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God shuffled His feet

And glanced around

At them

The people cleared their throats

And stared right back

At Him
Crash Test Dummies, "God Shuffled His Feet"
I like the idea that the answers are not given, but imagined. You can create the answers yourself. Whatever you think probably happened, probably did, but even I'm not really sure.
Sharon Draper

Why do we have to come up with all the answers? People think we have all the answers. We don't. We're just the creators. We don't know what we're doing.

"The primary source of consternation plucked from that Q&A was the “revelation” that Gamzee is short.

Which was obviously a 4 THE LAFFS answer.

The real answer is


I don’t give a shit about how tall anybody is."
Andrew Hussie, via Tumblr

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