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One of the more up and rising new voice actresses to embrace the business. Sayaka Ohara is known for her deep, yet sweet voice, sometimes making her the roles for Hot Shounen Mom, Cool Big Sis, etc, or if she wants to get rougher, she can voice professional female characters just well. In fact, it is rumored that she could be the successor of Kikuko Inoue in terms of sweet, motherly voiced characters. She LOVES Kyoto, and has a younger brother named Takashi who is also a seiyuu. One of few seiyuus who can speak fluent English, passing the Pre-1st grade in STEP Test in Practical English Proficiency.

Recently, she announced that she's getting married with a senior seiyuu. No Yoko Oh No treatments thrown at her... yet (and hopefully, never).

Whenever her name pops up, almost always expect Jun Fukuyama to be sharing roles with her.

Roles done by Sayaka Ohara:

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