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The Medic of the school, the School Nurse is the local health professional responsible for caring for injuries sustained during gym class or schoolyard brawls and otherwise helping students with their health problems. Some school nurses also multitask as student counselors, giving students advice on their personal problems, and others might even hold a health care class or two.

In the world of Anime and Manga, the school nurse is almost Always Female, twentysomething, and extremely attractive. They tend to do their hair in buns, wear corrective lenses and white labcoats, combining aspects of Hot Librarian, Hot Scientist, and Hospital Hottie. For most intents and purposes, however, attractive school nurses count predominantly as Hot Teachers, being school staff over a librarian, scientist or physician.

In Western productions, however, often the reverse is true. In these works the school nurse is middle-aged, rather ugly, and generally grumpy about having to take care of so many snot-nosed brats (very similar to the lunch lady). Comedy works often portray her as something akin to a Torture Technician, using all sorts of excuses to poke, prod, and jam needles into our plucky protagonists. Much of this portrayal is an homage to Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

The school nurse is often the other part of a Two-Teacher School, and perhaps due to the aforementioned counselor associations she tends to be the one on closer terms with the school-aged main cast, serving as a Psychologist Teacher, Reasonable Authority Figure and/or a Cool Big Sis.

Examples of School Nurse include:

Anime & Manga

Films -- Live Action


  • Madame Pomfrey from the Harry Potter series.
  • There's a children's picture book called "The School Nurse from the Black Lagoon". The narrator hears all sorts of things about the school nurse (incidentally named Ms. Hearse), then has to go to the nurse himself. It turns out that although the nurse is indeed named Ms. Hearse, she is pretty and very nice.

Live Action TV

  • Cate Hennessy in 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Daughter.
  • Joan Redfern of the Doctor Who two-parter "Human Nature/Family of Blood".

Video Games

  • Kyoko Minazuki from Rival Schools, who later doubles as Justice High's chemistry teacher.
  • The Nurse in Katawa Shoujo is a precious Rare Male Example of this trope.
  • The spinstery old nurse in Bully stalks around the school, muttering under her breath about how much she hates children.
  • Male example: Mr. Ekoda from Persona 3, that creepy guy who also gives lectures on magic. Don't take his medicine (unless you need to build Courage).
  • Pictured above: Kaori Shitou from Crescendo. Logically, she's a prospect love interest for Ryou if the player so desires.

Western Animation

  • The Generic Cuteness of this trope is grossly subverted in South Park, where South Park Elementary's school nurse has a conjoined twin fetus attached to her face.
  • Similarly subverted in the Polish cartoon Wlatcy Moch, where the nurse is a serious Gonk. On the other hand, she is the least useless of the adults.
  • Code Lyoko: Yolande Perraudin.
  • There's a nurse in Moral Orel, who also happens to be the school principal's mistress.
  • The Simpsons: Lunchlady Doris (definitely not a Hospital Hottie) often doubles as nurse at Springfield Elementary. Somewhat lampshaded in that she's usually "promoted" to nurse by Springfield Elementary's recurring budget problems.
  • At Camp Lazlo, Nurse Leslie, a male shark (nurse shark, get it?) who for some reason never gets off from his chair.
  • Sheena's Aunt Shelly is P.S. 118's school nurse in Hey Arnold.
    • In "Rhonda's Glasses," a bit of an aversion to the Hospital Hottie stereotype occurs when Nurse Shelly tries to make Rhonda feel better about her diminished social status:

 Rhonda: Nothing's going to make me feel better when I'm wearing these awful glasses. It's just not fair - I'm the coolest girl in class, I give the best slumber parties, and I have the most stylish and up-to-date clothes!

Eugene: (to Nurse Shelly) Rhonda is all about style.

Rhonda: And then overnight, I turn into a geek, and you and Sheena are feeling sorry for me - all because of the horrible glasses? I can't take it!

Nurse Shelly: Oh, dear, it's a lot of pressure being the coolest girl in class. I know - when I was your age, I was the coolest girl in class...

Rhonda: (looks up at the glasses-wearing, somewhat matronly Nurse Shelly and screams in horror)

  • The Oblongs nurse is a mutant freak with a metal torture device for a hand. Fortunately it dispenses lollipops too!
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