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John Watson: I knew it was a bad idea getting you into crap telly.
The Great Game

Proof that the remaining 10% is worth dying for here:

These are recommendations made by Tropers for Sherlock, all of which have been signed. After a few samples, you will be able to judge whether you might be interested in the fic, based on who recommended it. No-name recommendations will be Zapped. Nobody would back up the rec. Discussion of the recommendation is welcome on the discussion page. As such discussion is important, do remember to add the discussion page to the watch-list, if need be.

Warn for sexually explicit or non-canon territory. Some people don't like it, and Shipping is Serious Business.

Authors and Websites

irisbleufic's Sherlock Fanfiction @ LiveJournal

  • Recommended by Kelliannm
  • Comments: Read absolutely everything Sherlock on this journal, that's my advice. It's mostly John/Sherlock slash, but there are also a handful of impressive character-driven short pieces and crossovers (with Good Omens and Hot Fuzz). You'll find fantastic characterization and spare, yet elegant prose with genuine emotional insight.


  • Recommended by Hekateras
  • Comments: Brilliant, in-character Moriarty-centred fics, though most of them are Moriarty/OC in that they pair him up with this author's (awesome) vision of Sebastian Moran. Warning for smut, creepiness and general Moriarty-ness.

Morgan Stuart

  • Recommended by Hekateras, User:Voodoo Child, Mayheme
  • Comments: Wonderful set of stories focusing on Sherlock, John and Lestrade, their friendship and relationship. A must-read.
    • Morgan has a surprising range of writing. She does crossovers, fusions, kidfic, and angst (and occasionally, blends all of them) but never once does she lose sight of the canon material. Her "Sofie" series in particular will make you fall in love with Sofie Lestrade just as quickly as John and Sherlock do, and it'll make you laugh and cry in equal measures.
    • Completely, utterly seconded. Morgan does a beautiful job of portraying these characters as a close-knit family. Everything is simply gorgeous, especially the relationships everyone has with each other.

The Sherlock Kink Meme

  • Recommended by Polaris, Marodin
  • Comments: Like most kink memes, contains plenty of gen and non-kinky romance, although there's definitely kinky shenanigans going on. There's high-quality fic here, and it's still going strong. The Delicious archive is here, for easier navigation.

KCS (aka KC Scribbler)

  • Recommended by Hekateras
  • Comments: Lots of well-written platonic Sherlock and John friendship fluff. Strong characterisation, particularly of Sherlock and his social deficient tendencies.

woe_in_a_hoodie's Sherlock fanfiction on livejournal

  • Recommended by User:Ginger Timelady
  • Comments: Often funny, always well-characterized, and frequently hot, this is one of my favorite authors. Be warned: lots of shipping, but really, well worth the read.


  • Recommended by User:Rose And Heather
  • Comments: Do you like John/Sherlock romance? Then just go read everything songlin has ever written. All of it. Even the ones with kinks you think you won't like. Because damn songlin can write.

General Fics

The Arms of London Bridge by takadainmate

  • Recommended by aimsme
  • Synopsis: John, Sherlock and an octopus. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Comments: Pure, brain-breaking crack.

Detective Stories by esama

  • Recommended by Aromli
  • Synopsis: John stops writing the blog after Sherlock's fall, almost stops writing completely. Then he finds a new audience. AU, oneshot, het, kid!fic, spoilers, death of a character
  • Comments: John turns his adventures with Sherlock into children's books.

The Green Blade by verityburns

  • Recommended by Hekateras, User:Ainyre
  • Synopsis: As a serial killer hits the headlines, the police are out of their depth and the next victim is out of time. With faith in Sherlock Holmes at an all time low, this is a case which will push loyalties to the limit...
  • Comments: Set after Season 1. Amazing dialogue and characterisation, so very natural. Great feeling of suspense and a brilliant and cleverly written casefic in its own right.
    • Absolutely brilliantly written both in terms of character interaction, and in terms of plot. Originally written in English, it has been translated into Chinese, French, and Russian

Art of the Reasoner by Tellytubby101

  • Recommended by Hekateras, Aromli
  • Synopsis: An AU in which Sherlock is an artist rather than a scientist, though he helps solve crimes all the same.
  • Comments: Brilliant. Artist!Sherlock is an interpretation that just clicks and fits in far too well with the canon.
    • The writing is gorgeous, and Sherlock's personality really matches the crazy artist persona well. The ending is a little abrupt, however, but still satisfying.

52 Weeks by ColgateKiss

  • Recommended by Hekateras
  • Synopsis: Post Reichenbach. John is going through the classic phases of grief ... badly. Divided into four parts, this fic chronicles his progress week by week, the reconstruction of life without Sherlock. Can John possibly find a happy ending? Warning: BIG angst.
  • Comments: Beautifully, heartbreakingly written. Warning: This is not a happy fic.
    • Jesus. Forget Alone On The Water and read this. Brilliantly written and alarmingly heartbreaking. Bring tissues. And alcohol.

Night Out by Amazonbatlock

  • Recommended by Hekateras
  • Synopsis: The bomber's gone silent, the Bruce-Partington plans have been recovered, and John Watson wants to get out of the flat for a night. However, he doesn't know that somebody else has their own plans concerning the night's entertainment. No Ep. 3 Spoilers!
  • Comments: Basically explores the events leading up to John getting kidnapped in The Great Game. The author writes a damn fine Moriarty. *shiver*

It Takes A Village by Caffeine Kitty

  • Recommended by bookhobbit, Hekateras
  • Synopsis: Sherlock is ill and drives John to distraction.
  • Comments: Has some hilariously priceless lines and manages to capture the characters perfectly.
    • Seconded. This is one of those short but sweet stories that end far too soon.

In the Forests of the Night by KCS

  • Recommended by Hekateras
  • Synopsis: Sherlock and Moriarty are dead. In an attempt to cope, Watson has returned to the front in Afghanistan as a sniper at Mycroft's insistence. His spotter and comrade-in-arms is an experienced veteran by the name of Sebastian Moran.
  • Comments: Touching, emotional, in-character. Wonderful characterisation. The author's other stories are likewise well worth the read.

Anything But Elementary by xox-hattii-xox

  • Recommended by Hekateras
  • Synopsis: Danger is Sherlock's life, but this game of Moriarty's pushes it beyond anything else Sherlock and John have ever known. When the game is this deadly, there can only be one winner. And when you're playing for your life, you need something to live for.
  • Comments: This is effectively a re-write of the whole Moriarty plot thread - an amazing one. Seriously, it's just brilliant. Warning: Eventually Sherlock/John. And what tweests!
  • Comments: Undoubtedly seconded. It's a fantastic piece of work by a young but very talented writer. Read!

Going Cold by MoreThingsInHeavenAndEarth

  • Recommended by bookhobbit
  • Synopsis: Preseries!Sherlock comes off the drugs and Lestrade helps him get through it.
  • Comments: Really quite beautifully-done. Now complete.
    • Seconded. The second chapter is my favorite, but the fic as a whole is just plain fantastic.

Umbrellas, Kebabs and Saveloys, What Next is the Question? by katharynne

  • Recommended by aimsme
  • Synopsis: Sherlock is high as a kite. John is not amused.
  • Comments: Laugh-out-loud funny, and in the format of John's blog to boot (though there's a plain text version beneath it if the format hurts your eyes/kills your computer).

The Case of the Vanishing Blog by Hekateras

  • Recommended by bakfanny
  • Synopsis: Sherlock is in it for the hunt. John is in it for the action. Even so, the events at the Pool leave a mark on both, unwilling as they are to admit it.
  • Comments: A short, sweet and slightly angsty take on the aftermath of The Great Game. Sherlock and John are worried and go about it in the least possible constructive way. Brilliant characterisation - this could easily be a deleted scene from the show.

Anonymous by Hekateras

  • Recommended by bakfanny
  • Synopsis: Sherlock Holmes is dead, but his heart never stopped beating, his lungs never stopped pumping air, and his mind has been so very busy. By every reasonable practical, medical definition, he is still alive. And he wants to see John.
  • Comments: A post-Reichenbach one-shot. A character study of sorts, with some viscerally emotional imagery.

The Quiet Man by ivyblossom

  • Recommended by Hekateras
  • Synopsis: A post-Reichenbach John-centric lengthy fic showcasing his psychological development mostly in the form of inner monologues as he comes to realise just how much Sherlock had really meant to him and struggles in equal parts to hold on to him and to let him go.
  • Comments: Still in progress, but the author has been updating reliably. Beautiful fic. This one is not to be missed. It's one of the most subtle and knowledgeable depictions of human psyche this troper has ever seen in fiction.

The Art of Trolling by Hekateras

  • Recommended by Bakfanny
  • Synopsis: Post-Reichenbach: John has disabled all comments, but that doesn't prevent a certain someone from hacking into his blog. Again. Moriarty is alive, and is desperate for Sherlock's attention.
  • Comments: Written in comment form, and absolutely hilarious. A relatively light-hearted fic for something involving Moriarty (though you won't be allowed to forget how much of a creep he is, don't worry). Lots of humour, much of it subtle - especially once you remember that he's posting all those things on John's blog where anyone can see them. Cleverly, beautifully written, and the ending rocks. Go read it. Now.

The Greater Game by lovingthevolume

  • Recommended by Ayries
  • Synopsis: An AU where Molly is Moriarty's sister.
  • Comments: Really clever and a great take on the Molly-is-Moriarty WMG.

A Brief Account of Life With Zombies by Silver Pard

  • Recommended by User:Epitome O Random
  • Synopsis: The zombie apocalypse arrives. Mycroft wants tea, Stephen Fry wants protection, Sherlock wants to work and John wants a katana.
  • Comments: It's a witty, fresh take on Z-Day, told through text messages, emails and Mycroft's personal notes. And it's hilarious.

 Mem., move Govt. Cannot have repeat of Prime Minister's Questions. Lucky nobody watches BBC News Channel and thus country is secure in ignorance regarding the fact that Deputy PM attempted to kill and eat PM literally rather than figuratively.

Oneirology by luthier

  • Recommended by the_gabih
  • Synopsis: An amnesiac, injured and downright bewildered John wakes up to a strange house, a strange man and a world of pain.
  • Comments: Occasional spelling and grammar mistake aside, this is a really fabulous fic; one of the few to use a weaker John and get away with it, and the best part is that there's no easy fix to anything.

The BBC Sherlock Rules Game. By Various players.

  • Recommended by Rainwolf95
  • Synopsis Premise: You are helping to write the official guide to surviving Sherlock Holmes, the rules are explained clearly and there are many contributors to this project.
  • Comments: Okay, this is just a silly little game, not quite a fan fic, but not quite not, that's fun to play and is at least worth checking out.

Brightly Burning by Silver Pard

  • Recommended by chibiaries, Eruanne
  • Synopsis: A Study In Emerald AU. Some realities are more hideous than any possibility.
  • Comments: This is absolutely gorgeous in the way it combines Neil Gaiman's AU oneshot 'A Study in Emerald'and BBC's Sherlock. Reading A Study in Emerald first is highly recommended for better understanding of this fic, though not absolutely necessary.

SM CASE FILES by lillyankh

  • Recommended by persephonethinx, The Corsair 20, The Deviations
  • Synopsis: The aftermath of Sherlock trying to investigate the deaths and disappearances tied to The Slender Man Mythos.
  • Comments: Presented in the form of interview transcripts of Sherlock's stay in a mental hospital, this is definitely not something to read while alone at night. Nightmare Fuel doesn't even come close. (Oh NOW he fucking tells me!!!) And no, knowledge of the Mythos is not needed to appreciate the terror and paranoia caused by this fic. Seriously well written horror.
    • This trouper decided to be a twit and read it at 2:08 AM in a pitch-black room. Alone. Well, it's not like I needed sleep anyway or
    • Wonderfully creepy. The disjointed nature of the narrative makes it even scarier, if that's possible. But yeah... DON'T read in the middle of the night.
    • Upon reading the ff.n reviews... really? Nobody's noticed the login text? Oh, Mycroft...

"It's Complicated" by r-scribbles

  • Recommended by babayaga, Star Bright
  • Synopsis: In which there are country-house visits, Sherlock's shampoo, the Macarena and past relationship trauma. Bonus John-badassery, fake sex and dreadful Welsh.
  • Comments: I wish there was more detective work in this fic, but it makes a wonderful palate-cleanser after heavy-duty Sherlock/John slash. The two are presented as brothers-in-arms here, and it is delightful.

A Study In Pink Gin by Red Scharlach

  • Recommended by peppermintflame
  • Synopsis: If the Sherlock characters were drinks, what would they be?
  • Comments: Much better then it sounds, and guaranteed to make you snort milk up your nose (assuming that you're drinking milk of course).
    • And now with a sequel, of sorts. Sher-Chocs, for those with impeccable taste in chocolate and puns. I highly recommend the Johnbon and Moriarzipan.

Being Watson by Amy Gaffigan

  • Recommended by User:Olive The Breloom
  • Synopsis: "Even if we could communicate, I don't think I'd be in any position to ask questions. Ghosts aren't supposed to exist."
  • Comments: A better then it sounds AU where John is a ghost. Wonderfully characterized and fond of cliffhangers. The ending is especially a unique deviation from the series.

The Man With Two Names by the-salt-monster

  • Recommended by Lianna
  • Synopsis: Sherlock's up to his eyeballs in a new case, but this time he has to solve it without Watson. Instead, he has to deal with a stubborn yet clever new sidekick whose name he can't seem to figure out...
  • Comments: I've seen a lot of OC's in my time as a bored internet surfer. Many do not work. This does. Both the writer's OC and Sherlock are realistic, and the case is intriguing (for example: it involves a code that I just spent the past hour trying to break, with no success). Not finished yet, but I can't wait to see where the author takes this.

Drowning by dayja

  • Recommended by: Rhiannon87, The Corsair 20, Marodin, User:Ginger Timelady, Hekateras
  • Synopsis: Sherlock has never learned to swim. This is why.
  • Comments: Heartbreaking and beautiful character study on Sherlock, Mycroft, John, and Harry. It's told a bit out of order, but that just makes the reveals at the end all the more gut-wrenching. If you do not want to build a time machine and travel back in time to hug young!Sherlock by the end of this, then you have no soul.
    • Sweet, cute, wonderful character study on both of the boys. This is now my head-canon it is just that good.
    • This fic is devastatingly moving. Knife-sharp characterization, beautifully rendered.

A City on the Head of a Pin by Mad_Maudlin

  • Recommended by: Inkmage, darknesshiddeninlight, saltyavocado
  • Synopsis: John wakes up from the explosion by the pool to discover that he can see wings on the backs of people who were previously without them. These wings are apparently magical enough to not be bothered by clothing and chairs, and real enough to block the telly.
  • Comments: Takes the usually crack-y concept of wing!fic and somehow makes it beautiful. Not heartwrenchingly so; this isn't the kind of fic that will have you in tears with its majesty. But it's quiet, and yet it's emotionally engaging, and it works.
    • This fic is so beautiful that it kinda ruined reality for me. (Not saying it is a bad thing, tho.)
    • Definitely a fic to leave you a tad bit breathless; while the POV is John's, Mrs. Hudson is written in such a way that makes your remember her long after you've finished reading.

The Most Dangerous Game by chi-chi-chimera.

  • Recommended by: Dichtonomy
  • Synopsis: "Serial Killer AU. Sherlock has never just played on the legal side of the law, and murder is just as fascinating however you approach it. But now he has John Watson to contend with. Still, he is a soldier. He has potential."
  • Comments: One of the darkest, most beautiful fanfictions I've ever read, for any fandom. A gorgeous mixture of blood, murder, and taboo, with a good dollop of Sherlock/John- slash-haters be warned. Don't read it if you're sensitive to violence, sex, murder, or anything of the sort, really.

Coping Mechanisms by Liannabob.

  • Recommended by: Daun, Hekateras
  • Synopsis: "After the explosion, Sherlock has some trouble adjusting."
  • Comments: Just, wow. It's dark and heartbreaking, and easily the best fanfic I've read in this fandom.

Mouth of Babes by Morgan Stuart

  • Recommended by Aromli, The Corsair 20, Hekateras
  • Synopsis: Several weeks after the explosion at the pool following "The Great Game" episode, Lestrade visits the recuperating Sherlock and John at 221B Baker Street. He brings case files and food... and a visitor in tow.
  • Comments: One of the things that's so interesting about this show is how deeply the characters matter to each other and yet the limited number of ways in which it is in-character to show that. This is one of those ways. Great Lestrade/Sherlock/John friendship, and there are several sequel one-shots.
    • Seconded. This is quite an interesting and very sweet look at the relationships between the main characters by introducing a new person into the mix. Quite adorable. :)

A House is Not A Home by selenityshiroi

  • Recommended by Aromli, darknesshiddeninlight
  • Synopsis: John and Sherlock got a flat share because they needed to split the rent. But when John comes into money, people wonder 'why hasn't he found a place of his own'
  • Comments: John finally has the possibility of moving out... and the thought never crosses his mind, much to others' increasing incredulity. Hilarious, sweet, and in-character. This is what it means to be Heterosexual Life Partners.

Let the Sand Fall, That's What an Hourglass is For by Fallowsthorn

  • Recommended by User:Star Bright
  • Synopsis: Three chapters so far. In each one, the premise is that a character (John, Sherlock, Moriarty) has nine lives, and dies nine times.
  • Comments: Well-written and with a thorough understanding of the characters; Watson's chapter is definitely my favorite. Warning: many of the deaths are gory.

A Facade Faded by Jennistar1

  • Recommended by User:Star Bright
  • Synopsis: Great Game AU. What if John really had been Moriarty after all?
  • Comments: Damn, that's creepy. It's like Moriarty is possessing John's body. And admit it, we all thought this was going to happen for just a second when watching that episode for the first time.

The Goodge Street Gambit and the Controversial Non-Holmesian Principle by definewisdom

  • Recommended by darknesshiddeninlight
  • Synopsis: Lestrade and John play a game of Mornington Crescent, Sherlock tries to work out the rules.

The Long Drive by stupid_drawings

  • Recommended by User:Sadistic Apathy, User:Salty Avocado
  • Synopsis: Sherlock, John, and Lestrade go on a road trip, and are stuck in the same car for hours.
  • Comments: In a word, hilarious. The writing is sharp, witty, and in character. Sherlock is obsessed with sheep, John and Lestrade bond over 80s glam rock, and they all play the Roadkill Game. The best part? There are three sequels.

The Anatomist by rosa-acicularis

  • Recommended by: Beluah
  • Synopsis: "You’re not the only one to enjoy a good murder. There’s others out there just like you – except you’re just a man. And they’re so much more than that." What if Molly was Moriarty's twin sister?
  • Comments: A really clever, dark, and wonderfully creepy glimpse into the relationship between the two throughout the years and the sort of background that could have spawned them, finishing with an alternate ending to season one's finale. Moriarty is wholly in character, striking the perfect chord between the over-the-top supervillain, the chilling, calculating sociopath and the ruthless business man. After reading this fic, you can't help but look at Molly Hooper in a different light. Disturbing, sharp, and a brilliant take on an AU concept.

Then I'll Begin by Garmonbozia

  • Recommended by Hekateras
  • Synopsis: In the aftermath of their faux-double-suicide, Jim's a wreck. His will to live, his zest for his work, even his enthusiasm for a really good suit, all gone on holiday. But somebody's had enough of all this wallowing. Time to get out of bed, Jim.
  • Comments: Written from Moriarty's POV, this fic will make you tremble in fear and laughter at the same time. Likely the best capture of Moriarty's voice you will ever read. Be sure to check out the author's other Sherlock fics as well, which take place in the same timeline. In fact, it might be best to read Are You Sitting Comfortably first, but by god do read these.

We Believe by Quicksliver

  • Recommended by Hekateras
  • Synopsis: Post-RBF. He writes one sentence, and while it's not enough, it starts something. A movement.
  • Comments: A detailed and in-depth take on Post Reichenbach, up to the reunion, that focuses on the people Sherlock has left behind trying to clear his name. This one delves particularly deeply into the issue with the tabloids by introducing a sympathetic journalist and goes into the work of the street artists with uncommon and intriguing depth. Stay tuned for a sequel!

I wake up and I wake up and you're still gone by thisprettywren

  • Recommended by: The Corsair 20
  • Synopsis: Sherlock might have been the one to jump but John fell, too. Now Sherlock isn't the only one who's lost.
  • Comments: A take on John's life post-Reichenbach which while it draws influences from Memento, I wouldn't call it a cross-over. Such a heart-breaking story. The author beautifully winds together the disparate shreds of John's life and the real events into a complex, tragic storyline. And reading it a second time is definitely recommended; reading it while already knowing the true significance of each event is crushing.

The Secret Identity of John Watson by scifigrl47

  • Recommended by User:Star Bright
  • Synopsis: Sam really likes John Watson, but dating him is a terrifying experience. And who's the strange man in the scarf who seems to be stalking him?
  • Comments: Hilarious take on what John's life must look like out of context. I'm usually wary of OCs, but Sam and her friends seem like people I would love to hang out with.

A Dish Served Cold by Teej

  • Recommended by sloane5
  • Synopsis: John believes people don't have arch enemies; Lestrade's case-closed rate proves him wrong.
  • Comments: Chilling and well-written. The author combines real-life experience with plenty of research to create an accurate and suspenseful mystery.

The Deepest Secret Nobody Knows by Sciosophia

  • Recommended by Beluah
  • Synopsis: First words. First steps. Tiny things like first smile, first laugh, the first time he reaches out and grabs Sally's finger. Sherlock misses everything. The real reason Sally Donovan hates Sherlock so much? They have a child he never sees.
  • Comments: Beautiful; though the premise is somewhat off-putting, the author manages to take this slightly ridiculous concept and transform it into something really quite lovely that slots suprisingly well into the season one canon. Painful, thoughtful, and written with a rare deftness of touch, this fic isn't one to be missed.

A Study in Sherlock by bendingsignpost

  • Recommended by Star Bright
  • Synopsis: Study in Pink remix, where John is the one to confront the killer.
  • Comments: You really have to feel sort of sorry for the murderer, because clearly he never stood a chance against the awesome that is John Watson.

A Study in Squawking by Castiron

  • Recommended by zurai
  • Synopsis: The autobiography of Sherlock Holmes, intelligent macaw, as told (under duress) to a therapist.
  • Comments: An extremely intelligent and well-written story with excellent characterization and a unique premise. It sounds like total crack, but it's actually quite complex and dramatic.

Shipping Fics

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

A Very Cold Case by sagestreet

  • Recommended by Hekateras
  • Pairing: John/Sherlock
  • Synopsis: Violin music, 19th-century poets, and a string of puzzles presented to Sherlock by an enigmatic client (or adversary?), who prefers to stay in the shadows
  • Comments: A heartwarming story, a clever case fic and rich in culture. Beautifully written.

A Study In Lullabies by Shooting Stetsons

  • Recommended by: Fast Ice
  • Pairing: John/femSherlock
  • Synopsis: Girl!Sherlock/John. When John Watson moved into 221B, it wasn't just with a mad detective. It was with a mad detective and her baby. What on earth was he thinking?
  • Comments: A genderbent Sherlock as an irresponsible mother and John just back from the war barge a pram through the events of A Study In Pink. It's credible, interesting and we get to see a side to John which many fanfics choose to ignore. A sequel and a bunch of tie-ins accessible through the Author's profile flesh out the story a lot more and really allow readers to get into the character's heads. The romance, while there, is subtle and slow, just beginning.

the theory of narrative causality by falling_voices

  • Recommended by: veerserif, Flamingpie, The Corsair 20, darknesshiddeninlight, Rose And Heather, User:Ainyre
  • Paring: John/Sherlock
  • Synopsis: "Sherlock is a well-known fanartist whose online antics always land him on fandom_wank. John's a beloved BNF fanfiction author. They meet at a convention; geeky love ensues." And thus, a beautiful metafic is born.
  • Comments: Possibly the best-written piece of metafic this troper's yet seen. Reading almost like a love letter to fandom, jumperfucker and consulting_detective are fully fledged characters in their own right. Almost every character is included - Mrs. Hudson running the kinkmeme! - and the entire piece is impeccably written. It's even formatted appropriately.
    • In an additional level of meta, there are now LJ accounts for almost all the characters in the fic, who are the characters in the show. There is also the comm mentioned in the fic. And there is mention of attempting to make all the links go live. How. Awesome. Is. That.
    • Seconded. So hard. OH MY GOD WHY IS THIS SO MARVELOUS?! Why are you still reading this comment? Go read the story.

The I Meet You There, and We Go 'Verse by irisbleufic.

  • Recommended by Kelliannm
  • Pairing: John/Sherlock
  • Synopsis: Sherlock doesn't believe in second chances, but a last one will suffice.
  • Warning: Major character death(s)
  • Comments: Although I've said above that everything Sherlock on this writer's journal is worth reading, if I had to single out one piece of work that's completely unmissable, it's this sequence of stories. The first piece was written in response to this particularly heartbreaking kink meme request, and I can't think of anyone better to have taken it on. You'll need tissues, but the ending's somehow as happy as you could ask for. Strangely hopeful and handled with deft sensitivity, this is death-fic for those who do their best to avoid it. Almost every key character makes an appearance.

The Thermodynamics Series by entangled_now

  • Recommended by aimsme
  • Pairing: Slow-developing (it's not explicit until Part 4) John/Sherlock
  • Synopsis: What begins as a way to stop Sherlock from freezing becomes a habit, much to John's dismay.
  • Comments: This is adorable in almost every way, with some really nice characterisation that makes the slightly cliche opening plot device work, and work well.

Burn the Heart Out of You by Jennistar1

  • Recommended by chibiaries
  • Pairing: Eventual Sherlock/John, and implied Sherlock/Moriarty if you read upside down and squint.
  • Synopsis: Sherlock has not backed off. Moriarty follows through on his threat.
  • Comments: Wait, don't run away, it's a really good fic, despite the fact that the title lacks originality. Her Moriarty is absolutely spot-on in terms of character, and absolutely terrifying. It's very much Darker and Edgier, but in a manner that feels thoroughly believable. And the writing is absolutely beautiful.

 "Sherlock's finger cuts off the connection before his brain can catch up with him. His heart is pounding again, and the phone is clutched tight to his ear, and in front of him the world he loves burns and falls into ash, and his mind is whirling, and it is awful, it is magnificent, it is awful."

The Tampered-With Toilet by VivaLaTARDIS11

  • Recommended by vivalavida42
  • Pairing: Sherlock/John.
  • Synopsis: Sherlock must solve his biggest mystery yet: who left the toilet seat up.
  • Comments: It's a ridiculously silly yet surprisingly romantic crack slash.

 "I can deduce from your tone of voice and lack of concentration on our conversation that you are not truly sorry for leaving the toilet seat up or leaving pee on said toilet seat, John Watson."

The Glass and The Floor by nyssa123

  • Recommended by Ectoplasm Cookie
  • Pairing: Sherlock/John
  • Synopsis: Sherlock doesn't call or text John when there is an explosion at Baker Street and he finds out while watching TV. The good doctor is understandably upset. Sexytiems ensue.
  • Comments: It's a sweet fic with minor hurt/comfort and major hotness. Sherlock and John are pretty in-character the whole time and the sex is well-written. Contains very minor spoilers for the beginning of "The Great Game".

It Feels Like Home When I'm With You by etothepii

  • Recommended by Already Sunshine, kph2pt0, The Corsair 20, Aromli
  • Pairing: Sherlock/John
  • Synopsis: John dies in Afghanistan and returns to 221 B Baker Street as a ghost. Then Sherlock moves in.
  • Comments: This fic takes a novelty premise and turns it into something genuinely beautiful. Sherlock and John are perfectly in character, and it's amazing to watch as their relationship progresses. This story will leave you with a melancholy ache in your chest and tears threatening your eyes, but also with a firm sense of optimism and a genuinely good feeling. Required reading for anyone with taste.

The Lizzyverse by Anonymous (Link is to the Kink Meme thread containing all stories.)

  • Recommended by The Blood Sharpie, chibiaries, kph2pt0
  • Pairing: John/Sherlock, but it's kept PG; they kiss about once and the most obvious way you can tell they love each other is by how they react when the other's in danger. This is because the story is mainly told from Lizzy's perspective (3rd person lmtd), and, seeing as she grew up with these two, she mainly dismisses it as "normal and therefore unimportant."
  • Synopsis: The best synopsis for this would be the prompt from the Kink Meme that inspired it: "Teenage daughter of Sherlock and John dealing with her parents' shenanigans or her interaction or views of them."
  • Comments: The fact that this troper loathes children but loves this 'verse should tell you something about the strength of the narrative itself. It's written in a non-linear point of view, but far from being confusing, it has the effect of being put together like a jigsaw puzzle, because that it exactly what's happening. That single prompt from the synopsis up there ballooned into 8-and-running stories in what's become known as the Lizzyverse - Lizzy being the name of John and Sherlock's daughter by adoption. Her age is mutable, and is the timeline for the stories; such-and-such a thing happens at five, or seven, or eighteen, or three. Sherlock has a rather... unorthodox method of parenting, which John finds exasperating and expected at once, but it works, and it's adorable, and because of it, Lizzy is not a child. Innocent, sure, naive and unknowing at times, yes, but not a child. She knows too much about how the world works to be considered a child.

The Sherlock Holmes Club by Silver Pard

  • Recommended by chibiaries, Salty Avocado
  • Pairing: Heavily implied Sherlock/John
  • Synopsis: Lestrade and the police department meet once a week at a pub to rant about Holmes.
  • Comments: Absolutely hilarious in terms of everybody's speculations on Holmes and Watson's relationship. Lestrade and Donovan and the rest of the cast become unintentionally obsessed with Holmes's love life.

The Paradox Series by wordstrings

  • Recommended by babayaga, bregalad, Indaco
  • Pairing: Sherlock/John
  • Synopsis: How a Sherlock/John relationship might play out.
  • Comments: This relationship is deeply, DEEPLY messed up. This troper is in no way pushing it as a model. But the writing is erudite and very funny, and this troper loves the intoxicating madman who is Sherlock, and the competent, moral John.
    • While I very much enjoyed the fic based on this recommendation it was hardly as dark as the previous made it out to be, while the relationship presented is hardly 'ideal' it is easily one of the more believable and in character fics I've read. YMMV.
    • One of the best fics in this fandom, very well written and completely IC. A must read.
    • While Your Mileage May Vary on how IC it really is (this troper found the characterisation a bit off sometimes), it is without any doubt one of the most beautfiul things this troper has ever read. The writing is breathtaking. There are some really creative ideas as well. And the Sherlock/John relationship, however codependent, insane and at times downright dangerous it might be, is so intense it will make a complete emotional mess out of you, too. Totally not recommended for the faint-hearted, but if you happen to be a Nightmare Fetishist and/or just really like almost digustingly codependent relationships, chances are you'll love this.

Breakfast at 221B by AJHall

  • Recommended by babayaga
  • Synopsis: Siblings, brothels and cormorants.
  • Comments: Check out the rest of this author's work, which is wry and well-observed and very funny, particularly the witty "The Case of The Asphyxiated Acafan".

After Mary Died by Manzy

  • Recommended by Epitome O Random, The Corsair 20
  • Synopsis: Death changes people. After John's wife, Mary, dies suddenly, change becomes all too clear. Mild slash.
  • Comments: No, it's not a hurt comfort fic where John dives into Sherlocks arms right after the funeral. It shows the death and aftermath, and shows John healing in a natural, normal way. The feelings don't come out of nowhere and Sherlock is completely in-character and noticeably affected by John. There's also a gorgeous passage on the Power of Love. Manzy's other oneshot, John's Tea is worth a look too.

The Lobster Quadrille by Anonymous (links to original prompt thread; scroll down for fill)

  • Recommended by veerserif, aimsme
  • Synopsis: Original prompt: "Sherlock. Moriarty. Lobster Knife Fight." John/Sherlock
  • Comments: 1,555 words of "lobster slash", pure unadulterated crack of the highest calibre. Not only is the fill a thing of crustacean beauty, there are pictures. Bonus points for creative renaming of characters. Sherlobster, anyone?

Glass Shatters Softly by Mira Jade

  • Recommended by chibiaries
  • Pairing: Molly/Moriarty
  • Synopsis: "Your hair is weighed down with product, and you have slathered an unseemly amount of cosmetics on your face. You're wearing an evening gown more risque than I could previously imagine you even glancing at. By my deductions, Miss Hooper, you are most certainly here on a date."
  • Comments: Everyone is in-character and the prose is simply elegant. Mira-Jade handles the Molly/Moriarty dynamic in a very subtle and beautiful way.

Braid Me Alive by Settely

  • Recommended by Destined
  • Pairing: John/Sherlock and squinty Sherlock/Moriarty
  • Synopsis: It's all fine as long as everything goes according to the plan, even the most horrible one, right? kidnapping, slash or pre-slash, M-rated for the safety
  • Comments: It is beautifully and uniquely handled. The style is poetic and breathtakingly subtle, with undercurrents of resonating darkness. Very original.

The Heart in the Whole by verityburns

  • Recommended by Tutor Girlx 3, seconded by Lightninging
  • Pairing: Sherlock/John; pre-slash moving into explicit slash
  • Synopsis: Events after The Great Game leave Sherlock dependent on his best friend and colleague. But John has a secret of his own...
  • Comments: This is a really touching exploration of Sherlock and John working together to cope with an injury that might just take away what makes Sherlock himself, while also tying that together with Sherlock and John having to admit their feelings for each other. It's very well-paced, nothing too rushed, and has some of the best and most believable characterizations of Sherlock and John that I've read.
    • Definitely seconding. This is one of the best Sherlock fics I've read. The plot is intriguing, and you become completely invested in the characters. It has nothing explicit for a long while, yet still manages to be absolutely scorching- and it has some of the best characterizations of our duo I've seen. I can't recommend this enough; the superlatives in here are not used lightly.

Alone On the Water by Mad_Lori

  • Recommended by Akahfied, The Corsair 20, darknesshiddeninlight
  • Pairing: Sherlock/John; nothing explicit
  • Synopsis: Sherlock is given one month to live with a brain tumor; he makes the decision to end it early, and spends his last day alone with John.
  • Warning: Major character death
  • Comments: Extremely, extremely sad; yet still manages to be in-character on all parts. Extra props for including Sarah in a slashfic without turning her into a huge bitch. Bring tissues.
    • Seconded so hard through a veil of tears still streaming down my face. In character, and John being the protagonist manages to show the story beautifully through his eyes. The ending, and especially the final line, will break you.
    • Thirded. This is a must-read for anyone in the Sherlock fandom. SO GOOD AND SO SAD.
    • Fourthded. I actually had to take a shower afterwords to hide the fact there were tears everywhere, not just my face. This is coming from a troper who usually despises slash.
    • Fifthed. This fic has become a fandom classic, and not for no good reason. You will cry. It will break you.
    • Sixthed? I do not ship, and I do not read slash. I also generally dislike anything AU or non-canon. And despite all of that: this is just brilliant and heartbreaking.
    • Must I go so far as to say seventhed? This troper loves slash, but hates character death with a passion. Still, this is the saddest fanfiction I have ever read. Tears were everywhere. Everywhere I say. Your heart will be shattered.
    • Eighthed? This troper absolutely lost it while reading this. It is written perfectly and heart-achingly.

The Desire And The Spasm by grassle

  • Recommended by Ginger Timelady, tictactoe
  • Pairing: Sherlock/John
  • Synopsis: Sherlock discovers John's secret: he's writing a roman a clef novel about their adventures. A very bad one.
  • Comments: Laugh-out-loud, gutbustingly hilarious. Do not drink anything while reading; it will wind up decorating your monitor.
  • A rare humour fic that manages to characterise nicely outside the cracky premise, the inserts you read of John's novel (the main characters being Sherwood Stone and Jake Weston) are not only brilliantly awful, but Sherlock's reactions to reading them (along with his inner Grammar Nazi tendencies) are liable to have you doubled over with laughter.

 Watching the tall, dark man vanish into his bedroom, the shorter man heard the rustle of clothes being dressed, and felt a stirring in his lions, and wanted–

"LOINS, John, LOINS. Most people don't keep the world's second-largest living cat down their trousers."

The Syndicate Scandal by Stilletov

  • Recommended by Mad_Alice
  • Pairing: Sherlock/Irene Adler
  • Synopsis: Sherlock and John investigate the gang-hit of the leader of global drug-trafficking network The Syndicate. Sherlock taps an old rival, Syndicate gang lawyer Irene Adler, for information, but eventually finds himself in a very compromising position.
  • Comments: Written from before the second series, so obviously now an AU. Written from the PO Vs of both John and Sherlock (via blog and personal journal), this story is very well researched, eloquent and keeps everyone in-character. The writer correctly estimates that Sherlock's relationship with Irene would be a damaged one of backstabbing and manipulation rather than true romantic love. Filled with moments of hilarious dry wit from both John and Sherlock, and Irene's interpretation presents a definite challenge for Holmes. Rated M for a very good reason.

Re: Inter Office Gossip by Handful of Silence

  • Recommended by tictactoe, Corvatis
  • Synopsis: "Lestrade and Donovan make a bet regarding Sherlock and John. It doesn't take long for the majority of the Yard to get involved."
  • Comments: Funny, well-written from the point of view of those around John and Sherlock (with some nice nods to canon characters with Gregson and John Rance), and with the interesting format of being entirely composed of emails and messages sent to members of the Yard.
    • This troper is quite hard to please (especially where comedy is concerned) and couldn't stop laughing from beginning to end. Very cleverly written. Also recommended from this author: His Last Bow, a beautifully rendered imagining of the end of Sherlock and John's life together, missing punctuation aside.

Two Two One Bravo Baker by abundantlyqueer

  • Recommended by Elven Bookwyrm, Voodoo Child, User:Rose And Heather
  • Pairing: John/Sherlock
  • Synopsis: A novel length case-fic AU, in which Sherlock and John meet ten months and three-and-a-half thousand miles earlier.
  • Comments: Fairly explicit. The story opens when Mycroft convinces Sherlock to go to Afghanistan to solve a case. John Watson's unit is assigned to protect him. The case itself is passably intriguing. The sex is hot. Homigod. The sex is so hot. The sheer badassery of John Watson and Sherlock Holmes is also very hot.
    • While yes, the sex is superhot, this story shouldn't be sold as a PWP alone. The worldbuilding abundantlyqueer has done is impeccable, giving a perfect look into Royal Marines in Afghanistan and creating characters wholesale that the audience comes to love (McMath and Hesse will get you). Our canon characters are also developed in such a way that Sherlock Holmes, soldier, isn't quite that far a stretch, and the scenes with Sherlock and Mycroft ring with a perfect familial begrudging affection.

The Important Bit by Rayndrop

  • Recommended by Pickled Plums, Aromli
  • Pairing: John/Sherlock
  • Synopsis: A fairly short glimpse into the life of Holmes and Watson as a married couple.
  • Comments: When is a Slash Fic not a Slash Fic? When there's marriage and a long-term relationship without sex or any orientation issues. It's heartwarming and follows the couple over years of marriage with the normal events of death, retirement, and negotiation of their roles as each other's literal Heterosexual Life Partners.

At Least There's The Football by Sheffiesharpe

  • Recommended by Ianto, Voodoo Child, User:Rose And Heather
  • Pairing: Mycroft/Lestrade
  • Synopsis: Lestrade and Mycroft meet while getting John and Sherlock out of the blown-up swimming pool.
  • Comments: WIP, but every part of the series is a finished story arch in and of itself.
    • The characterization is brilliant. Not only does the story give a fully-rounded look into Greg Lestrade (as well as his awesome nieces), and Mycroft Holmes, but it also fleshes out Anthea into a wonderful supporting character and support for Mycroft.
      • The best Mystrade in the fandom, easily. Mycroft's characterization is spot-on, and Lestrade gains Hidden Depths that make perfect sense. 100% worth a read. While John/Sherlock don't appear often, when they do their relationship is handled with wonderful dexterity and skill, and Lestrade's family is practically worth the price of admission alone.

Secrets of Molly by emmyangua

  • Recommended by selkie72
  • Pairing: Molly/Jim, Unrequited!Molly/Sherlock
  • Synopsis: Even after Sherlock tells her who Jim really is and what he's done, she lets him in when he calls on her. Molly decides it's time she stopped letting Sherlock and Jim read her like a book.
  • Comments: More explicit than I remember, but I liked seeing Molly come into her own and rebel. Makes you wonder what the actual character could be hiding.

 “I cut open bodies all day,” she said, “I could. I’m braver than you think.”

Performance in a Leading Role by Mad_Lori

  • Recommended by Rose And Heather, Indaco, Terrie, User:Ainyre
  • Pairing: John/Sherlock
  • Synopsis: Sherlock Holmes is an Oscar winner in the midst of a career slump. John Watson is an Everyman actor trapped in the rom-com ghetto. When they are cast as a gay couple in a new indie drama, will they surprise each other? Will their on-screen romance make its way into the real world?
  • Comments: It will make you laugh. It will make you weep. It will make your heart thrill in ways you didn't know your heart could thrill. All I can coherently say about this story is that if there were Oscars for fanfiction, this story should win every goddamn one of them.
    • Seconded. This story is simply amazing. It is touching without being cheesy, provides a real conflict without becoming too angsty, the relationship between Sherlock and John works out beautifully and realistically, the author has really done her research, the subtle meta and inside jokes are brilliant and even the sex is steamy. This is a must-read for every Sherlock/John shipper who is looking for a really good AU.
    • Everything a good AU should be. The premise sounds like nonsense, but is handled with perfect skill.

Sustain (or Concerto for the Famished in D Minor), Sustain II - Refrain, Sustain III: Obbligato by Maybe Amanda and OneMillionAndNine

  • Recommended by Millernumber 1
  • Pairing: Molly/Sherlock, John/Sarah
  • Synopsis: In the wake of John and Sarah's marriage, Molly decides to make some changes to her life. Sherlock, naturally, has something to say (and do) about it.
  • Comments: Though now Jossed by series 2, this trilogy of fics captures Molly, Sherlock, John, Sarah, and the rests' personalities, voices, loves, fears, and desires perfectly (as of The Great Game). Impeccably detailed, beautifully written, and thoroughly engaging (not to mention heartbreaking and eucatastrophic).
  • Warnings: As the authors put it, "Blatant acts of heterosexuality, wanton acts of procreation, gratuitous in-jokes, boxing, deep fried foods (wholesome and less so), swearing, good biscuits, very bad tea, mention of past drug use and past sexual exploits." I can't put it better than that. Also, tears of pain and happiness. And AU from the end of series 1, natch.

Tremolo by what_alchemy

  • Recommended by cinnathepoet
  • Pairings: Sherlock/John
  • Synopsis: REICHENBACH SPOILERS NEAR THE END. "Regular people, normal people, people like good, warm, tea-making, hair-stroking John, they have visible pulses, pulses that slow and quicken, pulses tied to their emotions and their brains and their life forces. Pulses attached to whatever animates them. Sherlock has no such time-keeping."
  • Comments: A beautiful story with a twist of magical realism. -cinnathepoet

the sensation of falling as you just hit sleep by greywash

  • Recommended by selkie72, Moranion
  • Pairing: Sherlock/John, other pairings implied and otherwise
  • Synopsis: Sherlock and John, post-Reichenbach, but so very real. They're both looking for revenge, unaware of the other. Consequences, near-misses, plot twists, this one has it all.
  • Comments: SO well written. Also, it's rated NC-17 for a good reason. Sex scenes are amazingly well done and very in-character. Now finished and a first chapter of the sequel has just been posted - it's 12000 words of the hottest, most intense PWP ever.
    • Seconded with all my heart. This is so far the best post-Reichenbach fic out there and fast becoming a fandom classic. The rest of author's works are very much worth a read as well; Immortal Beloved and its sequel (both can be found at the author's profile on AO 3) are amazing.

 "I have a job for you," Mycroft interrupts, and John flinches, because he's heard that before, he's heard that so many damn times, but it's the first time he's ever heard it directed at him.

"And what sort of job," he says, low, "could you possibly have for me to do?"

"Moriarty," Mycroft tells him, and John stills. Mycroft smiles, a little tight, and says, "I want him dead, don't you?"

Psychophysical Examinations of Perceptual Effects of Differential Somatic Stimulation (or: Fuck Off And Leave My Bloody Balls Alone, Would You, Sherlock?) by jedusaur

  • Recommended by selkie72, User:Ainyre
  • Pairing: John/Sherlock
  • Synopsis: It's for science.
  • Comments: Explicit, nerdy, and utterly hysterical. Bonus points for the author knowing his/her stuff re: experiment design.

For Queen and Country and The Spy Who Came In From The Rain by Darkfangz13

  • Recommended by Musicrox4ever
  • Pairing: Mystrade
  • Synopsis: For Queen and Country: Of first meetings. My first feeble attempt at Mystrade!
    • The Spy Who Came In From The Rain: Sequel to 'For Queen and Country'. The immediate threat on Mycroft's life has been temporarily terminated, but the case isn't over yet. Now Lestrade is in danger. With Sherlock and John safe outside of the country, how will Mycroft handle the situation?
  • Comments: Though I still find the Mystrade pairing quite far fetched due to canon, these two fictions make a great read and make this troper a slight fan of the pairing outside of canon. The writing is quite fantastic, the characters are bound to their canon characterizations like iron (though I feel Sherlock and John need a bit of work), and the Mystrade pairing itself, surprisingly, is not overdone. The writer does well to steer clear of all of the typical cliches usually found in shonen-ai and yaoi fanfiction thus far. Angst does not drive the plot nor does the pairing drive it, making the moments between Mycroft and Lestrade even more enjoyable to read. Highly recommended for those who would like some plot and other characters along with their OTP.

The Last Drop by Phyona

  • Recommended by Indaco
  • Pairing: John/Sherlock
  • Synopsis: Sherlock and John fend off boredom with a night of heavy drinking.
  • Comments: This troper usually loathes fanfics that get the characters drunk because more often than not, it's just a poor excuse to make them act out of character. This fic is nothing like that. It uses the drinking as a subtle plot device while keeping the characterisation spot on with a lot of dry humour and clever banter. It is intelligent,(bitter)sweet, funny, mildly slashy and just will make you smile from ear to ear while reading. The writing is absolutely gorgeous as well.

An Avalanche of Detour Signs by gyzym

  • Recommended by limiculous, The Corsair 20, User:Rose And Heather
  • Pairings: Molly/Lestrade (main), Molly/Moriarty, Molly/Sherlock (unrequited)
  • Synopsis: "In which Molly Hooper gets a job, gets a degree, breaks a heart, has her heart broken, falls in love, keeps a secret, saves a life, runs a morgue, falls apart, pulls it together, and finds exactly what she didn't know she was looking for--not necessarily in that order."
  • Comments: This is basically the only Molly/Greg story you will ever need to read to be happy. This 56,000 word work gives us Molly's story from pre-canon to post-Reichenbach, and always keeps to the basic timeline. Molly and Greg's relationship builds slowly and incredibly realistically, and her crush on Sherlock and brief relationship with Moriarty are handled with respect and care. Everything about her interactions with Mycroft just about killed me, I was laughing so hard. Basically, why haven't you read this yet?
    • Oh my god this story is incredibly good. Absolutely amazing. Molly is a wonderful character in the canon and this story fills in so much backstory that fits perfectly with Molly's actions in the series and makes her, if possible, an even more amazing character. Plus the writing is just spectacular. My complete and total headcanon for Molly now.
    • Thirded, thirded, thirded, not enough "thirded"s in the world. Absolutely headcanon, oh my God, yes, just - oh God, what are you still doing here? Go read this piece of unbelievable brilliance. Do it now.

Those in Peril on the Sea by Ironic Narwhal

  • Recommended by User:Rose And Heather
  • Pairing: John/Sherlock, one-sided Sherlock/Moriarty
  • Summary: "When in 1910 the Holmes Corporation found itself without an obvious male heir ready to take over, the Holmes family did the only thing they could: offer their youngest son, Sherlock, for marriage. In accordance with the times, they had to send him through a rigorous and demeaning process called feminization, to make it socially acceptable for him to marry a man. It was in hopes that Sherlock’s husband could take over the company while their eldest son, Mycroft, was groomed into something resembling a decent CEO. Who they found was James Moriarty, youngest son of a firearms manufacturer and certainly qualified to take the Holmes Corporation under his wing. While on a steamship taking him and his fiancé to America to be married, Sherlock met a man named John Watson. Over the period of five days, their lives were irreversibly entangled. But this was not the typical love story; the ship they were on was the RMS Titanic. From the moment it set off from Southampton on April 10th, 1912, the great ship was fated for destruction. Eighty-five years later, an elderly and dying Sherlock Holmes tells his story to a research and salvage team recovering artifacts from the wreck of the ship upon which his life changed."
  • Comments: This is not your ordinary Titanic AU. Only the first chapter has been posted so far, but already it is evident that Ironic Narwhal is truly avoiding sacrificing characterization for the storyline, and doing it brilliantly.

The What Comes Undone series by songlin

  • Recommended by User:Rose And Heather
  • Pairing: John/Sherlock
  • Summary: Sherlock Holmes was not the kind of woman a man brought home to meet the family. She wasn't even the kind of woman most men brought home, full stop. But that never seemed to stop John.
  • Comments: Perfect, flawless Gender Flip that needs to be read by everyone ever.

A Study in Winning by Jupiter Ash

  • Recommended by User:Rose And Heather
  • Pairing: John/Sherlock
  • Summary: John and Sherlock are professional tennis players and it’s Wimbledon. One is a broken almost was at the end of his career, the other an arrogant rising star tipped for greatness. It should have been a straightforward tournament. It really should have been. How were they to know that a chance encounter would change everything?
  • Comments: This. Yes. Just... this. This 100k+ novel traces John and Sherlock's unexpected romance over the course of two weeks that will change both their lives. It started on the kink meme, and is being reformatted, cleaned up, and posted on LJ and AO 3. Read it. Just... read it. If you're a lifelong tennis fan or you don't know a thing about the sport - read it. The sex is blazing and the love story will melt your heart. Draws heavily from the 2004 film Wimbledon, but a unique Sherlock spin is obvious. (Also, there's a sequel in progress called A Study in Doubles.)

The Long Ago and Far Away series by Lotherington

  • Recommended by User:Rose And Heather
  • Pairing: John/Sherlock
  • Summary: A consulting detective and a recently graduated doctor meet and fall in love in 1937. But war is on the horizon...
  • Comments: A WWII AU absolutely worth the read. The writing is evocative, tender, sweet, and intense, and John and Sherlock are recognizably themselves, and yet also very much men of their time.

The Progress of Sherlock Holmes by ivyblossom

  • Recommended by Saltyavocado, User:Ainyre
  • Pairing: John/Sherlock
  • Summary: John and Sherlock, before, during, and after Mary.
  • Comments: A stream of consciousness story from Sherlock's point of view that is brilliant in how it manages to capture his voice. Mary is a deliciously flawed character who is beautifully developed in all her compulsive lying and oddly touching care for John. And of course, after all this great story building, there is awesome steamy smut.

26 Pieces by Lanning

  • Recommended by User:Ainyre
  • Pairing: John/Sherlock
  • Summary: Mycroft gives Sherlock the apparently simple task of solving a puzzle box containing a stolen microchip. It isn't simple.

A Cure for Boredom by emmagrant01

  • Recommended by Van Squirgle
  • Pairing: John/Sherlock, John/Others
  • Summary: They'd never talked about sex in the year they'd known each other. Well, that wasn't quite correct: Sherlock had never said a word about sex; John had bemoaned his personal dearth of it on many occasions. (NSFW)
  • Comments: Oh my, this fic is HOT. Sherlock is hilarious with his sexual misunderstandings, and John blindly follows him while he delves into a sex club for self-discovery... Only to be manipulated by Sherlock again and again. It's pretty long (this troper spent an entire day reading it) but it's definitely worth it. Sherlock and John are remarkably in character, and you can feel John's confusion and inner conflicts throughout the whole experience. It covers many kinks, such as threesomes, voyeurism, and light bondage. All in all, an exceptional read.

Crossover Fics

The Butterfly Effect by Philo Vance

  • Recommended by Novatel
  • Crossover with Harry Potter
  • Synopsis: Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter are both starting their first year in Hogwarts, and a chance meeting aboard the Hogwarts Express forever changes the wizarding world in the most curious fashion.
  • Comments: The author writes a pretty interesting story that replaces Ron Weasley with eleven year old Sherlock. It is pretty interesting and shows Harry and 11!Year Old Sherlock becoming good friends, while Harry tries to keep up with Sherlock's insanity. Harry eventually decides to throw away his common sense to remain both sane and friends with Sherlock, becoming very much like John.

Spock's Logical Council by marcinda

  • Recommended by sauronlulz
  • Crossover with Star Trek the Original Series, Star Trek the Next Generation, Artemis Fowl, Doctor Who and others.
  • Pairing: None
  • Synopsis: Spock summons Data, Artemis Fowl, Eleven, and Sherlock to discuss how to defeat their worst enemy: fangirls.
  • Comments: Funny, with in-character dialogue and good commentary on unrestrained shipping impulses. Sherlock makes enough contributions to the council (read: shows off non-stop) that the fic is linked here despite all the crossovers.

The Case of the Unwanted Owl by FayJay

  • Recommended by: User:Paul A, darknesshiddeninlight, User:Saltyavocado
  • Crossover with post-series Harry Potter
  • Synopsis: Sherlock receives a wedding invitation from his least un-favourite relative, and John finds himself learning things about Sherlock's family he'd never have expected.
  • Comments: Hilarious, and full of delightfully-plausible details and connections. (Favourite moment: John learning that his earlier crack about Sherlock treating housework and shopping as things that magically do themselves is, basically, true.)
    • Read this fic, if only for the conversation between grown-up!Luna and John. It is marvelous.

The Republic Of Heaven by blind_author

  • Recommended by User:Xitheta
  • Crossover with His Dark Materials
  • Pairing: Sherlock/John
  • Synopsis: John and his dæmon, Amarisa, have never quite fit in, largely because she settled as a wolfdog. Sherlock and Raniel are similarly isolated, mostly because the woman they call Mummy is a witch. These two men and their dæmons end up sharing a flat together and the rest, as they say, is history. And with a witch-clan out for John's blood and a man known as Moriarty emerging from the shadows, they're certainly not going to be bored.
  • Comments: Not yet complete, I believe, but so far a wonderfully detailed retelling of series one, its prelude and aftermath, with useful daemon input and clever references to HDM canon. Probably best to have read HDM in full for absolute effect. Some lovely sex scenes and well-crafted storytelling throughout.

Stock Control for the Blind Drunk by [swabloo]

  • Recommended by User:Aceofannwn
  • Crossover with Black Books
  • Synopsis: Mycroft Holmes and Bernard Black have an Epic Bromance, which involves a great deal of expensive wine.
  • Comments: This is complete and utter crack, but it's hilarious crack. It's only a short story, but it's well-executed and the fact that the reader is left to fill in the gaps with their own speculation and imagination is far funnier, I think, than if the author had actually written out how Mycroft and Bernard ended up where (and how) they do. There are a number of places where the punctuation and so on could be improved (the author needs to fix the typos), but generally the fic is quite readable despite that.

The Magic of Deduction by Writing is Purdy

  • Recommended by The Corsair 20, Mencie
  • Crossover with post-series Harry Potter
  • Synopsis: John Watson spends seven years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he meets the boy who will become the greatest man he'll ever know. Eventual Sherlock/John.
  • Comments: An absolutely brilliant look at the way the story would play out if all the characters lived in the Harry Potter universe. It is hilarious, heart-breaking and all around fantastic. The characters are perfect and the relationship between the two boys is exactly how it would play out if they were to meet as children and grow up together. Highly recommended.
    • I've never actually recommended a fic before, but this was just amazing. Fair warning, though, I started it at about midnight on a school night and ended up barely sleeping. I simply could not stop reading. Is amazingly true to the characters and has an excellent plot. Cannot recommend this enough.

A Man By Any Other Name by mia6363

  • Recommended by Ginger Timelady
  • Crossover with The Bourne Identity
  • Synopsis: He doesn't remember his name. He doesn't remember anything. Sherlock has never had to deduce a live one before. Sherlock/John.
  • Comments: Normally crossover fics don't do a thing for me, but this author manages to be true to the spirit of both Bourne and Sherlock. A must-read for those who enjoy John bad-assery. The love scenes aren't bad either - in fact, they're quite good. I also recommend taking a look at the author's other Sherlock fic. Very well-done.

Space Oddity by EmmyAngua

  • Recommended by Sadistic Apathy
  • Crossover with Ashes To Ashes
  • Synopsis: What with bombs going off and the potential to be sent into a coma, Sherlock wanders into CID demanding his blogger back. Sherlock/John if you squint, Gene/Alex if you really squint.
  • Comments: For something that could easily turn soppy or cracky, this fic manages to remain in the same profound, bittersweet vein that Ashes to Ashes achieved. Great banter between Gene and Sherlock, and they both know where they stand; this isn't a buddy-cop story, yet they respect each other. And Sherlock is as bad a DI as you'd expect. Set post-series for both, so major spoilers.

 "There was something perversely pleasing in knowing that the man who was going to take him down didn’t do it because of hatred, or love, or despair; but out of chilly logic. Because it was something that needed to be done. Gene always appreciated a person who was as much of a magnificent bastard as he was."

The Road to Inlé by anonymous

  • Recommended by Sadistic Apathy, Saltyavocado
  • Crossover with Watership Down
  • Synopsis: Moments of Lestrade's life where he's crossed paths with the Black Rabbit and survived.
  • Comments: The level of geekery in this is amazing, right down to the character's names, which have been translated to fit the rabbit language. There's a nice nod to the novel when Sherlock says that soon Lestrade will be called Silver due to his greying fur. A great example of a crossover that shouldn't work, but does.
    • I was on the brink of nerdgasm the entire time I was reading this. Everyone, EVERYONE, who has read Watership Down should check this fic out.

Whispers in Corners by esama

  • Recommended by darknesshiddeninlight, Aromli
  • Crossover with Harry Potter
  • Synopsis: Everything started with a stumble - his new life in a new world as well as his surprisingly successful career as a medium. Harry/Mycroft eventual slash. Takes place after The Great Game and after a AUish ending of the Harry Potter books.

Uncharted by Converse on the Tardis

  • Recommended by stetsonlyCool
  • Crossover with How to Train Your Dragon
  • Synopsis: Another example of a super-random crossover that actually works, funnily enough. The fic is taken from the end of The Great Game and splashes down, literally, in a HTTYD Alternate Universe.
  • Comments: Relatively well-written, and fairly amusing as well, the author really manages to turn this crossover into something extremely entertaining. A WIP, but it's updated fairly quickly. A must-read if you like both Sherlock and How To Train Your Dragon.

Harry Potter of Baker Street by Dayja

  • Recommended by Singollo Lomien
  • Crossover with Harry Potter
  • Synopsis: The Dursley's are found to be unsuitable guardians so Harry is taken to live with his cousin... Sherlock Holmes. John finds himself making lists of 'Things Not Allowed with Four Year Olds’. Rule 1. Four year olds are not to have access to chemicals, body parts, glass, or flames. [1]

Sherlock Holmes' Diary by errantcomment

  • Recommended by: Beluah
  • Crossover with Bridget Jones
  • Synopsis: Sherlock Holmes keeps a diary. No one is supposed to know about it. He's pretty sure Mycroft does though, the fat nosy git.
  • Pairing(s): Unrequited Sherlock/John
  • Comments: Don't be put off by the premise. Though sometimes pretty out of character, but always laugh-out-loud hilarious, this is a wonderful, funny, brilliant crack fic that just completely works. Still in progress, the author has covered up until the March of the year of season one – in which time Molly is Sherlock's custard cream dispenser and shoulder-to-cry-on, Mycroft is eyebrow deep in trifle (probably), John thinks Sherlock is extraordinary and Mrs. Mike Stamford has many an apoplexy. Really, this one is much better than it sounds.

A Study in Magic by Book_Of_Changes

  • Recommended by: ranmouri
  • Crossover with Harry Potter
  • Synopsis: "When Professor Mc Gonagall went to visit Harry Watson, son of Mr. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, to deliver his Hogwarts letter, she certainly wasn't expecting to find the cause behind Harry Potter's disappearance."
  • Pairing(s): Sherlock/Girl!John, sort of/possibly. They only got married to beat Moriarty, but "aren't planning on a divorce".
  • Comments: A brilliant fic. Unfinished, at the time of this writing it's up to the end of year 1. Has a pretty reasonable explanation for why John is a girl, but has a traditionally male name, and Harry is still recognizable as Harry Potter, but is clearly influenced by having lived with Sherlock and John for a year. Also, features Mycroft in the background, and one chapter has texts from Sherlock telling about Christmas with the Holmes' family. Highly recommended.

The Adventure of the Two Students by Gertrude Granger

  • Recommended by: ranmouri
  • Crossover with Harry Potter
  • Synopsis: "Ten years after Harry Potter defeats Lord Voldemort, Hogwarts faces a new threat to its students. Luckily, first year Sherlock Holmes and his friend John Watson are on the case."
  • Pairing(s): Only those from canon, as yet, though the author ships Johnlock in her other work, so the story may or may not end up there.
  • Comments: WIP. Features Gryffindor!Quidditch Captain!Lestrade, Hufflepuff!John, Ravenclaw!Sherlock, and Slytherin!Irene, among others. Practically everyone from canon is there, and though Moriarty has not yet appeared, Moran had a first-chapter cameo. The mystery is engaging, the character interactions feel simultaneously true-to-canon and adjusted just right for students at Hogwarts, and Professor Longbottom is awesome. Also features: Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, Famous Aurors investigating at Hogwarts!

Whispers in Corners by esama

  • Recommended by: serinata
  • Crossover with Harry Potter
  • Synopsis: Everything started with a stumble - his new life in a new world as well as his surprisingly successful career as a medium.
  • Pairing(s): Mycroft Holmes and Harry Potter
  • Comments: Complete. Post Reichenbach Fall. It's an interesting take on what Harry would do if stranded in a different world and a bit more realistic (character building wise) than many other fics because esama doesn't just conveniently 'forget' real life issues like money.

Magnificent by esama

  • Recommended by: serinata
  • Crossover with Harry Potter
  • Synopsis: The birth of the Ministry of Magic and his relationship with the British Government.
  • Pairing(s): Mycroft Holmes and Harry Potter
  • Comments: Oneshot. This fic singlehandedly raised my love of BBC Mycroft and caused my squeals every time I hear the phrase "Mycroft is the British Government". It's a slight AU based on the notion that all governments (and ministries) are embodied and run by previously normal people... normal being a relative term.


  1. (No, not even if you are present and it is a good learning experience.)
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