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  • For a ride based off a movie that you've never seen and that Disney would like you to forget ever existed, Splash Mountain sure has a lot of shout outs to it. For one thing, the design of the mountain is actually based off of Chickapin Hill, the hill that Brer Fox lives in (seen in only a couple of shots). The story of the ride itself is actually based off of all three of the animated segments that feature Brer Rabbit, mixing moments between the three. And not only that, but they even include songs not based on the animated sequences into the queue music (such as All I Want and the title song. Hell, the queue even features Uncle Remus' chair for god's sake!
  • How Not to Write A Novel specifically advises writers against showing too much of their work, and provides a Stylistic Suck example of a character of a novel interpreting everything around her in terms of varying, and massively inappropriate, layers of physics-based Techno Babble.
  • The works of Kenneth Burke, literary theorist/philosopher/rhetorician/scholar/renaissance man, definitely apply. He decided that reading the entire New York Public Library would provide a much better education that attending college, and both the depth and breadth of his knowledge is obvious from his work.
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