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Often when there is some element in a Game Show that is hidden from the contestants' view or knowledge, the home audience will get a "sneak peek" at the gameplay element in question. In some instances, the host will sometimes remind viewers to look away if they are playing along, with an audible indicator to let the viewer know when it is okay to resume watching.

Please note that this is only to reveal a certain key component of gameplay, not all instances of game questions being shown on-screen.

Examples of Show the Folks At Home include:
  • On the first few episodes of Classic Concentration, the rebus solution would be revealed to the audience superimposed over the numbered squares.
    • Also, Alex Trebek would often use this exact phrase at the end of a round, saying "Let's show the folks at home how he/she solved the puzzle."
    • The Jack Narz version of Concentration did this with the rebus solutions before the actual rebus was shown in the Double Play Bonus Round.
  • The price of the items offered in "Clock Game" on The Price Is Right.
  • The location of the "Stinger" on The One Million Chance of a Lifetime.
  • The answer to the clues on Double Dare 1976.
  • The contestant's secret and the Secret Slime Action on Figure It Out.
  • The passwords on the Password series.
  • The approximate location of the hidden object when a room is searched on the Toffler and UK versions of Finders Keepers.
  • The Power Prize on Fun House.
  • The Secret Square on The Hollywood Squares.
  • The Mystery Game on Starcade.
  • The identity of the "Red Herring" in the Locker Room during the second season of Think Fast.
  • Wheel of Fortune: What is hidden behind the "Mystery Wedge" when the wheel landed on it is superimposed over the overhead shot for a few moments while Pat spiels about the decision.
  • Possible Trope Namer - John Daly and Garry Moore would actually say the phrase as the contestants' occupations/secrets were revealed on What's My Line? and ~I've Got a Secret~.
  • The first contestant's answers in the Fast Money bonus round of Family Feud.
  • Briefly used on the syndicated Deal or No Deal.
  • On Camouflage (ABC, 1961-62), a contestant reaching 30 points in score saw a picture of the object she had to locate and trace. The object was similarly shown to the studio and home audiences.
  • The names on You Don't Say!.
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