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Oh my 3656

She's really... enjoying herself...

Sex ist eine Schlacht, Liebe ist Krieg (Sex is a battle, love is war)
Rammstein, "Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?"

Just another show with sex and violence

Sex is violent
Janes Addiction, "Ted, Just Admit It..."

Sometimes, when a combat scene becomes a bit too vocal and noisy... it stops being fighting, if you know what I mean. But sometimes, for some characters, the fighting itself actually does become a sexual turn-on. The character's heavy breathing, grunts, and yelps and groans are caused by the fact that they are really, truly --and literally -- getting off on the violence (though not necessarily on actual injury to themselves and/or their opponents).

Related to Cat Fight (and the possible cause of the ensuing Fan Service, In Love with Your Carnage and Foe Yay). Often involves characters who are Too Kinky to Torture. Can end in Destructo-Nookie. May also overlap with Looks Like She Is Enjoying It. Compare I Didn't Mean to Turn You On. A subtrope of the similarly-named Interplay of Sex and Violence.

Examples of Sex Is Violence include:

Anime And Manga

  • Karasuba from Sekirei likes combat so much she has to kill someone to lose steam and even declares she's "On fire" to her Ashikabi.
  • Ikki Tousen comments on how the fighters find fighting erotic. Their battles will overlap with foreplay.
  • Hidan from Naruto is implied to have an orgasm every time he finishes his opponent off during his sadomasochistic stabbing ritual.
  • Genkaku from Deadman Wonderland is shown getting really turned on when he watches Nagi crush some poor sap's skull.
  • In Black Cat, let's just say that Creed... really likes being hurt and beat up by Train (especially while they're fighting). One round of fisticuffs between them quickly turns creepy when Train ends up in a compromising position on top of Creed, who breathlessly cries out that Train is "the best". Pretty sure he got off from that.
  • In Full Metal Panic, apparently Gauron's idea of consummating his love for Sousuke is to have a bloody double suicide - namely, in the form of their Huge Mechas beating each other up and grappling each other and having his self destruct. Not to mention that in the novels, it's made pretty clear that, during Gauron's fight with Sousuke in Khanka, Gauron was getting off on the idea of violently killing Sousuke and then raping his dead body. And in case the anime didn't make it blatant enough, the manga has him yelling out while he's fighting Sousuke, "Yeah, that's what I'm talking about! Ah, what a rush!"
  • Tatsumi Saiga from Speed Grapher worked as a war photographer. In one flashback he gets a hard-on when he's taking pictures of dying men during a battle. One soldier even notices and calls him a pervert.
  • Revy in Black Lagoon tends to enjoy gunfighting a BIT too much...
    • "Dance the jitterbug" indeed...
  • Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter.
  • Basically any time that Tsukuyomi (pictured) ends up dueling Setsuna in Mahou Sensei Negima. Their latest fight featured Tsukuyomi panting, blushing and... drooling. While talking about how she was losing control and asking Setsuna to fight harder and 'satisfy' her. Not many were surprised when the battle climaxed with her straddling Setsuna and slowly slicing her clothing off while basically openly declaring intent to rape.
    • Chapter 293 has her getting all hot and bothered during a fight with Negi; the poor lad was rather unnerved by it.
      • Who wouldn't? Just look at that face.
  • A central theme of the Witchblade anime series. As stated outright by the show's creators, the point isn't "sex and violence" so much as "sex is violence."
  • In episode 185 of Keroro Gunso while Dororo was in a giant robot fight with Robobo, of the Shurara Corps. For the finally blow, he cuts Robobo in half. Right before blowing up, he looks incredibly happy, and says "It feels GOOD!". And the icing on the cake is when Dororo bows his head and states that he's happy to have found a strong opponent.
  • Bryan Hawk from Hajime no Ippo seemingly gets sexual pleasure when he fights. After severely beating down Takamura, he remarks that he's about to cum.
  • In Gunnm, Galley begins to take pleasure in combat and killing when she's employed by Tiphares. In her own words she wants "More and more, until everything goes all white!"
  • One Piece: Sadi-Chan deserves an honorable mention, getting all sorts of pleasure from screams.
  • Fasalina from Gun X Sword whenever attacking inside her Dahlia of Wednesday, usually inserts some orgasmic sounds alongside some drawn out words. All while pole-dancing. Well, she is a former prostitute...
  • Canaan: It certainly is for Liang Qi.
  • Takuma Fudou from GetBackers. His greatest desire is for Ban to "give his body to him," "meet his desires," "quench his thirst" and "let him enjoy himself" - which pretty much means getting ripped apart by Fudou as they fight. But Fudou shows numerous times that he doesn't get pleasure simply from sadistically cutting up Ban - he actually likes it more when Ban cuts him up and puts up a fight as well. He also shows his masochistic tendencies when he mentions that he kept his own rotting arm with him, reminding himself of what Ban did to him, which gave him "incredible chills rising up throughout his body." As well as an instance where, when Ban wasn't putting up enough of a fight, Fudou started cutting himself up on the chest, screaming at Ban to "make him bleed" and "push him to the edge."
  • Jan Valentine of Hellsing declares that he has a hard-on while killing Hellsing personnel. It's hard not to laugh.
    • For that matter, Alucard seems to love fighting anything that gives him a challenge... maybe he enjoys it a little too much....
    • There's also the Major, who, in his infamous speech, calls various sights one might see in a war as "arousing".
  • In Bleach one of Ichigo's earlier enemies, the hollow called Shrieker, was a serial killer who stabbed a young mother to death and got off on it. His greatest regret is being killed before being able to do the same to her child, Yuichi Shibata.
    • Grand Fisher. His power is that he can create a lure based on the memories of somebody or assume the form of his past victims in order to prevent someone from attacking him while he kills him. Not only does he do this with Ichigo's mother, but he also seems to get off on it.
    • Implied to be the case for Kenpachi.
  • The monstrous rapist Captain Continental of Legend of the Blue Wolves gets aroused at the thought of both raping and breaking people. It's also heavily implied that he got turned on while fighting Jonathan.
  • Arthur of Air Gear is Too Kinky to Torture and really enjoyed it if Agito managed to hit him during their fight. This is to the point where he nibbled on Agito's ear, dry humped him, and started breathing really heavily as he was stabbing Agito, almost like he was getting off from the whole thing.
  • Belphegor of Katekyo Hitman Reborn made some rather...orgasmic noises during his fight with Gokudera. And towards the end of their fight when both were trying to steal the others ring half's, Belphegor straddles Gokudera and all the struggling they're doing makes it look like they're having sex or that Bel is raping Gokudera.
  • Highschool of the Dead: For Saeko, anyway. "I'm getting wet", anyone?
  • While Durarara's Vorona is normally a straight-up Blood Knight, her encounter with Shizuo Heiwajima is, uh, special. The rise she gets from facing him is described as both like the feeling one gets when one has a continental missile pointed at their face and straight-up sexual arousal.
  • Jakotsu in Inuyasha.
  • The End of Evangelion has a... rather unsettling variation on this trope involving the MP Evas. [1]
  • The first segment of The Animatrix, Final Flight of the Osiris, begins with a blatantly sexual (and really cool) fight scene between a man and a woman. Turns out it's all in good fun.
  • There's lots of this in Wolf Guy Wolfen Crest. Pretty much everything that comes out of Ryuuko's mouth has to do with this trope. Kuroda takes a break from blowing up stuff (and students) to try to rape the meganekko with his gun. Fortunately, Inugami interrupts him. And now Haguro decides to up his freakiness by beating up Chiba and then kissing him, taking that opportunity to tear out his tongue, and then rape him. All because Inugami (whom Haguro is obsessed with) happened to run into him in the street earlier. Also, Haguro topped himself after Aoshika got released from her chains, with him fighting Inugami he got to slice two of Inugami's fingers off, then Haguro eats them and gets a boner for managing to injure Inugami.

Comic Books

  • The Joker. Just Joker. He looks like he seriously getting some whenever Bats starts to beat him up, and in most of those fights it sure looks like Batman is thoroughly enjoying himself...
    • Its more because, when Batman resorts to this, its because the Joker really got under his skin. Also a running theme is that the Joker hopes he can finally push Batman to cross the line and kill him.
    • 70 years of rotating authors means Joker veers back and forth between this and In Love with Your Carnage based on whether he's currently trying to cause general destruction or to harass Batman in particular in the comic in question.
  • The Invisibles has an issue starting with a woman getting shot and cumming as she dies.
  • Seen in Watchmen, in the fight scene between ex-super heroes Laurie and Dan and the unfortunate criminals who tried to mug them. After trouncing their assailants, Laurie and Dan are shown panting in a rather suggestive way, and it's stated explicitly that one reason why they and others became costumed adventurers is because of the arousing feeling of dressing in spandex and beating people up.
    • In the comic, they mention a masochist named "Captain Carnage", who only dressed up in a costume in hopes of getting beaten up. And then Rorschach shoved him down an elevator shaft, and that was the end of that.
    • Hooded Justice also gets aroused by fighting, if we're to believe the Comedian.
      • Based on That Scene in the movie, if anyone would know about that kind of thing...
  • In Warren Ellis's Global Frequency, we meet Captain Richard Quinn, a test subject for cybernetic augmentations, and discover that "They took my genitals away... There's a wire in my brain that simulates sexual pleasure when I kill people. That's all I have now." Of course, what does he do when he wakes up from his last operation and accidentally catch his reflection in a mirror? Go Mad From the Revelation and embark on a massive killing spree of course...
  • The Ultimate Hulk is described by Banner as being just as horny as angry. It's implied to have raped at least one person to death.
    • Taken literally in Ultimate Hulk vs Wolverine when Hulk and a Hulked out Betty Ross stop punching each others lights out and start having angry, angry hulk sex
  • One issue of The Spectre from the mid-80s shows a remarkably explicit (for a title not part of DC's "mature" Vertigo line) ... something ... going on between Spectre and Madame Xanadu. The action for the first several pages alternates between Spectre doing his normal grim work and Madame X, obviously nude and surrounded by the fog that indicates Spectre's presence in incorporeal form, writhing in apparent ecstasy. It's strongly implied that all of this is happening simultaneously.
  • In Birds of Prey: Dead of Winter, we have this line from a gory fight:

 Big Barda: Do you know what they call this on Apokolips, harridan? (snaps Knockout's wrist) Foreplay.


  • In Goldeneye, Xenia Onatopp clearly enjoys killing her victims a little too much. This is especially true of her fight with Bond himself.

 Xenia: (getting slammed into walls) Yes!... Yes!... Yes!

Bond: (pulling a gun on her) "No, no, no. No more foreplay. Take me to Janus."


  • In Orson Scott Card's short story Closing The Timelid, teenagers project temporary bodies into the past to get hit by cars. One girl, returning, says dying is sex.
  • In The Hyperion Cantos, Kassad gets superpowers for a while and, as he slaughters a bunch of enemies, the reader is treated to a description of how much he's getting off on it. Actually he's implied to connect sex and violence for most of his life.
  • In JG Ballard's Crash the characters are car accident fetishists, and seek orgasm by deliberately crashing their cars. They often end up seriously injured as a result, and cause the death of other people.
    • There was a movie made of the book in 1996, named "Crash." It's... definitely not to be confused with the 2004 movie of the same title!
  • In James Tiptree Jr.'s "The Screwfly Solution", there's a worldwide epidemic of men murdering women. It's suggested that for men, sexual desire and aggression are similar to begin with, and now, for some reason, when a man is turned on at all he becomes murderous. Aliens are manipulating our hormonal drives to cause our extinction.
  • In the one of the Dresden Files short stories, Jenny Greenteeth tries to drown Harry in a punchbowl while getting herself off on him at the same time.
    • Madeline Raith. Both examples fall afoul of the werewolf pack.
  • In A Song of Ice and Fire Jaime Lannister states that the only times he feels alive are when he is either having sex with his sister or fighting. He also drily notes that the aftermath of his fight with Brienne looks like they've been screwing rather than knocking the shit out of each other. The connection between sex and combat is also noted several times by various other characters, unsurprisingly given the Rape, Pillage and Burn that frequently happens after a fight.

Live Action Television

  • At times, it seems this trope is deliberately invoked or explored in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The series often presents a link between combat and the sexuality of Slayers and Vampires. When the characters discuss fighting, they sound like they're talking about sex. Notably, Faith gets off on both combat and sex, and tries to get Buffy to enjoy it like she does. Also, many vampire attacks have extended rape metaphors. Most obviously done in "Bad Girls" and "Fool For Love."

 Joyce: Honey, did you ... somehow, unintentionally, lead him on in any way? Uh, send him signals?

Buffy: Well, I ... I do beat him up a lot. For Spike that's like third base.

    • Plus, the first time Buffy and Spike have sex is in the middle of a fight. They go from bashing each other to peices to kissing to have sex all in the same 30 seconds.
  • One episode of Leverage involves Eliot meeting, and then fighting, a Distaff Counterpart of himself. It was... well, insanely hot.
  • Look no further than Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, series 2 of Torchwood, John Hart vs Jack Harkness. Snog, fight, laugh manically. Rinse and Repeat.
  • A recent episode of Chuck has Casey fighting it out with Gertrude Verbanski, a business rival of the eponymous character's Carmichael Industries. Needless to say, the fight got a bit passionate and intense as it wore on, if you know what we mean.


  • Meaning of Life (a.k.a. "Get Psycho") by Disturbed is often confused for battle music. Listen to the lyrics. You'll hear it.
  • "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga.

 'Baby when it's love if it's not rough it isn't fun.'

  • Florence and the Machine's "Kiss with a Fist" seems to be about this (though the singer says it's meant to be metaphorical).
  • Defied by the band Bush in their song "Everything Zen".

 'There's no sex in your violence. There's no sex in your VI-O-L-E-E-E-E-E-E-NCE!'

  • Kanye West makes an interesting pun about gang-banging in "Hell of a Life."
  • The top-page quote from Janes Addiction's "Ted, Just Admit It" takes this view. It should be noted that the song depicts the viewpoint of Real Life Serial Killer Ted Bundy.


  • Egyptian stories say that during his final battle with Horus, the god Set sometimes said things that... may have a few meanings...
    • Horus also ripped off his balls.
      • In ONE VERSION!!!

Professional Wrestling

  • Wrestlers will sometimes get very obvious erections while wrestling.
    • Renee Dupree would sport a very obvious erection when he wrestled, which he would show off during his prancing finisher move.
    • Though to be fair, it's possible (and common) for men to get erections without any sort of arousal.
    • In the case of professional wrestling, this may not have all that much to do with "violence" per se.
    • Wrestling is hard, rough exercise, involves a lot of close contact, and gets the blood flowing. Most if not all of your muscles will get an increased blood flow...and although the penis is not exactly a muscle, it does need increased blood flow to become erect. It's also entirely possible that some wrestlers just get off on pain. Thesises have been wrote on this subject before (boxers, wrestlers and other "rough" fighting sport practicioners may have unwittingly gotten into the sport because they subconciously enjoy the pain associated with it), but their validity is a discussed matter.

Tabletop Games

  • The Dark Eldar in Warhammer 40000 seem to get off on horrible torture.
    • Followers of Slaanesh in general seem to do this as well. Writhing in ecstatic pleasure when engulfed by a flamethrower for starters.
  • Exalted has the Sapphire Veils of Passion Style. Sidereal Martial Arts are all based on expressing various universal principles and concepts through the medium of Supernatural Martial Arts. Sapphire Veils of Passion's theme is,

Video Games

  • Unreal Tournament 2004 has three announcers- "Male", "Female", and "Sexy". The latter seems to enjoy combat a bit too much.
  • In Knights of the Old Republic 2, the Echani hold that only though combat can one truly communicate. A male player character can seduce the Echani party member by defeating her repeatedly in training (among other things).
    • And the Echani fights in her lingerie (and asks you to do the same), to boot. Oy!
  • The Tainted Coil faction in Brutal Legend fits. They often express joy while being harmed or killed, and their attacks tend to self-mutilate and/or involve Gorn. Not to mention the bondage gear and spraying of blood and organs as a weapon.
  • Bayonetta, all the way.
  • Ivy Valentine of Soul Calibur.
  • Bad Girl in No More Heroes.
    • This trope is one of the MAJOR THEMES of No More Heroes and is embodied by the majority of its characters. In both games.
  • The Dark Mistresses in Dungeon Keeper. They happily jump headlong into a fight, even against completely overwhelming odds.
  • Grey Fox from Metal Gear Solid, particularly when he begs you to "Hurt me more!". Uhh...
    • "There's nothing like the feeling of slamming a long silver bullet into a well greased chamber..."
      • Let's just say that Metal Gear does this a lot and sometimes it's a metaphor point, and just stop before this page gets too long.
  • Gloria's first appearance in Devil May Cry 4. Someone who posted the scene on YouTube actually said "I hope I don't get in trouble for posting porn."
    • To say nothing, of course, of the Lucifer acquisition scene. "First, I whip it out! Then I thrust it!"...
  • Vice from The King of Fighters.
  • Litchi Faye Ling does this when she gets hit. It's just another part of her appeal to male gamers.
  • Silver Mantis from City of Heroes is a metal fetishist and sidekick to Black Scorpion. She gets quite excited during your fights with her.
    • Her dialogue during the battle with her in the Statesman Task Force is quite blatant about this for a teen-rated game.

 Start of combat: "C'mon, Heroes. I'll take you all at once!"

75% HP: "Mmmmm! You hurt me so good!"

50% HP: "The pain! The anger! Yes! You really know how to treat a girl!"

25% HP: "Oh yes! OH YES! This is a battle!"

When defeated: "That's it... I'm spent. Take the code, you earned it."

Defeating a player character: "Done already? I hoped you'd last...longer."

  "Give it all you've got. Try and break me."

  • In Blaze Union, it's revealed that due to their demonic heritage, fighting is extremely physically pleasurable for both Gulcasa and Emilia. Gulcasa is usually not outwardly enthusiastic about it, but Emilia is a different story entirely. This is something of a plot-relevant metaphor in one route.
  • The Four Guardians in Mega Man Zero seem to really enjoy fighting Zero... to quote Harpuia (who's practically tame compared to Leviathan):

  "I enjoy the sensation. I love the pain. You are worthy."

Web Original

  • There was a genuine example in the Tales of MU between Mack and Sooni:

 "Stop having orgasms while I'm defeating you!"

Fan Works

Western Animation

  • In an episode of Drawn Together, Pokémon stand-in Ling Ling and his girlfriend "do battle" repeatedly, but seem dissatisfied. Eventually they suggest, "how about we just drop the metaphor and have sex?"
    • In a variant, another episode of the show depicts Princess Clara clearly getting off (to the extent of dialogue of the "ooo, yes... yes... ohh, yes!" variety) on watching car crashes.
  • In the Futurama movie Bender's Game, Leela is forced to wear a shock collar to control her temper. Instead of becoming more docile, she ends up getting used to it and finding it pleasurable because she associates it with the fun of beating people up. In one fight in the movie she ends up on the ground writhing in pleasure.
  • Batman: The Animated Series had Roxy Rocket, a stuntwoman/thief who pulled off high-altitude heists with the aid of a rocket. When Batman pursues her, Roxy starts laughing more and more and eventually... well, she shows her O-face.
  • Lady Deathstrike moans in ecstasy in Hulk Vs Wolverine, as she's digging her razor-sharp blade-fingers into Logan's back.
  • The Venture Brothers featured Brock and Molotov Cocktease engaged in a violent brawl that plays like foreplay - and nothing but, to Brock's frustration.

Real Life

 "Seppuku is the ultimate form of masturbation."


  1. For those who really want to know, they stab themselves in their most vital organ (their S2 engines) under the influence of Rei/Lilith...while climaxing.
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