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Too sexy for my shirt<br>
Too sexy for my shirt<br>
So sexy it hurts|"I'm Too Sexy", '''Right Said Fred''' }}
So sexy it hurts|"I'm Too Sexy", '''Right Said Fred''' }}
So sexy it hurts|"I'm Too Sexy", '''Right Said Fred''' }}
[[Category:Shirtless Scene]]
[[Category:Shirtless Scene]]

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"When you speak of this -- and I know you will -- could I be shirtless? I think it would be more impressive if I was shirtless."
Dr. Cox, Scrubs
"Holy shit! Why aren't you wearing a shirt?!"

Crow: "He has a severe allergy to shirts!"

Mike: "I'm not shirtless enough, I'm gonna take off my skin."

Tom: "This is serial shirtlessness!"
"Also, James has no shirt. This is important. I mean, just for life in general."

Matt Damon Lampshading Matthew Mc Conaughey's serial shirtlessness.

"I'll get your arrow, prettyboy. And I'll do it with my shirt on"
Yao, Mulan
"Doesn't he own a shirt?"
"Please, all men with hot bodies, burn your shirts. Thanks."
Rebecca Rose
"Kirk is a manwhore whose shirt has an aversion to its intended purpose."

I have watched this video about three times now. I don't know what happened in it, all I know is that Evan has been shirtless for damn near 9 minutes.

—Youtube comment on Everyman HYBRID, "Outside Help"

Liara: You were dead!

Shepard: I came back.

Liara: Yes, you came back! And now you're more interested in seeing Jacob with his shirt off!
Mass Effect 2, "Lair of the Shadow Broker" (no, they're not talking about that Jacob)
I have to admit, I'm glad it worked out this way. I was going to bleed Andrew, but you look better with your shirt off.
The First Evil to Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The body is meant to be seen, not all covered up.

I'm too sexy for my shirt

Too sexy for my shirt

So sexy it hurts
—"I'm Too Sexy", Right Said Fred

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