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  • Yoh has quite a few moments, but one that stands out is during his fight with Horohoro, where he, acting on muscle memory, performs the Shock Wave Buddha Giri, Amidamaru's signature attack, mowing down a field of icicles created by Horohoro. What really makes this an awesome moment for Yoh is that it's the first "real" fight where it's Yoh doing pulling off all the awesome attacks, with Amidamaru forming the Over Soul instead of possessing him and doing the work.
  • "Wooden Sword" Ryu revealing a new form of his Tokagero over soul and just utterly wrecking Boris Tepes Dracula with it. Immediately before doing that, Boris tries to gank Ryu while he doesn't have enough time to turn around or draw his sword. Ryu's response is to backhand Boris in the face and tell the punk that he's a street fighter first, swordsman second.
  • During the "Rescue Ren from his uncle" arc, when the gang is facing down Ren's uncle, En Tao, Ren finally realizes the secret behind his uncle's enormous size, inhuman power, and apparent immortality. The man that he's known all his life is actually an over soul. So he makes several composure-shattering proclamations and observations to him, and then just stands there, over soul deactivated, as his raging uncle makes another swipe at him. The over soul just passes through him, proof that he's rattled his uncle to the point that he can't even focus on keeping his over soul up anymore.
  • During a side-story focusing on him, Horohoro, faced with the dilemma of the life of a human-hating grizzly bear, loved by the park ranger who saved his life, being threatened (by law; if he attacks humans, he'll be put down), he decks himself out in full Ainu shaman garb, marches right up to the grizzly in question, and proceeds to sit down and offer him some sake. He proceeds to try and discuss the situation with the bear, despite getting nearly mauled several times (by the several hundred pound grizzly bear). Finally, he gets through to the poor creature; but just as it looks like the whole story will end happily, a trio of poachers shoot the bear dead on the spot, and then try to run when they see the park ranger. Horohoro, a believer in the laws of nature, demands that the hunters at least take their kill with them when they leave; when he finds out from their responses that they killed the bear for sport, and not for food, he goes apeshit. The hunters panic and shoot him, only to find that he's just manifested a shell of ice around his body, stopping the bullets cold. Seeing this, they panic again and shoot at him, only for him to stop them with a wall of ice. And finally, he manifests a completely new over soul, which can only be described as a Laser Blade made of pure cold. With a mighty swing, he fells several trees behind the poachers, and immediately locks them right there in the air with a huge mound of ice; but he doesn't touch the poachers. His last words to them are "I won't kill them. If I did, I'd be as worthless as they are."
    • Horohoro gets another one when his team "The Ren" are completely demolished by The Gandhara, a team with God-Like Spirits. Horohoro begins to flashback to Pascal Avaf's training and he and Kororo awaken the Nipopo Gauntlets, a new Oversoul, that forms giant gauntlets of ice that cover his entire arms. Cue Curb Stomp Battle, and Horohoro wins the round for his team. Most importantly, however is that during the fight, Lady Sati, declares that Horohoro will be the Fifth Elemental Warrior, which means he will be getting the one of the Five Elemental Spirits (the Spirit of Rain specifically). If you need help imagining what that means, just think of Hao's Spirit of Fire.

 Opacho: Horohoro scares me.

  • Anna using one of Hao's spells and a 1080 bead rosary to force two of Hao's demon servants into submission in seconds. Of note is the fact that the book she found the spell in released said (murderous) demons the second it was unsealed.
    • Also, Anna walking up to Hao and slapping him. for badmouthing Yoh and the gang. Even better: when he catches her hand and tries to flirt with her ("You truly are worthy to be the wife of the Shaman King...")? Anna flinches a bit, then she slaps him with her other hand.
  • How come nobodies mentioned Yoh and Hao's final fight in the anime? That was totally wicked!

  Yoh: I think this is what it's like to be Shaman King.

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