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An up and coming seiyuu in the 2000s, Shizuka Ito is known for her refined and sexy personality. She is, by Word of God, in a relationship with fellow seiyuu Hitomi Nabatame.

And like her wife, she's also built up her own harem, which includes Kimiko Koyama, Kana Ueda, Yuko Goto and Mamiko Noto (apparently, quite a lot of people have hit on Mamiko Noto, not just Tetsuya Kakihara).

After her successful stint in Zoids, Shizuka became in love with Super Robot anime roles and working to be typecast in more mecha roles. She has done a notable amount of roles in the field since.

Relationship Voice Actor with Jun Fukuyama to some extent (Hayate the Combat Butler for one episode, Saki, XxxHolic, Rental Magica and To Heart 2)

Also an unabashed Bottle Fairy in Real Life, lampshaded by To Aru Majutsu no Index's Index-tan specials. Even her colleagues in the industry (including Hitomi-chan) took notice of that. In fact, her blog is called [Shizuka◇A Drunkard's Diary].

Notable roles by Shizuka Ito:

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