• Earlier in the the film Hal (still hypnotised) tells Rosemary's father his perfectionism has destroyed his daughter's self-esteem and that she deserves better. Later on, when Hal is cured and avoiding Rosemary, the father says Hal was right, and this makes Hal realize he shouldn't judge Rosemary by how she looks.. This is heartwarming, but also tearjerking cause Hal realizes he was doing the same thing that her father was.
  • During the hypnosis, Hal saw Cadence as a perfectly healthy and beautiful little girl. After it's turned off, he sees her again... with burns all over her face. He looks up, and what does Hal see? "Pediatric Burn Unit."
  • The way Rosemary talks about how she knows she's not pretty and how no man has ever loved her like Hal does will definitely hit home if you are or know a woman who has ever had body image issues.
  • Even though the whole moral is to accept people as they are, Rosemary would likely die relatively soon after the ending of this film.
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