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This page lists Shout Outs from web-published original works.

  • Each chapter of Broken Saints begins and ends with an animation often related to the chapter's theme. Several of these are send-ups of films / TV shows that writer Brooke Burgess likes. Among them: Twin Peaks, The Prisoner, The Matrix, Fight Club, Donnie Darko, and The Wizard of Oz.
    • Also, a clip of Christian Slater's "You ever get the feeling..." speech from Pump Up the Volume is played at the beginning of Chapter 19, Act 2 as the club music starts playing.
    • Not to mention the graffiti on the alley wall that reads "Who watches".
  • Tales of MU is loaded with these -- mostly to Dungeons & Dragons, the basis for much of the setting. After Gary Gygax passed away, a previously unnamed building was dubbed the Gygax Memorial Healing Center. Two of the funniest non-D&D examples that spring to mind are the in-universe equivalent of Occam's Razor, "Durkon's Hammer" (a Shout-Out to Order of the Stick) and Catgirl Suzi asking, in broken "English", "I can has cheeseburger?" (a Shout-Out to the LOLcat phenomenon)
    • And let us not forget the history class that was entirely devoted to making a "the cake is a lie" gag, in reference to Portal.
    • And the supplementary series MOAR MU had "I call it Vera" directly quoted, referencing Firefly.
  • Kate Modern features several Shout Outs to Lonelygirl15. For example, Danielbeast is one of the webcam users hacked by Project Orwell in "The Leak", and the name "Bree" appears on Gavin's "PEOPLE I HATE" list in "The List".
    • Similarly, in "Straight To The Top", Gavin suggests that Lauren could audition for fellow Bebo show Sofia's Diary.
  • LG15: the resistance mentions The Return of the Jedi and The Return of the King in "Fun Things to Do in Hiding -- Volume Three!"
    • The first two chapters contain several allusions to The Matrix, both direct and indirect.
    • In Chapter 12, Jonas whistles part of the theme from The Great Escape before rescuing Reed.
  • Chromagic shouts out to a whole bunch of things. Mostly Pokémon.
  • On Homestar Runner, characters will do things like exclaim "What in Pete Sampras is going on?" or dress up as, say M. Bison or Jambi the Genie for Halloween. One character, Coach Z, has the initials of Craig Zobel, who, along with Mike Chapman, wrote the original Homestar Runner children's book.
  • Survival of the Fittest character Keiji Tanaka is shoutouterffic. Among other things, he is constantly referencing the Final Fantasy series.

 "Man, it's like the beginning of that game, except I don't have a gunblade, I got a broken sabre. Least Lenny can't fireball me, with like, kaPOW and stuff! Man, that would hurt." (The opening sequence of Final Fantasy VIII)

"Shit! SHIT! Injury! Medic! Somebody get me a potion! Who's on healing duty!? Critical hit people! Critical hit! With, like, the extra loud sound and red numbers and stuff!" (A general reference to the common healing item in the series)

"Oh poopy'!" (A direct quote from Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series Mystery Science Theater 3000)

 Cheeks: "Well, being impulsive both got us really hot husbands."

Brady: "One time it also got be a tattoo that says "need more cowbell"." (slaps his behind)

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