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  • In one What's New episode they try something different and have Fred and Shaggy pair up when it's time to split up. It gets awkward.

 Fred: So... did you see the game last night?

Shaggy: I'm not one for sports.

Fred: Oh...

Shaggy: Wanna go get something to eat?

Fred: Naah, I'm not hungry.

Shaggy: Oh...

Fred: From now on let's split up like we normally do.

Shaggy: Agreed.

  • In Where's My Mummy?, when Scooby joyously barrels into Velma much in the usual way he does to Shaggy.
  • Who the primary antagonist of the first Scooby-Doo live action movie turns out to be. (It's Scrappy Doo.)
  • In Legend of the Phantosaur, we get the One-Scene Wonder that is Shaky Joe.

 Shaggy: Hey, Shaky Joe, what do you do for fun?

Shaky Joe: I KNIT.

(holds up a tangled mess of thread)

Shaky Joe: IT'S A SCARF.

  • From the second live action movie, while Scooby and Shaggy are surrounded by costumes of previous monsters that have been brought to life.

 Shaggy: We have to remain calm.

Scooby: (screams in fear)

Shaggy: CALM, Scooby Doo! You're not being CALM!

Scooby: (slaps him)

Shaggy: I needed that!

Scooby: (slaps him again)

Shaggy: I needed that, too!

Scooby: (punches him)

Shaggy: You're pushing your luck, Scoob!

    • Or how about when they encounter a monster that they're not afraid of: the Cotton Candy Glob. The monster's Oh Crap is completely understandable.
  • The Scooby-Doo Show's "A Highland Fling With a Monstrous Thing" has a surreal gag where Shaggy literally runs into an old skeleton hanging from some chains. The skeleton swings and twitches on its chains, then, as Shaggy escapes in panic, it hops off and runs away in the opposite direction.
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