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  • Broken Base: Between people who like a more comedic Jen (see Dan Slott) or are somewhat more serious (but still funny) Jen (see Peter David) AND those who like the original Savage She-Hulk incarnation and those that favour the 4th wall breaking John Byrne era insanity... and just to top it off, those that are just in it for the Fetish Fuel of a female Hulk.
  • Dork Age: Her second series, The Sensational She-Hulk, languished in a Dork Age before and after John Byrne's two runs on the title.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In Ultimate Marvel, readers are dealt a Shocking Swerve when that universe's version of Shulkie turns out to be Betsy Ross, rather than Jennifer Walters. Then, in mainstream continuity, we get the The Reveal for Red Shulkie's identity. Guess who again?
  • Squick: In the alternate universe "Old Man Logan," a trio of redneck Hulks rule over the West Coast. The implication? Bruce had children with Jennifer (his first cousin) because she was the only one who could "handle" fetuses with gamma powers.
    • Fan reaction here borders on Did Not Do the Research, because mating between two first-cousins isn't exactly as bad as other incestuous relations.
      • It's still incest. And that equals squick for many people.
      • It's also suggested though not outright confirmed that it wasn't consensual.
    • To be fair, squickiness and consent aside, it does make a strange sort of sense - really, who else could safely handle gamma-enhanced genes aside from another gamma-enhanced person? And there's not exactly a ton of muscular green people signed up to online dating sites these days.
      • She-Hulk got her powers in the first place via blood transfusion. What was stopping Banner from finding someone who fit his blood type and seeing if history would repeat itself?
      • Over the years a condition has been developed in the comics where Bruce Banner SHOULD have died after taking so much gamma radiation in; to the theory is suggesting that the Banner family is "destined" to become Hulks, or that he's a really weird mutation. His genetic superpower would be to absorb, amass and metabolize gamma radiation, which is still lethal to some other superbeings; not only that, but any Hulk can absorb ANY type of radiation and metabolize it, further suggesting that there is more to the Hulk than just a freak radiation accident; so Banner has no guarantee that the procedure of blood transfusion would work with another human being (the Rosses are another matter entirely; they were built into hulks and work differently even if the end result is mostly the same).
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