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In most game with large areas (not neccesary), lush interaction, or for the sake of it, ALOT of stuff to do, this is where it can all come together. Could be considered free roam.

This trope is mostly used in games, but if there's any other folder based tropes, please, add more.

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  • Dead Rising 2 Off The Record features this and is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. The player has the freedom to do everything they could normally, but with infinite time. The game goes through a loop of the games 3-4 cycle, every survivor's a psychopath, and there's challenges to unlock Protoman's outfit or just get achievements, and if you got a buddy to play, co-op. It's supposed to be Deadrising 1's Infinite Mode's spiritual successor.
    • As mentioned above Sandbox Mode in DR2: OTR Dead Rising 1 had Infinite Mode which had Frank survive and vice versa. Could be averted since it got a hunger system exclusive to DR1 which depletes Frank's health one by one after 120 seconds.
      • Another difference between the follwing Dead Rising games are that the DR1 had Frank die at some point due to starvation, DR2 had a multiplayer mode insted to earn cash, while DR2: OTR followed it by the book.
  • Ape Escape games had an "extra" mode in which the player had infinite lives and other unique stuff, but depending on which game it was. Number 3 had some monkey's attack you with a special attack, that knocked either the monkey-net or stun-rod out of your hand. If you got caught by your own monkey-net you got sent back to the hub-level and the "extra" mode selected on the level would have to be completed from scratch once more.
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