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 What are you doing? What, what, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Brian Gallivan is what every single woman needs: a sassy gay friend. This series of skits are written by Gallivan and distributed by YouTube's The Second City Network. They involve a range of women from Shakespeare plays, movies, books and the Bible, who are all saved from their tragic fates by the intervention of a sassy gay friend. Just before disaster strikes, he pops out of nowhere, calls them out on their idiotic behavior, and encourages them to chose a wiser course of action.

Recently, he's been extending his help to male characters from history, legend and literature as well.


 Anne: Can I get up now?

Sassy Gay Friend: Did you hear something, Henry?

Anne: (sigh) Just cut it off...

 Sassy Gay Friend: (to Eve) Let's get you some clothes.

Eve: Oh, we should get Adam some clothes, too.

(cut to Adam, who is gorgeous)

Sassy Gay Friend: (dreamily) No... Adam's fine...

  "I'm a nymph!"

  "You met him Sunday. It's barely Thursday morning. Slow down, crazy, slow down."

 Nina: I did it with a girl!

SGF: In a drug dream!

Nina: Yeah, well, it was Mila Kunis.

SGF: Aw, big deal. I'd sleep with Mila Kunis. (to the camera) Maybe. No.

 Sassy Gay Friend: (to Henry VIII) You take everything 2 steps too far! Annulment? Fine. Beheading? Excessive! When I return a blouse I don't shoot the cashier and burn the store down!

Anne Boleyn: One time you almost did...

Sassy Gay Friend: WHY did they need my zipcode, Anne?!

 Nina: But I finally did everything perfectly!

Sassy Gay Friend: YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING PERFECTLY! Everything in your life could be improved! Number one, stop chomping people's tongues when you kiss them! Don't pick at your finger! Number two, when you're gonna diddle yourself, maybe glance around the room to make sure your MOM'S NOT THERE. P.S., your technique is amazing! DON'T PICK AT YOUR FINGER. Number three, BUY SOME NAIL CLIPPERS.

Nina: I CAN'T!!!


  "This fate could have been avoided, if she'd had a sassy gay friend..."

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