Barbara Killing Joke Film
What I remember is you describing his green hair and white skin. I was just a kid. Scared the hell out of me!
—Barbara Gordon, The Killing Joke movie

Hi, tropers. Name's Barbara Gordon and I am the one with the answers to all your problems. It all started when I attended a masquerade ball in my Batgirl costume. When a burglar arrived at the party, I didn't hesitate to take him down. Later, I met the Dynamic Duo and was motivated to become a full-fledged superhero. I then was treated like an almost-equal by Batman and eventually elected at Congress where I became a part-time superhero at Washington D.C. Unfortunately, I was shot and crippled by the Joker in an attempt to drive my father (James Gordon, the police commissioner) insane. To that extent I quit my Batgirl identity in favor of becoming Oracle, a mysterious info broker and hacker. Now I lead teams such as the Birds of Prey and set an example for anybody who is in special needs.

Time to check my media...

The Comics that bring up my origins

  • The Killing Joke
  • Birds of Prey

The Silver Screen

  • Batman: The Killing Joke

Animation in its Glory

  • Batman: The Animated Series

Here are the most brilliant tropes that focus on my life

  • Action Girl
  • Animal-Themed Superbeing
  • Badass Bookworm
  • Combat Stilettos: (though in Batgirl: Y1 I switched to flats after my heel broke on my first mission as a superhero)
  • Defective Detective: Jason Bard, my Love Interest in my Detective Comics days, was a private eye and Vietnam vet with a trick knee that often took him out of the action when I appeared.
  • Distaff Counterpart
  • Hot Librarian
  • May-December Romance: Not as big a deal in more recent stories (where both characters are well into their twenties) as in older ones (where they're in their teens), but I am significantly older (probably by about 5 years) than Dick Grayson.
    • However, I have been retconned to the same age as Dick thanks to Flashpoint. We were about the same age in earlier works such as Batman: TAS.
  • Redheaded Hero
  • Retcon / Ret Canon: My age. I was originally a college graduate with a Ph.D while Dick Grayson was still in high school (later a Congresswoman while he was in college, meaning I used to be, at some point, at least 25), but have been gradually de-aged over the years until the post-Flashpoint reboot has them at the same age, and barely out of college. Rumor has it that one of the reasons for the reboot was that word around the office was that Barbara was probably pushing 30 by this point, and that wasn't workable. This arguably began with Batman the Animated Series, which showed me as roughly the same age as Dick and paired us up romantically.
  • Stuffed Into the Fridge: My injury in The Killing Joke is this, no doubt. It's been noted that I was not so much a character in that story as I was a plot device to cause Commissioner Gordon and Batman pain.

Well, time to depart. I hope to see you again soon. Au Revoir!

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