Warning: May Contain Unwhited Spoilers

Ludo Redemption Arc
Ooh! What's an imagination?
—Ludo when he is told that his archenemy's spells were not in the spellbook he stole and that she used her imagination for her spells

(in Toffee's voice) Just give it up, old man. You'll never get him on your side!
—Ludo-Toffee bragging that Ludo will never cross over to good

Ludo Season 2
My man, you're gonna make me the most powerful being in the universe!
—Ludo qucikly reporting out his quest for power

Ludo Season 1
Get the wand!
—Ludo's catchphrase pre-Ludo in the Wild

Hello, guys. Ludo's the name and universal domination (also getting women) is my game. I will do anything to take over the universe even if it means destroy my nemesis Star Butterfly! Later, I have gained a magic wand and new minions. I then vowed to find my archenemy's spellbook so I can control my wand which succeeds. After my success, I was taught to use Levitato and my curiosity wound up getting me possessed by my magic wand who turned out to be Toffee pulling the strings within the wand.

There might be some time for me to have a redemption arc in the StarBomb's final episodes.

Here's my stuff just in case you either don't know or have forgotten

  • Star vs. The Forces of Evil

Check out my stuff regarding my actions in the series

  • Arch Enemy: To Star Butterfly.
  • Big Bad: I have targeted my arch rival frequently, I'm de facto leader of my army and I plan to conquer the universe by stealing my nemesis' wand.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: I have virtually no ability and is not threatening in the least, no doubt. My plans are simplistic, my minions are idiots, and I regrettably have the emotional maturity of an ally cat. At the end of "Marco Grows A Beard", I lost his castle and army to Toffee when the traitor instigates a mutiny.
  • Animal Motifs: Rats are usually a mark of my presence as shown in "On The Job", "Is Mystery" and "Bon Bon The Birthday Clown".
  • Bad Boss: Taken up to eleven when I used multiple monsters as slaves and threw them into a pit for weak reasons. This may be understandable as being the boss may earn me some family respect.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: Not only did I escape but I succeeded in my goal to steal my archenemy's spellbook which turns bitter as just when I learned Levitato, I was possessed by that traitor Toffee. But as what the implication of a Heel Face Turn might tell you, this may or may not become rendered null and void.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: When I got banished to another dimension, I became determined to take back my Big Bad seat.
  • Boring but Practical: I can only make a large Emerald energy blast from my wand but it gets the job done if I'm perfectly grounded.
  • Heel Face Turn: His Character Blog explains that he might have this thanks to Character Development and his possession in the hands of Toffee earning him some sympathy.
  • Took a Level In Badass: In the episode "Ludo in the Wild", I learned how to fend for myself rather than rely on others, am able to tame two monsters into my service, and then I find the second half of Star's wand. In the process, my personality becomes more solemn and menacing. Thanks to my Adorkable faces and sympathy gained through his past and demonic possession in the hands of the treacherous Toffee, my Sanity Slippage-induced personality may become replaced by naivety and sympathetic selflessness.

I hope you enjoyed my whole selfishness. This may not last long thanks to the implication of a Heel Face Turn being shown throughout my time in the episode "The Hard Way". See you later, guys.

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