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"A jeopardized Christmas! What a cliché! We haven't had a normal Christmas in years, what with all these Christmas Specials! Remember Christmas in Outer Space? That year was my favorite!"
Mrs. Claus, Songs For Christmas, "It Was the Worst Christmas Ever!"
So, you saved Hannukah. Big deal! It's not even one of the High Holy Days! Now, if you'd have saved Passover, that would be something!
The Hebrew Hammer's Jewish Mother, displaying her usual maternal tenderness

So Santa's safe & sound, but Robotnik Claus still has every Christmas present in the entire world, & by the time they get them all back, Christmas will be long over. Santa sure seems to give up pretty easily in cartoons like this. It's always going to be the first time he misses Christmas.

Grim Reaper: Santa? Sure, I've seen Santa, at every stinkin' mall, and every stinkin' street corner, at the end of every stinkin' Christmas parade! I even saw a stinkin' cartoon about him!

Peter: Oh, man! I hope they didn't use the same old worn-out story where Santa gets kidnapped and--

Jim: Shh!
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