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  • A lot of people teared up when playing Sengoku Basara 2 Heroes in Oichi's story mode. Starting from witnessing Nagamasa's death, and then being told to do atrocities by her brother Nobunaga, no matter how much she begged that she didn't want to (Nobunaga, you S.O.B), until eventually she fell and became possessed by her own dark powers, killed her brother and his whole army, and then regained her self, falling down in tears... and then died by the collapsing temple. All with a heart-wrenching song 'Nemure no Hana' by her seiyuu Mamiko Noto as an ending song.
  • The third game is filled with these.
    • Case in point, Ieyasu's first ending. With him sitting next to Mitsunari's corpse, reflecting on their past interactions, and crying tears of genuine grief.
    • Every time you have to kill Yoshitsugu in the Osaka: Winter campaign.

 Yoshitsugu: Is this...the end? Am I to leave him behind?


    • As if she hasn't been through enough, there's Oichi's Eastern Army ending scene, where she breaks down because she can't remember the precious thing she lost (i.e. Nagamasa). Then she quietly goes to sleep, since that's the only comfort she can find.
    • When Sasuke is killed during the Ueda Castle stage, he fondly tells Yukimura to find himself a replacement, calling him by his old nickname of "danna". Ninja generally aren't worth much, but Yukimura tearfully begs for some time to grieve his friend.
    • Kasuga's death is equally upsetting, murmuring how she won't be able to return to Kenshin. Keiji's reaction is one of the few times he shows genuine rage, and Kasuga's distraught cry of "Give him back!" if Keiji dies before her isn't much better.
    • This troper was playing through the last stage of Mitsunari's second story earlier and when it came time for Kojuro's death, he teared up at his final conversation with Masamune.

 Kojuro: After having gone through so much...I suppose it was beginning to get a little tedious.

Masamune: What are you saying? Kojuro...I can't go on without you.

    • Motonari's blue path ending. Dear God, Motochika's voice actor carried that through well...
  • And despite its name UTAGE proves devastatingly depressing at points - no wonder they included so many comedy characters, it was to balance out Hisahide, Sasuke and Kojuro's stories!
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