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Samson is a character from the biblical Book of Judges. He was one of the "judges" of Israel and ruled during Israel's subjugation by the Philistines.

Samson is noted for having Superhuman Strength, a blessing of being chosen by God to be the one to free Israel from the Philistines. He's also the most unlikely person for the job, being something of a trickster and a skirt chaser. He also has a habit of choosing wives who tend to screw him over.

Has been used several times in fiction since then, having squared off against Superman in the SilverAges and even having his own title (see Mighty Samson) highlighting him as a likely inspiration for and Ur Example of the modern superhero. The Siegel and Shuster would certainly have been familiar with these tales and Samson has a surprising amount in common with early Superman (superstrength, likes to screw with people, takes on corrupt government/aristocracy/business)

Associated Tropes

  • Badass Israeli: The most Badass of them all.
  • Batman Gambit: As he didn't start out a paragon of virtue, one could see God blessing Samson with super strength as this. A Super strong skirt chaser could do some damage. However, God being omniscient, already knew it would pan out to His advantage.
  • Bond One-Liner: "I have made donkeys of them"
  • Eye Scream: After finally capturing Samson, the Philistines gouge his eyes out.
  • MacGuffin: His hair. If his head is ever shaved, he loses his strength.
  • Touched by Vorlons: The reason for Samson's strength is part of God's plan.
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