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"Like a stuttering owl with laryngitis, I couldn't give two hoots."
The Man Himself

Best known as writer and star of Australian TV shows The Micallef Program, Micallef Tonight, and NEWStopia and host of Talkin Bout Your Generation, Micallef is a very funny man. Australia's answer to Stephen Fry, he make frequent use of workplay, non-sequiturs and subversion of audience expectations.

Though initially keeper of a small but loyal fanbase, he has in more recent years risen to the public attention in Australia.

With his frequent collaborators, his roles typically involve him assuming the role of 'Shaun Micallef' (quite successfully, I might add), a pompous and self-obsessed man who is a satire of whatever role he is taking on at the time. This is however not a case of Adam Westing because Shaun isn't widly believed to be like the Micallef character.

He is also known as an actor, having starred in the short lived Welcher & Welcher series, as well as several films.

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