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Nuriko's romantic priorities are, well, quite straight! (In a way...)

Again, everyone knows the Shipper on Deck. They're the kind of person who spots two people who like one another, thinks they look cute or may be happy, and devotes their efforts to bringing them together... right?

This person is also a shipper, but in other ways. They ship not just with the heart, but with the brains. They have realized that there are other perks regarding this cute potential couple, and they're gonna grab the chance. Maybe it's because the lovebirds are truly good together, or this will let the shipper reap some material benefits, or it'll clear the way for another ship that they like (maybe one including THEM), or (if a parent) it'll bring offspring. There can be as many reasons for shipping as people in the world, yes.

Compare with Shipper on Deck AND Shipping Torpedo (and can overlap with both, of course). If they're particularly active, they may try setting an Arranged Marriage.
Examples of Shipper with an Agenda include:

Anime and Manga

Comic Books

Fan Works



Live-Action TV

  • In Glee, Kurt tries to hook up his widow father Burt with Finn's also widowed mother Carole so he'd be able to spend more time with Finn. The fact that Burt and Carole pretty much fell in Love at First Sight helps quite a bit.

Religion and Mythology

  • According to some Jewish lore, the whole deal with Jacob, Leah and Rachel came from this. Leah was originally destined to marry Jacob's brother Esau, who was far less meritorious; she was understandably overwrought and prayed to God for help, who arranged things so she could marry Jacob as well.

Video Games

  • In the Castlevania series' Sorrow games, everyone ships Soma Cruz and Mina Hakuba despite their protests. One of their friends, Julius, comes off more as this... with good reasons. As a member of the Belmont clan, Julius knows that Dracula went down the Evil path after losing his two loves, Elisabetha and Lissa; since Soma is the newest incarnation of Dracula but hasn't fully awakened as such (and doesn't want to), Julius bets on him also going down that road if Mina dies too. (Which does happen in the Bad Endings)
  • In Dragon Age: Origins, the Warden can turn themself into this depending on their actions in the Landsmeet, - all so the Succession Crisis in Ferelden will be solved.. i.e, a Warden of either gender can hook up Queen Anora and her brother-in-law and legitimate heir to the throne, Alistair, a human noble Female Warden can marry Alistair and become Queen Consort (or be his mistress), and a human noble Male Warden can marry Anora and become King Consort (provided he doesn't execute her father Loghain).
  • The main character of Yandere Simulation, Ayano "Yandere-chan" Aishi, can try hooking up her prospect love rivals with other boys so none of them will be an obstacle to her and her Sempai's. It's certainly a quite more benign alternative to killing, bullying, crippling, etc. any of them. . .

Visual Novels

Western Animation

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