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Next to the Shout Outs to Shakespeare, (if not surpassing it) are the Shout Outs to the Norse Mythology as a whole. Maybe because everything sounds Badass, cool or just awesome by naming someone/something after a Norse deity such as Thor, Odin or Loki. Whatever the case, we've Seen It a Million Times.

Keep in mind that if several people or things in the same work are all named in reference to Norse Mythology, it's Theme Naming, not a whole lot of shout-outs.

See also Religious and Mythological Theme Naming.

There's a huge list in That Other Wiki.


Anime and Manga

  • Slayers has "Ragna Blade" spell. Appropriately enough, it invokes the power of the creator deity living in primal Chaos and as such can harm or kill anything in the world, including Gods and Dark Lords providing "lesser" spells of White Magic and Black Magic. The incantation itself fits well too.
  • .hack in Liminality mentions the The Ring of the Nibelung from Wagner's opera as the source of the power of the World.


  • In John Myers Myers' Silverlock, the tramp freighter Shandon is traveling on at the very beginning is mentioned in passing to have been named the "Naglfar". When it sinks, his adventure begins, and it's the first of dozens, if not hundreds of references to literature and mythology scattered through the book.


Video Games

  • Two of the heroes in Gauntlet (1985 video game) are Thor the Warrior and Thyra the Valkyrie.
  • Ragna the Bloodedge. There's a very good reason why his name derives from Ragnarok, the death and rebirth of the world.
    • Noel Vermillion from the same game has a Minigun named Fenrir and a rocket launcher named Thor.
  • In Touhou, the two vampire sisters each have a spellcard named after the weapon of a Norse god. Remilia has Odin's Gungnir while Flandre wields Lævateinn. It's unclear whether or not they're actually wielding them as weapons though, or just fanciful names given to magical energy attacks.
  • Two of the attacks in Phantom Dust are called Thor's Hammer and Gungnir. Bonus points for Gungnir being one of the most accurate attacks in the game, as never missing was an attribute of its namesake.
  • Max Payne and Alan Wake both have elements, the first having a phsycotic boss being obssesed with mitology, and the second features a heavy metal band composed by two wacky old men also revolving arround norse mithology. Sam Lake sure loves vikings.
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