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  • Complete Monster: Xavier is so irredeemably evil and cruel he makes Rance look near saintlike by comparison. Well. Like a normal human, anyway.
  • Crazy Awesome: 3G is just so awesome in this game. For one, he has three heads who can talk to one another, he's got a Youkai phone to phone anyone around, he can fly with his hairycopter, and he can call 50 crows as a taxi service.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Rance's main theme My Glorious Days, believe me, that song inflicts glorious minutes on those who listen to it.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Kenshin. How popular is she? In a Japanese magazine poll, she beat out Saber and Rin as the best H-game heroine ever.
  • Game Breaker: A well-known Game Breaker in this game is Omachi herself. She comes equipped with Lightning that does a small attack damage to all units and a Large Lightning which is THE I win button in this game. Plus the fact that her preparation can only be canceled by TWO ninjas and most of the time, you pretty much killed both ninjas at that point, and everything gets demolished. The only thing Omachi cannot kill in this game would be the Hannies themeselves since they are immune to magic.
    • A lesser well-known but still effective Game Breaker would be a party of Kenshin, Uruza, Natori, and any monk (Aburako Dousan comes to mind) who has a high action point and Convert Action (don't need Convert Action 2.) Kenshin's Power of the Goddess will neutralize 1 action point of the enemy and the fact that she can also use Commander Charge is already a plus by itself, Uruza can fire off her Accuracy Shots, Natori can use her Miko Storm 2, and the monk can just refill the action points of whoever needs it i.e., Uruza if there's any more enemies who can act, or Natori if there are no enemies who can act.
    • But that is nothing to Yuzumi + Working Bee. Give up half her current units for two extra attacks. Why Yuzumi? Her attack has a fixed auto kill rate, meaning it is possible for her to one shot powerful units like Omachi, Gon, or even Baba Shouen.
  • Gateway Series: Since it is the first Rance game translated into English, it is one for the whole Rance series and (for some) H Games as a whole for the West. This is fitting since it is the Spiritual Successor to Kichikuou Rance, the best selling H-game of all time and a Gateway Series back in Japan when it was originally released.
  • Player Punch: Some of the serious H-incidents are... really harshly delivered and often designed to have as painful an impact as possible. And since many of them are caused as consequences of the player's actions or failures, such as Kenshin's death if you fail to overthrow her treacherous uncle quickly enough once you start a war with her country, this can be all the worse by putting responsibility on the player's decisions.
  • That One Boss: For your first couple of playthroughs, you will curse the name Takeda.
    • Shimazu and Dokuganryuu also qualify as this; aside from both being dreadfully strong, the former will randomly make your female commanders defect by seducing them, and the latter... well, they have Omachi.
    • And then there is, of course, the Demon Army...
    • And finally, the one who takes the cake, namely the free Xavier at the end of Kenshin's route. To get why he's the toughest... his HP is a staggering two thousand, while your attacks does around a hundred at the very, very most. Level Grinding can help, though if you want the challenge you can go ahead and try getting to him without much grinding.
    • Think he's bad? Try the boss at The Road To Hades. While Orochi, the free Xavier, and Sekhmete at least refill your action points, the boss at Road to Hades DOES NOT! Fortunately, you could just clear the first 17 dungeons all over again until the counter says 17/18 then challenge him. He's still pretty hard though at 7777 HP.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Arguably twice with the Kill the Monkey route;
    • The premise of the whole route is that Xavier remains completely sealed - they could easily have made a fully fledged route on the premise of good old-fashioned feudal warfare, empire building (the Three Imperial Treasures!) and Nobunaga surviving.
      • Technically speaking, Nobunaga was already dying of sickness (no need to use spoilers in this one because it's explained at the beginning of the game) but yeah, it does not really justify the wasted plot potentials that happened in this route.
    • And even as a virtually plotless sandbox route, the Kill the Monkey route manages to waste potential - the whole route was litterally cobbled together with events and scenarios from the other routes, and it shows; after conquering the Tenshi sect in this route, Seigan will still comment that Nobunaga has turned into a demon (which never happened in this route); Ran will usually still end up dying because of Gigai's awakening (even though all the Apostles should remain dormant as long as Xavier is completely sealed); and Kurohime's happy mood still inspires the Shimazu brothers to have a go at conquering all of JAPAN, and she even admits that she's happy because of Xavier being resealed (which makes sense in Ran's route, but shouldn't happen in a route in which Xavier was never unsealed in the first place...). And the worst part is, these inconsistencies could easily have been rectified by simply throwing in a few short, borderline meaningless filler scenes instead.
  • This Is Japanese History On Drugs
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