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Some shows love playing genre conventions, a Fantasy Kitchen Sink will have everything in the mythological handbook and then some, Trope Overdosed works will keep adding tropes so long as they run, and then there are even shows that make new tropes.

These are not those shows. (Or can they be?)

A Sci Fi Kitchen Sink is for all intents and purposes the playground of Science Fiction Tropes and everything associated with them. Have an Artificial Intelligence construct able to run the Cool Starship? It makes you coffee in the morning. Humongous Mecha? You walked by several on the way to work. Faster-Than-Light Travel? Totally mastered to the point where even Joe Penniless can get a ride to the stars. Laser and particle beams as weapons? Everybody and their dog has one. The list of possible areas seems to be endless.

A good way to tell if a work is a Sci Fi Kitchen Sink, is ask three questions. Is it in the Sci Fi genre? Is it softer than reality by a wide margin according to the scale? Does it use all or much of the stuff in the genre of Sci Fi and not Hang A Lampshade on it? Answer yes to all three and you likely are dealing with a Sci Fi Kitchen Sink.

Popular in Space Opera. Also popular in Mega Crossover fanfic. Naturally compare Fantasy Kitchen Sink; when both sinks are combined, it becomes Science Fantasy. See also Standard Sci Fi Setting, a particularly popular instance of Sci Fi Kitchen Sink.

Examples of Sci Fi Kitchen Sink include:

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