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The characters of the manga series Shirokuro Kitan:

Main Characters

Ririko Benibana

File:Img chara 03 3240.jpg

 Malice: Toybox

The main protagonist and heroine. Sixteen-year-old Ririko Benibana lost her parents and siblings in an incident and moves to the town of Kaminoshiro to find clues concerning the nature of her father Detective Magatsu Benibara's untimely death. She has two friends, Maya and Murasaki. Ririko teams up with fellow classmates Shirou and Kurokichi and begins to unravel Kaminoshiro and the mystery that revolves the Malice, the clock tower and its residents--the "Toy Soldiers," and how all of this might relate to the death of her father. She has a Malice named "Toybox," but it actually belongs to the Toy Soldiers' "father," Pierrot.

Shirou Otori

File:Img chara 01 4014.jpg


Ririko's classmate. Shirou Otori is a sixteen-year-old indifferent and haughty, young man who comes from a wealthy family. He is either fawned over by others or they are intimidated by him. Shirou is a neat freak, greatly dislikes Kurokichi, and has a bad relationship with his father. Ririko is interested in him, but her friends Maya and Murasaki assume that Ririko has a crush on Shirou. He has a Malice named "Aeon" that can turn into a holy lance, which he received by Ririko's father to destroy Malice in his stead. Shirou claims that he is only helping Ririko for his own benefit.

Kurokichi Kagenui

File:Img chara 02 5372.jpg

 Malice: Corpse Eye

Ririko's other classmate. Kurokichi Kagenui has been missing school for the past two weeks of the new semester and has only been recently coming to class. He's often found sleeping, likes drinking milk, and wants to befriend Shirou. Ririko's friend Murasaki has a crush on him. Kurokichi suggests that Ririko, Shirou, and he should team up as they have a mutual enemy in the Malice and Toy Soldiers. He also has a Malice named "Corpse Eye" that resembles shadows melting into darkness. Kurokichi covers his left eye with an eyepatch, and when it is revealed, he can see Malice. His goal is to destroy all of the Malice, and he appears to have a connection to the Toy Soldiers.

Toy Soldiers

Toy Soldiers

Otherwise known as "Grave Keepers" or "Death Gods"/"Shinigami," the Toy Soldiers were originally twelve survivors from a fire at their orphanage seven years ago, where a mysterious shinigami named Death killed everyone and is considered the thirteenth Malice. The orphanage was later made into the black clock tower, where the Toy Soldiers use as their residence and are now feared as the rumored shinigami themselves. The Toy Soldiers' goal is to find Death and kill the person for the sake of their beloved "father," Pierrot.

  • I'm a Humanitarian: The have become one with Malice and must consume the flesh and blood of humans to keep their own human appearance.
  • Immortality: A variant. They will always regenerate unless their Malice is destroyed.
  • Shinigami: They are considered these by the townspeople of Kaminoshiro. They, themselves, regard Death as this.

Itsuru Magakumo

 Malice: Sword Dancer

Number: I

One of the Toy Soldiers, Itsuru Magakumo makes his debut challenging Shirou to a battle. He seems to be a few screws loose in the head and takes pleasure in killing people who come by the clock tower. His Malice is named "Sword Dancer" and allows him to control a pair of swords.

Yoihime Kurezaki


Number: II

A Toy Soldier who is often seen with Raiya, Hachizou, and Itsuru. Yoihime is hot-headed, refers to herself in the third person, and is extremely close to Itsuru. She has a fondness for stabbing people with a pair of scissors.

Mitsuka Kairyuu

 Malice: Stoke Candle

Number: III

Mitsuka Kairyuu is sent by fellow Toy Soldier Yuujin to test Ririko, Shirou, and Kurokichi. His Malice "Stoke Candle" follows a person who looks the candles in the eyes and are chased until they are burnt to nothing. He is the first Toy Soldier to get killed.

Raiya Hisumi

 Malice: Puppeteer

Number: VIII

One of the supposed shinigami who live in the clock tower. Raiya Hisumi attends the prestigious and religious night school Akemikado Academy and is often told that he physically resembles a doll. He is the object of Ririko's friend Maya's unrequited affection. He has a Malice named "Puppeteer" that has the ability to grant other people the control of puppets.

Hachizou Momo-oka

 Malice: Trick the Trick

Number: IX

Hachi Momo-oka is a fellow student at Akemikado Academy who is always seen by Raiya's side. His long bangs covers his eyes and he's known to fool around a lot. He has a Malice named "Trick the Trick" and uses it to play with people like a magician.

Yuujin Aidou


Number: XII

A perpetually and smiling Toy Soldier. Yuujin Aidou arrives with two other Toy Soldiers to basically rub it in to them that Pierrot ordered for all matters entrusted to Raiya to be given to him and for the rest of the Toy Soldiers to obey him, as Pierrot trusts him the most.

  • Ho Yay: He thinks of giving Mitsuka a kiss for allowing him to witness Kurokichi's "Corpse Eye." He then asks one of his henchmen if that bothers him.
  • Kick the Dog: He does this to the rest of the Toy Soldiers in his first appearance, and specifically insults Itsuru merely for the hell of it. He also sends Mitsuka to test Ririko, Shirou, and Kurokichi, not caring if Mitsuka comes back or gets killed.
  • Love Freak
  • Mad Love: Proclaims to Raiya, Hachizou, Itsuru, and Yoihime that he will use his love to rule them all, with them being his servants and him treating them affectionately. ... That is, except Itsuru.
  • Parental Favoritism: Out of all of the Toy Soldiers, Pierrot trusts him the most.
  • Peek-a-Bangs
  • Perpetual Smiler



Number: XIII

A shinigami who came to the Toy Soldiers' orphanage and mercilessly slaughtered everyone. This person is considered the thirteenth Malice, and the Toy Soldiers want to find Death and kill him for Pierrot's sake.

Minor Characters

Maya Sonomachi

One of Ririko's friends. She has a crush on Raiya.

Murasaki Miba

One of Ririko's friends. She has a crush on Kurokichi.

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