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  • "Shut up and eat your Grundy." Vandal Savage's response to the other villains who are grossed out when it's revealed that they're eating Solomon Grundy. Cheshire throws up, but Dr. Psycho asks for more.
  • Ragdoll pretending to be Robin, and the discussion of how everything he said came out sounding nasty. About three-quarters of Ragdoll's dialogue hovers between disturbing and hilarious.

 Catman: That sounds a bit unsavory when you say it. Of course, everything sounds a bit unsavory when you say it.

Ragdoll: ... Cheese-stuffed manicotti. EWWW, IT DOES! I never realized! Creamed corn! Donut holes! Silverback gorillas! God help us all, gold-plated bedknobs! Pea pods! Velvety throw pillows! Tuna salad, hold the mayonnaise! EWWWW!

    • Also from his Robin cosplay: "I can take a crowbar to the head!" Possibly the series' best Mythology Gag ever. (If you're not familiar with it, Jason Todd "died" after the Joker beat him to death with a crowbar.)
    • "To my Batpole!"
  • The entire scene involving Deadshot and Catman shopping for ice cream at the beginning of the Unhinged arc. In particular, Deadshot's excuse for ripping off the entire cigarette stock.
    • Later, we have Cheetah fighting Scandal over a get out of hell free card when Bolt bursts in:

 Bolt: Who, damn it! Who dies all lit up like Christmas! Who has the card!

[ Catman and Deadshot look at each other ]

Simultaneously: Cheetah's got it.

Bolt: Lying slut!

Cheetah: What did you call me?!

[They push each other through the window]

Both: Traitor!!!

    • In a one-panel sight gag, Bolt sets off some lightning while threatening Cheetah and Spider. In the background, you can see Cheetah's hair all puffed out from the heat, and she has a hilarious annoyed look on her face.
  • Bane's hysterically inept attempt to calm a little girl after foiling her kidnappers.
  • Bane: "Scandal Savage, you may have one ice cream of your choice."
  • Two within a page of each other. First, Deadshot opens a cell to rescue a prisoner.

 Deadshot: C'mon, been sent to... Crap. Shoulda guessed. Nice fake-out, Flag.

Rick Flag: Waller wants you for a mission, Deadshot. Even staged this special event. You going to cooperate?

(Deadshot shoots him)

Deadshot: No, but thanks for asking.

    • Then Yasemin, who has spent the entire issue thinking about a showdown with Deadshot, finally meets him.

 Yasemin: We will decide this, you and I, on the count of three. One...

(Deadshot shoots her)

Yasemin: (Thinking) Oh. I should have taken my chances... with the explosive chip in my skull.

Deadshot: Take the shot you got, lady.

  • King Shark: "Enough talk! I'm a shark, not a... talking guy!"
  • In the first story arc involving Junior, Jeannette explains that her staff are well-equipped to handle hostile situations with metahumans. Deadshot mentions that bullets probably aren't strong enough to stop the type of people coming after them. Jeannette responds "yes, well, I suppose that's what the grenades are for". Deadshot can't argue with that kind of logic. Of course, the cleavage helps.
  • Black Alice's powers allow her to steal the abilities of any magic-user, and as side-effect that the series' artists really have fun with, take on aspects of their appearance as well (including men). So when she pinches Jason Blood's powers...
    • Estrogan then proceeds to get into a fight with Scandal, who she believes is trying to steal Ragdoll from her.

 Alice/Estrogan: "From Hell's black heart to desert haunt, This rage still crawls between us, And don't pretend that you don't want, My boyfriends bendy penis!"

Deadshot: "Oh man, you haven't told her about that?"

Ragdoll: "No pun intended, I assure you. But it hasn't come up, as need be."

  • King Shark's personal hell... turns out it's an eternity in a vegetarian restaurant. Poor dude.
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