"Basically, it’s a question of how many variations of stories I can come up with that revolve around shit and sex."
Shintaro Kago, Vice Magazine

Shintaro Kago (b- 1969) is a Japanese manga artist. While his works fall under the Guro genre, they are far less sexualized than that of his contemporaries, instead focusing on screwing with the heads of the readership.

It should go without saying that everything he's done is Not Safe for Work. Or stomachs.

Partial bibliography:

  • Abstraction
  • Blow Up
  • Closed Hospital - A hospital secedes from Japan, becoming a nation whose caste structure is based on what injuries or illnesses a person has.
  • The Collection
  • Dance! Kremlin Palace
  • Drafting A Water Goddess - Women are murdered and their bloated corpses are made into boats and raced down a river.
  • Everything's Peaceful
  • Fetus Collection
  • Hara Kiri
  • Head Prolapse - A story about a girl who can separate her head and internal organs from her body and fly around.
  • Labyrinth
  • Multiplication - A sentient comic strip splits into different branches of panels, showing the varying ways that the events of a story could turn out. As more and more splits are made, the story becomes increasingly corrupted and nonsensical.
  • Punctures
  • Springs - People take to surgically implanting bionic springs in their bodies that sometimes malfunction, with bloody results.
  • Superglue
  • The Big Funeral
  • Slippery Cross-Section - A satelite laser slices a girl in half vertically, and she doesn't notice until both of her halves start to slide apart. She then struggles, unsuccessfully, to hold herself together while seeking help.

Tropes common to his work include:

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