever understand!

Zero: I bet most decent humans wouldn't understand, either. You look like another Maverick, to me. All I gotta do is dispose of you like any other Maverick.

Zero: If I destroy Weil's core, the explosion will take Ragnarok out with it... If Ragnarok is blown apart, it no longer poses a threat!

Weil: Are you even capable of it? The Reploid hero, protecting justice and humanity! I am one of those humans you have sworn to protect! Do you have it in you to defeat me?! (cue One-Winged Angel)

Zero: I never cared about justice and I don't recall ever calling myself a hero...I have always only fought for the people I believe in. I won't hesitate...If an enemy appears in front of me, I will destroy it!

Neo Astaroth: My soul has been revived! The age of Mankind is coming to an end. Joy, sadness, desire... all of it is finished now. I will usher in a glorious new future.

Yuri Hyuga: Before you do, can I ask a favour?

Neo Astaroth: What do you wish, human?

Yuri Hyuga: I wish you'd shove it. You know where.

Neo Astaroth: ......

N00b Boyfriend: Mr. L33T, I may run around in circles when I play Halo, I might never get a Monster Kill, well... I can't find the space bar I have to type, but I know when I felt true love. That is worth more than all of the uber gear in the world.

(short silence and touching music)

Mr. L33T: (cuts music) Too long, did not listen!

The time has come, for you to shut the hell up, Lionwhyte!

Dark Bowser: Still here? Has the dark power not crushed your puny hopes? Soon, this kingdom will vanish along with all who dwell within. And you too will sleep eternally in the dark power's embrace!

Bowser: GWAHAHA! Great dark hurricane! Seriously, perfect backdrop for an awesome final battle! You really sweat the details! Listen up! You're saying the kingdom will vanish? NOT TODAY! THIS KINGDOM IS ALL MINE! SO YOU VANISH! *SHOWTIME!*

Hey Anti Christ-er, Beelzeboss,

We know your weakness our rocket-sauce!

We rock the Casbah, and blow your mind,

We will defeat you, for all mankind!

You hold the scepter,

We hold the key,

You are The Devil,

We are the D!
Tenacious D, "Beelzeboss"

Char Aznable: Your way will never bring true peace.

Ryouma Nagare: And dropping a rock on Earth will?
Favored by the world, my ass. I'm gonna say it flat out. You're just a worthless criminal!
Yosuke, Persona 4
Speak for yourself! Living is too painful for you, but you don't want to die... of course no one would understand! It makes no sense! You're just throwing a tantrum like a kid who can't have his way!
Yukiko, Persona 4
There is a difference between us. We both looked into the abyss. But when it looked back at us... you blinked.
Batman to Owlman, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Serpent: If you're so confident in yourself, then let's see which of us is destined to rule the world!

Aile/Vent: I don't care about ruling the world! If you're the Mega Man destined to rule the world, then I'm the Mega Man that's destined to save it!

Grey: Yeah, you're right. I'm defective. I'm just a simple boy named Grey. You couldn't change the destiny of a simple boy like me. This is the destiny that I've chosen: to live as one with the people of this world!

Master Albert: Is that what the other me would have said? Goodbye, ultimate defective! You can have your gentle peace... and leisurely rot in it!
Mega Man ZX Advent

Ghaleon: What will guide this world if it has no god, Alex? What will save it from itself?

Alex: The only thing this world needs to be saved from is you, and we're here to do just that!

Wesker: A new genesis is at hand and I will be the creator

(Sheva brings Wesker down to the ground)

Chris: I've had ENOUGH! Of your BULLSHIT!

(Chris then injects Wesker with the serum)

Evil Flash: Slacker! Child! Clown! We have no place here among the world's greatest heroes!

Flash: Says you! I've got a seat at the big conference table. I'm gonna paint my logo on it! (punches through Evil Flash's chest)

Kotetsu Jeeg: You bastard...! What pleasure do you get from wiping out the Earth with an asteroid!?

Char Aznable: It's not like it's what I want to do. I'm carrying this out for the sake of all mankind!

Kotetsu Jeeg: Shut up! You think I'll let you touch my Mom and Mayumi down there on Earth for your own selfish reasons!?
If you want to stop the things that you don't like, all you need to do is close your eyes and plug up your ears.

Hub Hikari: We know a power much stronger than the evil soul!!!

Dr. Regal: Nothing's more powerful than evil! Be gone!!!

Hub Hikari: Regal, your evil plan ends here!!!

Lan Hikari: It's gone...

Dr. Regal: The Dark Power vanished?! No...This cannot be...

Hub Hikari: It's over...

Jacques De Aldersberg: You always believed man makes his own destiny. I seek to change all humanity's fate.

Geralt: You robbed humanity of its right to decide. You understand nothing.
He's an asshole! I don't care what he thinks!
Marty McFly, Back to The Future, Part III, responding to Buford Tannen's claims that he (Marty) is chicken

King Leonidas: You bring the crowns and heads of conquered kings to my city's steps! You insult my queen. You threaten my people with slavery and death! Oh, I've chosen my words carefully, Persian. Perhaps you should have done the same!

Messenger: This is blasphemy! This is madness!

King Leonidas: Madness...? This! Is! SPARTA! (kicks messenger down well)

Lotso: She replaced us!

Woody: She replaced you! And if you couldn't have her, no one could!

Lex Luthor: I saw how to save the world! I could have made everyone see. I could have saved the world if it wasn't for you!

Superman: You could have saved the world years ago if it mattered to you, Luthor.

Lex Luthor: (quietly) ...You're right.

Thinly-Veiled-Son-Goku: A soul should not be placed inside a doll!

Ryoma Nagare: Don't talk shit that I can't understand!

Light Yagami: Somebody has to to this! When I first got that notebook all those years ago, I knew I had to do it! No -- I was the only one who could! I understood that killing people was a crime- THERE WAS NO OTHER WAY! THE WORLD HAD TO BE FIXED! A PURPOSE GIVEN TO ME! (laughing quietly) Only I could do it! WHO ELSE COULD HAVE DONE IT? AND COME THIS FAR?! WOULD THEY HAVE KEPT GOING? The only one... who can create a new world... is Me.


Near: No. You're just a murderer, Light Yagami, and this notebook is the deadliest weapon of mass murder in the history of mankind. You yielded to the power of the Shinigami and the notebook, and you have confused yourself with a god. In the end, you're nothing more than a crazy serial killer. That's all you are! Nothing more, and nothing less.

Majd Addin: I killed them because I could! Because it was fun! Do you know what it feels like to determine another man's fate? And did you see the way the people cheered? The way they feared me? I was like a god! You'd have done the same if you could! Such power...

Altaïr: Once perhaps, but then I learned what becomes of those who lift themselves above others.

Majd Addin: And what is that?

Altaïr: Here, let me show you. (stabs Majd in the neck with the Hidden Blade, killing him)
What I did... was beyond forgiveness. I don't need anyone to tell me that. No matter what I do, I can't change the past. But what I can save Jeri! And let me tell you, no talking eyeball's gonna stop me! CORONA DESTROYER! How's it feel to be on the other end of the whupping stick?!
Beelzemon, Digimon Tamers
There's a useful four letter word, and you're full of it.

Teeki: Fate is cruel, yes. But consider! Most people are resigned to their fates. There are only a few exceptions. Only those who, by some miracle, are blessed with talent. They alone can change fate. The others merely shuffle along. Sped along by their upbringing, yanked by mortal ties... This is life, a horrible meaningless curse. Your friend learned that for himself. All of his effort? Meaningless!!!

Roji:That's a lie! It wasn't meaningless! I won't believe it! I won't! Enchu was hurt! He couldn't bear his grief! (Dispels Julio's curse.)

Zant: You.....TRAITORS!

Midna: Traitors? Ha! You want to know why none would call you king? It was your eyes, Zant. All saw it, a lust for power burning in your pupils. Did you think we'd forget our ancestors lost their king to such greed?

Captain Vidal: Tell my son the time his father died. Tell him.

Mercedes: No. He won't even know your name.

Pedro: (Shoots Vidal in the face)

Thulsa Doom: My child, you have come to me, my son. Who gave you the will to live? What would your world be, without me? My son.

The Nostalgia Critic: (imitating Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan) Well, gee, when you put it like that, FUCK YOU!!!

Conan: (beheads Thulsa Doom)
Don't be tricked, you idiot! He's the bad guy!
Anita, ROD the TV
We do deserve to exist! (slams his fist into the D-Reaper's chest) You don't!
Gallantmon, in response to the D-Reaper's Humans Are Bastards speech, Digimon Tamers

Darth Vader: You cannot hide forever, Luke.

Luke Skywalker: I will not fight you.

Vader: Give yourself to The Dark Side. It is the only way you can save your friends. Yes... your thoughts betray you. Your feelings for them are strong. Especially for... sister. So, you have a twin sister! Your feelings have now betrayed her too. Obi-Wan was wise to hide her from me. Now his failure is complete! If you will not turn to the Dark Side, then perhaps she will

Luke: [ignites lightsaber and charges out of hiding] NEVER!!

Loki: ENOUGH! All of you are beneath me. I am a GOD, you dull creature! And I will not-

(Hulk interrupts)

The Incredible Hulk: Puny god.
You shut your mouth, Medusa! Lady Palutena is nothing like you! Who turns people to stone and poisons the rivers? Who reduces cities to rubble? And who is leading the Underworld destruction of the land and heavens? Not Lady Palutena! You're the one responsible for all this, Medusa!
Pit, responding to Medusa's Not So Different speech to Palutena, Kid Icarus Uprising
You're like a kid with a toy. You're the one that can't tell fantasy from reality. You're the one who lives in the little dots of light. If you want to dream, just do it by yourself!
Spike Spiegel to Dr. Londes, Cowboy Bebop

Doctor Hannibal Lecter: Just like old times, Clarice.

Ex-Special Agent Clarice Starling: Shut up.
I'm just about worn out with you crazy sons of bitches.
Will Graham, to a letter written by Hannibal Lecter, M.D., about being in a Body Count Competition with God, Red Dragon
You really do have a knack for destroying the poetry of the heart, don't you?
Kevin Thompson, AKA Kilgrave, in response to having his victim's abduction de-romanticized, "WWJD", AKA Jessica Jones

Wirt: Wait. That's dumb.

The Beast: What?

Wirt: That's dumb.
Over the Garden Wall
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