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  • Episode 09: Sekai kneeing Makoto in the nuts. HARD!
  • Episode 12: Sekai stabbing Makoto. Your mileage definitely varies on this one.
  • Still in Episode 12: Kotonoha parrying Sekai's knife and then launching her own Finishing Move.
  • In Cross Days, Yuki calls Sekai out on everything she's done to Kotonoha when no one has bothered to call her out on her manipulative ways. Because of this, she can't get with Makoto in any of the endings.
  • Also in Cross Days What does Yuki do when he meets Makoto for the first time? He punches him in the face and calls him out for cheating on Kotonoha with his harem.
  • Another one in Cross Days and only applies to Yuki's true route. Makoto finds out that Taisuke has been gang banging and blackmailing Yuki who is "Yu" at the moment. He stands up to the rapists and is called out for playing with girl's hearts. Makoto announces that he only loves Yu and won't let anyone hurt her even if it's his best friend. He gets beaten up as a result but Makoto breaks his friendship with Taisuke as a result.
  • And another Cross Days one in Yuki's true route when Makoto was willing to run across the train tracks to get to Yuki. However, he wouldn't make it so Yuki jumps in and saves them both from being killed. This game just generates these moments when concerning Yuki.
  • Kotonoha's Big Sister Instinct moment in Summer Days. When she finds out that Makoto had been putting the moves on her (underaged) sister, she clobbers him over the head with her father's golf club. And this is Kotonoha we're talking about.
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