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  • Shadow Hearts could be the Trope Namer. In the first game, the bad ending is the canonical one, wherein Alice's life slowly ebbs away on the train at the end of the game, culminating in her falling asleep on her lover's shoulder and never waking up. Shadow Hearts: Covenant, not to be outdone, has two tearjerker endings: the bad one, where Yuri loses his soul and all his memories, basically becoming a non-entity under the care of Roger Bacon, and a "good" one, where he's killed before his soul is finished being devoured, granting him a more or less happy ending in death with Alice. Then Shadow Hearts: From the New World turns it up by making the villains so sympathetic that it's almost tempting to let them destroy the world just because watching Lady and Killer die hurts so much.
    • Don't forget in the second game, Alice's attempted resurrection. This troper doesn't even normally like straight couples, and that scene still gets me every time.
      • This troper knows numerous people who cried at that scene...but when Yuri says I love you too... and then starts crying...I felt like an absolute jerk because I actually started laughing as he proceeded to make the silliest sad face ever.
    • Covenant has a rather sympathetic villain too, in the form of Kato, and Nicholai to some extent, but especially Kato. While climbing the stone platform, this troper was still hoping there was a way to avoid fighting.
      • And if you look at it in sort of a retrospective fashion, even Rasputin's death becomes a Tear Jerker simply because he felt that the only way to save his mother Russia was to take over Europe through power. Covenant is in love with Well-Intentioned Extremist bad guys.
    • Odin Sphere made my eyes water and Shadow of the Colossus depressed me for the rest of the day, but watching Lady try to resurrect Killer and her subsequent death made me weep. Especially when Ricardo took his hat off, for some reason.
  • "The Oath" scene in Covenant. ( When Yuri meets Alice's spirit in his graveyard world.)
  • Ouka's death.
  • James' sacrifice to defeat the Elaine monster

 James: (crying) I have always loved you Elaine.\\

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