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Sankaku Complex is a (highly NSFW) website dedicated to anime discussion. The articles posted on Sankaku Complex tend to discuss Anime, Manga, Hentai, japanese-made Doujinshi (fan-made games and manga) and other functions. The forums and discussion sections are an interesting place to hang out, with discussions on varied things, from political issues in East and South Asia, to discussions on new anime titles and related things like Chinese anime like Astro Plan, to political/social/cultural debate subjects in general. Basically, it's a general discussion forum with slants towards Otaku culture.

SC is somewhat notorious for taking what can only be described as a "militant pro-hentai, pro-Lolicon" stance, openly displaying uncensored sexual images on its frontpage and disparaging perceived attempts to curtail or obstruct such behavior, even when discussing acts that likely have nothing to do with perceived "threats". Additionally, SC's most famous writer, Artefact, takes extremely pro-Japan stances and anti-Chinese stances on every issue. This has led to sharply divided opinions about the nature and content of the site; obviously some support it, but many other anime fans consider it to be one of the absolute worst Wretched Hives on the internet, as it represents everything many fans see as wrong with certain segments of the anime/manga fandom and visitors who stumble upon the site may well get the entirely wrong idea about the whole medium.

The site does feature a Danbooru-esque imageboard as well, allowing users to share images - usually of a nature that the reader can very well guess. On a positive note, uploaders make excellent use of image tags, so that a search for "adult+rating:safe" brings up fully-clothed persons and women in swimsuits.

Warning: just in case it needs to be reiterated, the site is NSFW. (Hentai ads and articles 'accentuated' with hentai pictures, articles on Strike Witches models or loli dolls, etc. Speaking of lolis, a lot of the subjects and people who go to Sankaku focus on lolicon and other discussions, which may scare those unaware of these sections of the Anime Community.) Also some may accuse the site owner as being biased against China, taking glee in reporting construction failures.

For all the controversy, it does manage to have some Tear Jerker articles. (However, if you make your browser window narrow enough to exclude the side banners, you can get by with showing things like the Cat-in-a-Box gallery to others, safely.)

As the site is, as said previously, NSFW, but here a link so you can see for yourself.

Tropes used in Sankaku Complex include:

  • NSFW: See the page description for more details.

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