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(Anime Version) Hao won't be back for a sequel.

His status as a cold-hearted villian is played straight in the anime. Of course being cruel and uncaring, even to the 'Great Spirit' itself sure didn't help his case much. One could argue he was just a good man who lost his way but, I don't think the 'Great Spirit' will go easy on him just becuase of his supposed high ideals and Dark and Troubled Past.

  • Yeah, I highly doubt the Great Spirit is gonna let Hao just walk away and be reincarnated after his temperary hostile takeover. I almost feel a little sorry for him... Well, not really!

So for the anime, WHO WINS THE TOURNAMENT!

Without Hao around (unlike the manga ending) the title could go to anybody on the heroes team. Personally I'd put my money on Yoh.

  • Yoh, definitely Yoh.
  • I think Ren would actually make a great king now that he's let go of all that anger.
  • Manta! Just kiding!

All the things that people attribute to aliens (Stonehenge, the Pyramids, etc.) were built by Shamans.

Tha anime and manga certainly seem indigate as much don't they?

  • I don't know about that alien theory, but the other stuff seems to be true.

Time Lords are Shamans!

They're the result of a Shaman King that made a Shaman-only planet in the very distant past.

  • Dude, where do you come up with this stuff?

Is the anime version of Hao/Zeke as much of a Tragic Villain as the manga version?

Hao/Zeke's backstory isn't exactly the same in the anime as it is in the manga. On the surface it dosen't seem as tragic either, but is it?

  • Well Hao was able to read minds in his first life in the anime to an extent. He could tell that most normal people were duch-bags. But I don't think that justifies his whole 'Only Shaman's Can Live' policy!

The true Shaman Kings are Danny Fenton and Vlad Plasmius

Due to them being able to change between a ghost and a human, the best of both worlds. And Danny is capable of capturing ghosts using the Fenton thermos, and is easily able to befriend ghosts such as Frostbite. Vlad is less kind, but he created the Shaman QUEEN, Dani Phantom.

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