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One beautiful Ladette.

Hollywood's go-to actress when looking for slightly tomboyish, quirky, or Hollywood Homely characters who later prove to be Beautiful All Along / Kuudere / Not So Helpless after all. This was exemplified in the film Miss Congeniality and its sequel in the mid Noughties. She has also starred in Speed, Hope Floats, Practical Magic (alongside Nicole Kidman) and the 1990s Romantic Comedy While You Were Sleeping.

Has the unique distinction of winning a Razzie Award for Worst Actress (for All About Steve) and an Oscar for Best Actress (for The Blind Side) in the same year. She not only turned up to accept the Razzie Award in person, but brought with her a wheelbarrow filled with All About Steve Blu-ray discs to hand out to the audience members.

Notable for:

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