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Shin Megami Tensei II

  • Why has the original series not gotten enough credit? Okay, let's explain it. You...kill...God. And Satan. And pretty much everybody in your way. This is one of the original Omnicidal Neutral games.
    • Considering that YHVH is depicted in this game as an S-class Complete Monster, his destruction definitely warrants a spot here. From the Aeon Genesis translation:

  Satan: "O Lord, my judgment is not yet complete. There is one more not amongst the chosen that must be that has committed the grave sin of genocide...yes, Lord, the one I must now the one, highest god, my creator... You, YHVH!"

Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne

  • Thor (yes, that Thor) knocking Isamu out in one strike and then sucking out his Magatsuhi.
  • When weak rich girl Chiaki fuses herself with Gozu-Tennoh, becoming a freakish version of her former self with a pulsating demonic arm. She then goes on to lead a massacre of the Manikins, who just happen to be the closest thing to ordinary humans in the game world. Watch it here.
  • Another unseen CMoA for poor Chiaki: The reason she received a pulsing demonic arm from Gozu-Tennoh was because Sakahagi cut off her arm when she went after him.
    • Holy crap, I've played the game three times and never noticed that she lost an arm. Seconding the Crowning Moment.
  • Though, there is one rather morally ambiguous awesome moment: after killing Metatron (that is, the Voice of God)and descending to the lowest depths of the Labyrinth of Amala to meet the Old Man in the Wheelchair in person, he infuses you with more of his power, making you a full demon and powerful enough to aid him against God Himself. All very impressive, yes, but the real moment is shown when the player character is slowly descending into the depths of the lake. As the camera passes the Old Man - as millenia of planning, waiting, and tinkering finally come to fruition - ever so slightly...the Old Man smiles.
  • Whenever Metatron uses Fire of Sinai. The Evil Laugh before it seals the deal.
  • Destroying Kagutsuchi and seeing him rage and curse, in either the Freedom or True Demon endings. In the first, despite the ferocious opposition he presents, you force your way past casting after casting of Vast Light and Infinite Light, and make him rebuild the world he destroyed, restoring your friends to sanity with no apparent memory of the Conception, and reviving a very grateful Yuko, who thanks you for rekindling her faith in Humanity. In the second, you blaze past the Labyrinth of Amala and reach the top of the tower... and make him commit the ultimate genocide by triggering a Class-Z Apocalypse How, destroying the entirety of the Multiverse. And then comes the True Final Boss...
  • This troper got into SMT after seeing what she thought was the first crowning moment of the game- the entire world being annhilated before the main character can even do anything. How's that for a game intro?
  • Dante's jump from the Mantra Headquarters down to the main character was very interesting, considering that when you can later do the same, it leaves you with 1 HP.


  • Now I'm Super Guido!
  • Kei Nanjo, spoiled little rich kid who's embarrassed by Yamaoka's (his butler) constant attention, sees him injured on the floor after a zombie attack. Nanjo cries for him, realizing the old man treated him more as his family than anyone in the Nanjo clan, and when Yamaoka dies, Nanjo snaps and flies in a rage so powerful it awakens his Persona.

Persona 2

  • Innocent Sin has Eikichi's Take a Level In Badass moment loaded with this, with a healthy side order of heartwarming. He's getting beaten up by four guys while some loser is holding a knife to his former girlfriend who still loves him but was ashamed to see him because she put on a lot of weight. He takes the beating, but when the asshole with the knife attempts to cut her, he throws all four goons off effortlessly and beats the fail out of the bastard with the knife. The heartwarming part is this: he tells said girl, whom he still loves, that nothing would make him not love her.
  • Decking Philemon for the crap he's made everyone pass through.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

  • Raidou whacking Rasputin upside the head with a bottle at the soda joint.
  • Also in Raidou: For this troper, it was this moment. He does not even blink!. (Warning: pre-Ep. 3 spoiler; very new players may want to avoid.)
    • He totally blinks. 1:29 minute mark.
      • Huh. Missed that somehow. Well, either way, still gets CMOA points for, y'know, not showing the slightest bit of fear with this thing right in his face.
    • And again here, starting at 0:40. He watches a second giant robot battleship rise from the water after the first one levels half the city, and he's completely unimpressed.
  • Good ones. But few really compare to the moment Sukuna-Hikona decides to stop playing and plays on a big screen he summoned the awesome scene of the Soulless God Battleship drifting into the Capital's harbor... and immediately deploy its bipedal combat form. Horrific? Sure. Awesome? OF COURSE.
  • And the ending, where Raidou and Kaya are falling through the timestream, the future Kuzunoha still trying to hang on to Kaya's body. Raidou flies up and *slice!*--he cuts the bastard's arm off, finally freeing Kaya from his control.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha VS King Abaddon

  • Raidou at the end of any boss battle. He flourishes his sword, then sheaths it as he turns his back to his enemy and completely ignores it while it explodes into green energy. This crazy shit is all in a day's work for Raidou Kuzunoha.
  • The final battle against Abaddon-Shinado itself, which has Raidou literally cutting his way through the embodiment of despair, jumping on top of it to dismantle its defenses and taking it down once and for all,showing Shinado that underestimating humanity was not the smartest move to make.
    • Even more awesome when you realize that during the final phase of the final boss battle, the game's Main Theme plays throughout!
  • Also,the Heroic Sacrifice Geirin Kuzunoha pulls of near the end of the game and the subsequent resolution by his protege count as well.
  • Raidou and Taotie teaming up to use Taotie's "space-eating" power to pull the Abysmal Gate and the Pojitrawn together.

Digital Devil Saga

  • The end of what this Troper likes to call, "The Journey of the Blue Prince and the Red Prince", when, after having had to fight each others for Sera's sake, said Blue Prince (Serph) and Red Prince (Heat) talk to each other as friends again, and together tell Mick that they'll kick his ass, and then proceed to do so. Truly a Crowning Moment, with a bit of heartwarming friendship, for both Serph and Heat.
    • Don't forget Cielo blasting one of Bat's wings off and saving Sera, thus allowing the beating mentioned above without Bat to worry about.
  • Gale earns his own CMoA after Lupa's death, promising him to take his message to his child, and then breaking out of his usual coldness to say:

 Gale: Be you angel or demon... You will surely regreat giving me this cursed power!!

  • And of course, the freaking scene before the final fight! With Serph pushing himself even beyond the paralysis imposed on him by the closest thing to a god's will in that world, and still managing to transform, and reach out to Sera and Angel, breaking his comrades free of the paralysis, and cue to the final battle.

 Heat: Bring it ON!!

    • That's it? Come on! Heat has a WAY better line in that scene:

 Heat: We're taking Sera and going to Nirvana, so get your snobby bitch-ass out of the way!

Digital Devil Saga 2

Devil Survivor

  • The Main Character pulls one off on the third day of the Tokyo Lockdown, by beating up an (almost) immortal demon that was going to kill hundreds of people. How does he do it? With a picture of mistletoe on a cellphone strap.
    • And that doesn't mean all of his special attacks and magic suddenly started working on the demon either; The Main Character goes toe-to-toe and beats the demons down with his fists. Whether he's wearing the strap on around his wrist or using his cell phone as a knuckle duster is totally up to whatever the player feels would be most awesome.
      • And then it comes full circle in most endings when you have to fight ALL the Bel-demons again. Cue Curb Stomp Battle for any adequately leveled player. Against a few Eldritch Abominations raging for your blood and the right hand of Lucifer, no less.
  • While it's rather dark, the Chaos End qualifies, ending with the main character, now the Demon Lord with eyes in permanent rape-stare, casually with-calling the legions of hell in front of the SDF, then going off to have war with GOD. Kind of makes Metatron's e-mail to his now unneeded COMP rather silly looking.
  • Showing Lucifer you're worthy of the mantle of King of Bel counts. Defying the Devil himself, he who calls himself your father - even braving Megidoladyne, at least twice, and more than likely four times, until he no longer has anything else to use against you. One can feel him smiling just like he smiled at the Hito-Shura (as mentioned above) while he calmly stated Belberith had zero chances against you.
  • Beating Babel in most paths. But nothing beats Gin's path, where you command it to banish all demons from within the Yamanote Lockdown... and he does exactly that. Including your own. Which only makes it all the more awesome when you get to destroy that devil tower thing with your own fists and magic.

Strange Journey

  • The Neutral path ending becomes a CMOA for artificial intelligences everywhere, as the "enlightened" Arthur refuses to return to Earth with the crew and detonates the Schwarzwelt from within using a nuclear device strapped to the four Cosmic Eggs, both to save Earth from the Schwarzwelt as well as to prevent mankind from misusing the vast supernatural knowledge he has gained. Arthur, we salute you.
  • Mastema as he falls, defeated, in Horologium. He curses you, and rages and screams... and then Louisa Ferre appears, calls him out on his ridiculous pretenses and rubs on his face how low he's fallen.
  • Sealing the Demiurge back into its can. Smug bastard deserved it.
  • Commander Gore, restored by the power of the Ubergestalt, comes back and implores you to Dare to Be Badass and to ignore the temptations the demons and angels offer to finish the mission. If you agree to his request, he empowers you to see Mem Aleph and thanks you and the crew, finally fading into the greater beyond. One of the few occasions in the series where you're praised by choosing the higher path, and a CMOH to boot.
  • Watching the demon lords of each sector lose their marbles by means of a Shut UP, Hannibal.

The Series in General

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