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  • Anvilicious: The subplot about the poor Woobie Shinto gods being imprisoned by YHVH so no one can worship them anymore is about as subtle as a sledgehammer upside the head.
  • Complete Monster - YHVH. Wants nothing more than to turn the universe and its life into his personal playthings. Even his angels think he's gone off the deep end.
    • It's a tossup who's worse between real YHVH and fake YHVH. Real YHVH, as mentioned, sees everyone on Earth as his Cosmic Playthings, and his ultimate plan is to nuke everyone who doesn't want to be one off the face of the planet with a Kill Sat. Fake YHVH has less intended victims but he's no less horrible: he runs the horrible Dystopia Aleph is born into and his ultimate plan is to put everyone in it into an And I Must Scream state.
    • Michael and Raphael are arguably even worse seeing how they don't even have Blue and Orange Morality as an excuse.
  • Crazy Awesome - Messian Terminators are armored knights with jetpacks Dual-Wielding a shotgun and assault rifle. And don't forget; they have jetpacks.
  • Fan Disservice - Satan's true form has what are clearly six women's breasts on his chest.
  • Game Breaker - No, not Zio. This time around it's damage and defense buffs and debuffs, which stack with themselves and last until they are dispelled, something that not every boss is capable of. But more-so is the Divine Retribution spell. It tears off a quarter of an enemy's health with an alignment opposite to the spell's caster, and it works on bosses with no reduction.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight - The Puck subquest, in which Daleth tries to screw you over with Infidelity Sap, and how it comedically backfires is funny by itself. However, when the reveal about Hiroko being Aleph's mom is discovered, it gets more hilarious when you realize Daleth got your MOTHER to chase him around like a lovestruck twit!
  • Moral Event Horizon - YHVH ordering the total genocide of everyone not in Eden in the Law route. Satan is so horrified that his next target is YHVH Himself.
    • Michael and Uriel having Abaddon swallow Valhalla whole and later threatening to cut off Holytown's air supply. And if you do the Arcadia sidequest/Gimmel boss fight, you learn their ultimate plan: hook everyone up to a virtual reality to bring forth an artificial Thousand Year Kingdom, which also counts as an MEH crossing for the fully cooperative Gimmel.
  • Nightmare Fuel
    • Valhalla is swallowed by Abaddon. Whose stomach is a dimensional rift. You get to explore his fleshy insides, culminating with a duel against his heart. Derrrrp.
    • If you strongly believe in an Abrahamic religion, have fun trying to complete the game. Because at the end of the game is a twisted version of God as the Final Boss.
  • Seinfeld Is Unfunny: In the pre-Quake days, its pseudo-3D movement was seen as interesting and different. For any gamer who cut their teeth after 1996, movement and the interface will feel like chilled molasses. Even the inclusion of an auto-mapping system and a minimap producing spell can't quite help the confusion and slowness of 3D map travel.
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