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Sharlo's Strange Bargain is a short story written by West Indian author Ralph Prince.

Sharlo, a local farmer in Glentis Village, Antigua, is well-known for his love of food and his skills with the fife. One day, he gets caught in the rain after returning home from working his farm-land in a nearby mountain; as he seeks shelter under a tree, he meets a mysterious man who offers him temporary shelter and food.

Arriving at the man's home (located in a cave underground), Sharlo is introduced to a mysterious magic calabash (a deep bowl-like dish) that can provide him with any food he desires, provided the correct rhyme is spoken. His benefactor then makes him a deal: Sharlo can have the calabash in exchange for giving up his fife, but the deal must be kept secret. To this Sharlo agrees after some consideration, and from then on he sates his gluttony with the calabash even as his neighbors are forced to subsist on the local sugar-cane crop in the midst of a drought.

But Sharlo's constant eating is about to catch up to him...

Tropes present in Sharlo's Strange Bargain:

  Benefactor: Even in hard times, this calabash will give you all the food you want. Think of the fungee and saltfish, the dumplings and pork, the rice and meat, the pepper-pot, the souse, the ackee...all these and more are yours, all yours, just for the asking--and the eating.

  • Jerkass: Sharlo eventually becomes this, the longer he has the calabash at his disposal. He stuffs himself every day even while knowing that his neighbors and friends are close to starving from the effects of a drought ravaging the village.
  • Oh Crap: When Sharlo fully realizes just what the terms of his deal really entail.
  • Secret Keeper: Sharlo is tasked to be this.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Sharlo's friend Zakky calls him out for keeping his feasts to himself.

 Zakky: But Sharlo, man, you wort'less.

Sharlo: Wha' me do?

Zakky: Man, you wort'less. You know me and me wife and ten pickney (children) and dem a dead fo' hungry, and you never one time say, "Here, Zakky, tek dis food fo' all you nyam (eat)!"

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