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Everyone in the comic is an anthropomorphic animal, even Art.

  • Specifically he's an anthro monkey. He just shaves himself periodically.
    • Then, what about the other humans in the webcomic?
      • Same thing.
    • One of the artists the cast meet at comicon is an anthro monkey. This doesn't stop Art from being an anthro chimp, though.
    • Probably Jossed. There are other non-anthro humans (Ms. Strinpit, random children, one of which who calls Kat 'miss cat lady'), so I'm assuming being an anthro in that universe is totally normal.

Oz is still operational.

He's just disconnected from the rest of the facility and will soon be destroyed by Jack in a display of its/his power.

  • Comfirmed apparently, at least the operational part.

Leonard is some kind of devolved mutant.

  • In one comic, Art refers to Leonard as a "mutant" while looking for him in the basement. Kat is surprised when she first meets him. Though it could be counted as Art simply hating Leonard, and Kat not expecting a platypus, but it sure would explain the Furry Confusion.
    • Leonard's a platypus. That on its own should explain any weirdness about him, or peoples' reactions to him.
      • Platypuses don't have massive blades hidden in their backs. They have backwards-pointing spurs on their feet.

Every anthropomorphic animal possesses a Glamour, to disguise themselves.

This is why no one on the telephone believed Art whenever he called them about his anthro pals' hijinks, yet they're able to walk around amongst humans without gathering crowds. Every anthro creature emits some sort of Glamour, which makes other humans see them as humans. Art and a few others may somehow be immune to the effects of the Glamour.

  • Given that a kid notices Scarlet's tail, I'd say this is very well Jossed.
    • Not at all. Kids are often surmised to be much more sensitive to supernatural.
  • Gotta shoot this down. When Pip tries to back out of selling Scarlet online, the disgruntled buyer calls him a 'pikey penguin'. And photographs wouldn't carry glamour, would they? Vanity's picture shows up in many places, what with being a successful author and all.
    • Kat and Vanity appear on television too.
    • For what we know of furry Glamour, it might work on photographs, too.
  • Perhaps some humans have a sort of reverse-glamour instead where they sub-conciously delude themselves into seeing anthro-animals as human and ignore all evidence to the contrary. Explains why nobody Art called believed him but anthros can be recognised and not made a big deal of.

Vanity is enhancing her appearance via a Glamour, seperate from any form of "Furry Glamour"

  • Note that she's actually dodging Kat when the latter tries to photograph her, and attributes her good looks on her book jacket picture to "Photoshop." Furthermore, when Pip and Art see on TV, they comment on how ugly she is on film. It's quite possible her wallflower nature when Kat met her was because she'd only recently learned how to use magic to hide her true appearance, and hadn't gained enough self-confidence to pull it off.

Vanity is the girl Art and Pip killed in college

  • Related to the above, rising from one's grave might have downgraded her appearance quite a bit, requiring a glamour for cover and also granted her Ghost Whisperer abilities. Some slight amnesia from around the time of her death would account for her not recognizing Art and Pip.

Jack is Jolly Jack, the author's porn-drawing alterego.

  • Jack's origin is revealed in The Pypingrad Histories as being the shadow of the traitor Joviel Jakovitch, which is reasonably close to a faux-Slavic rendering of "Jolly Jack."
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