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  • The very last chapter of School Rumble Z, where Yakumo is giving a speech to the graduating class and starts to tear up when she recounts all of the good memories and how much she'll miss them. Tenma rescues her by taking the mic and telling her that she did a good job. Then, Harima wheels the ill Karasuma in and tells him, "Hey, look closely up at the stage. That is the girl both you and me fell in love with. She's a great girl, don't you think?"
  • Any Tenma/Karasuma scene gives me WAFF feelings.
  • Nishimoto comforting Mai when she thought her father was lost at sea.
  • Harima and Eri's engagement.
  • Harima and Tenma's "date," especially the end.
  • Karasuma instinctively protecting Tenma during the pie fight at the reunion.
  • Hanai getting Yuuki home, and the scene with the sunset.
  • Chapter 212, Tenma's attempt to write an apology to Eri on the snow, and Eri's smile at the end of the chapter.
  • Eri and Harima dancing together at the closing of the Sports Fest.
  • From the season 1 finale.

 Tenma: Am I dreaming?

Karasuma: We all are. We are in a dream called youth. Someday we'll wake up from it. But the memories will stay with us forever.

  • Harima mistakenly writing his and Eri's names on a love charm at the Kyoto trip. The look on her face when she finds the charm is priceless.
  • Akira's story about the village girl (Yakumo) and the hunter (Harima).
  • Harima and Eri sharing a blanket when they took shelter in a temple.
  • Yakumo remembering Harima's birthday unlike everyone else.
  • Tenma, as a child, encouraging a sakura tree to bloom one last time before it gets chopped down.
  • In episode 15 after Mikoto rips her dress chasing after Eri, she goes to Hanai's dojo to change clothes. She tells him she tripped but he doesn't believe her. When Harima shows up to try and return Mikoto's jacket and purse Hanai misunderstands and think Harima did something to Mikoto. The sheer look of surprise on his face followed by the rather vicious way he challenges Harima to a fight because he even thinks he attacked his friend had this troper all fuzzy inside.
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