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Unconfirmed Theories:

Neko is CD's girlfriend.

She's supposedly kept around to make coffee... yeah, right.

Time isn't entirely placed right at the end of the last fan fic. might have had more stories with Bay, Honey and Brady in the universe albeit ones that may never be seen. This could explain many things without Retcons and synch with the Fanfic. Though there are still a few gaps to be filled, although some plausible explanations.

  • Bay was 15-16 when Brady was born in the fan fics, a four-five-year-old "here". could still possibly be called "less than half Honey's age" in the Helices storyline. [Stretching it, I know...]
    • Another potential sign is Brady's maturity level which seems to be that of a pre/kindergartener. [To me...]
  • Even though Honey isn't seen during the flashback with Brady going to live with Heather it's possible she was there. It could just be that she was never mentioned. Although Bay does get freaked out being called "Mom" in Honey's arrival scene it could be explained away by the idea that she only worked with Honey on set and may not have realized what the producers had done.
    • Bay was probably only freaked because an eighteen year old girl kept calling her Mom, given that she's only 20 herself.
  • While Honey isn't mentioned in Teri's flashback, she was there before Bay was pregnant in the fan fics, but then why would it be different?
    • And Bay has never denied that she is Honey's mother.
      • According to this comic, Honey came to live with Bay 49 days after Brady left and apparently has no memory of ever writing to Terri.
        • Although Honey's memory of current events isn't what it should be.
  • Actually, Time never lined up properly within the original fanfic itself, which could be explained by the Literary Agent Hypothesis.

Bay will choose to stay as herself, and never go back to her former identity.

Face it, aside from a few hangups Bay loves being who she is and certainly doesn't act like someone who is "trapped". At some point in the future, she will be faced with a very limited-time, one-shot decision about whether to be changed back or to stay. It will be made clear to her that it is her only chance, meaning that it will be permanent and she will never get another. However, after much soul searching her feelings and love for her daughter(s) and the Auction Guy would be the turning point, being too great to risk for anything.

  • It's really hard to imagine any real mother turning her back on her child like that, and Bay does appear to consider herself a real mom.
    • No kidding. Just check out Bay's reaction when she learned Honey was talking to the Auction Guy back when she believed he'd deliberately gotten her drunk for immoral purposes. Pure, undiluted MOM!
  • Yes but... having Bay admit that would pretty much kill all the drama provided by Mandys Law of Anime Gender Bending, wouldn't it?
    • It would also end up being a subversion of common Gender Bender clichés though. By the looks of it, Bay is already pretty close to fully 'giving in'. Either way, this would probably not happen for a long while.
  • With Bay's recent behavior over a kiss, it seems more likely that she has never had a child and that Brady / Honey is yet to be born, given that both Brady and Honey are (supposedly) from the future. The deck is pretty much stacked against Bay ever 'going back', but eventually she won't want to.
    • This comic only raises even more questions about nearly everything up to this point. It's too early to label anything as concrete, though, but it looks as if most of the WMGs have been suddenly and immediately disproved.

Bay hoped that she would be changed back so Brad could pursue Robyn.

Bay then spilled all of this to her after getting drunk. Robyn, not knowing the truth about Bay (only figuring that it was part of the script, so to speak) would understandably feel betrayed and angered and would likely accuse Bay of using her identity just to get closer.

  • Nope, but Bay may well still have liked Robyn at that time. With many other things happening in her life making the likelihood of ever going back slim, Robyn missing her exams (and ending her friendship with Bay) was just the final straw that ended that line of thinking permanently.
  • Bay wishing she could date Robyn as Brad pretty much sums up their whole relationship during the fanfics with Honey providing a strong hint of Settled for Gay and Has Two Mommies later on.

Bay is deliberately keeping Brady a secret from Honey.

Bay hasn't been shown even attempting to contact Brady in NY, which is very un-mom-like behavior, don't you think?

  • Err... that's only possible if Honey doesn't know her own date of birth.
    • Recent revelations have put this one back in the running since Brady appears to be from the future as well.
      • It now appears that Brady being sent to live with Heather triggered Honey's snatching in the first place.
    • Seems very likely, since Honey and Brady getting in close proximity to one another would erase one from existence. Given that Bay would probably not take the slightest chance of that happening, it would make sense that she'd do everything to avoid Honey and Brady going near each other - hiding the location of one from the other included.
      • No, it was clearly said before that a paradox would only happen if they were both close to the portal while it's being used. There's no danger otherwise, given that Teri and Ams (who are the same cat) have been in close range to each other fairly often. Bay just doesn't want Honey to know about Brady for now because it would complicate things even further.

Crystal is also from the future.

She is either:

a) Another daughter of Bay's that she is yet to have. She does look somewhat similar to her, except for her hair and eye colors.

b) Honey's future daughter. Crystal seems to have taken a liking to her more than anyone else, and Honey also seems to be a more than a bit motherly towards her.

  • She also has a face very similar to Honey, as clearly seen here. Whether this means anything or not though isn't known, given it's possible (and likely) that her character model was simply drawn as a mix of Bay and Honey's features.
    • Bay, Honey and Crystal being three generations of the same family is very possible. Crystal doesn't seem to be very concerned at being temporarily stuck in David's body, which could be because eventually he will end up fathering her with Honey so the gender-switch will definitely not last forever. Being switched to your dad's body would still be very uncomfortable, though.
      • Oh my God... and Crystal has pink hair! That makes her Chibi Usa!

c) An alternate version of Honey who was unable to be changed back to her regular form, after altering her helix. This may especially be possible in a timeline where no younger Brady existed, meaning she would have been stuck that way for good.

  • Honey and Crystal being 'sisters' in this way is probably more likely than the other two options, given that they reacted similarly to David's theory about Bay, and other things before.
    • Crystal might react similarly if Bay was her grandmother.

As for having British nationality, for the first two cases it can simply be explained by Bay or Honey being there when they gave birth. For the last one, Honey just made it up for some reason.

d) Crystal is the future daughter of Berry, the blond version of Bay living in Ottawa. Thanks to the events of Timey-Wimey, Bay is now blonde. In the original Fanfic, Bay got pregnant because she was possessed by a very promiscuous Youma named Berry. It sure didn't take her long to jump Travis' bones. Maybe blonde Bay decided to give it up as a bad job and go home. Or perhaps she's still trying to Set Right What Once Went Wrong and got side tracked.

Bay deliberately lied to Honey about her origin.

In several comics, Honey seems to assume that she hasn't been conceived yet and wants to find a good guy for her mom. The flashback events of Story 7, however, proved that this isn't the case and that she is very likely the product of rape. Honey seemingly doesn't know about Brady's existence either (or that she was pregnant, but due to the Timey-Wimey Ball only gave birth in alternate timelines). Bay isn't keen to tell her since in her mind it would probably destroy Honey. The Bay from Honey's timeline must have never told her anything either, being too ashamed.

Bay has or will have more children besides Honey and Brady.

Aside from the possibility above that Crystal may also be her daughter (or another Honey), more versions of Honey may exist that aren't known about or haven't appeared yet. Of course, in time Bay may also consider having another child the normal way as well.

Bay is also Honey's father in addition to being her mother.

At some point, amnesic-Bay (as 'Brad') will somehow end up temporarily turned male and sent back in time, and through an awkward series of events and the influence of alcohol, will end up impregnating the past-Bay.

The story will never complete.

The comic has all but come to a grinding halt, and is at the Series Hiatus phase of the Dead Fic scale, verging on the vague assurances of not giving up.

  • Looking less and less likely at the moment now that CD is back from Afghanistan.

Berry (the alternate blond version of Bay living in Ottawa) is also from the future and was sent back to Set Right What Once Went Wrong.

Berry is actually possessing the alternate blond version of Bay living in Ottawa.

Berry possessed Bay in the original fanfic. She Really Gets Around (note how fast she got Travis into bed) and was responsible for Bay's pregnancy in the original story.

The Auction Guy actually is Honey's father.

Both he and Bay were too drunk to remember hooking up, but not so drunk that they didn't conceive a subconscious attraction to each other (as well as a child.)

Bay has missed the time window for turning back into Brad.

Note that every single alternate version of Bay in the Timey-Wimey story is female.

Proven Theories:

Honey is Brady.

  • Honey and Brady share the same Helix (Brady's Helix was used to restore Honey's after she damaged it) and no two helixes are supposed to be alike.
  • Fanfic, again: Bay named Honey "Brady" at birth, Honey could be a nickname.
    • Honey is actually Brady's middle name, according to info on her cast page. It's quite clear that they are the same person.

Honey is Brady from an alternate future.

  • In her world, Microsoft is the 51st State.
  • The fanfic depicts her as taking actions which she knows will alter the future (the scouts were in danger and she just couldn't help herself).
  • If this is so, then she is the first Brady. In her timeline there would have been no adult Honey who ever went back in time, which would have made that Bay's (and Brady's) lives very different. Despite this, both versions of herself still must have the same origin, which has not yet been revealed.
    • CD Rudd states it as fact that Honey is from an alternate future. Yet, since Honey and Brady are one and the same and obviously would have the same origin, and Brady is shown to have been with Bay before Honey came back in time, Brady may also be from the future (not the same as Honey's) as well... meaning that both of their existences could be part of a Stable Time Loop.
      • Remember the "plan"? Perhaps it doesn't matter that Bay never got pregnant in this reality because they intended all along to snatch Honey from an alternate future in which she did.
  • Bay did get pregnant, she just never got the chance to give birth, due to the paradox perpetrated by the studio when they snatched Brady.

Honey and Brady were both snatched from different alternate futures.

  • This could also be the "plan" the studio keeps referring to.
  • It also addresses the "Bay and Brady's ages don't add up" issue.
    • Or possibly, even though Honey is from an alternate future, Brady is not and is from the "normal" one. As mentioned below, both of them still must have the same point of origin, however.
      • But Brady also being from an alternate reality could explain why Bay still thinks she can return to being Brad even though her daughter (or daughters, depending upon how you look at it.) have not yet been born. After all, if they're both from Alternate futures, they don't even need to be born, at least not in this reality.
        • I think it's worth noting that daughters generally also have fathers.
    • Bay and Brady's ages could add up if Bay had Brady at 15 or 16.
  • Confirmed: Brady was snatched from the future while Bay was still pregnant with her, making her from an Alternate future by definition since she was yet to be born in ours.
    • And, just to make things even more amusing, it now looks like Honey was snatched specifically because Brady was sent to live with Heather, which begs the question why they didn't either a: compensate Brady for her services or b: pay Bay a living wage.
      • Well it looked like the Honey snatching was Chris's idea alone and he thought that an elaborate pregnancy and time-travel plot was better to get a Chibi-Bay than simply hiring an actress...
        • But hiring an Actress just wouldn't provide that authenticity!

The Auction Guy is related to Robyn.

He may be Robyn's brother or another relation. This could explain his use of "we'll" to Bay, possibly meaning Robyn could be the third person. It also seems more likely if Robyn's updated bio is considered, meaning that she could be in town visiting him and is not on good terms with Bay.

  • Given the portal machine and the (assumed) use of it on Robyn by Chris, possibly as a test run to make sure it'd later work for Bay, it may also be possible that the Auction Guy is Robyn's future son. As if Honey's mystery parentage wasn't already weird enough, this could make Robyn a possible grandmother (and Cody her grandfather), and due to time travel both Honey's parents and her paternal grandparents are all close in age to herself and each other.

Brady was either created as a young child, rapidly aged from an infant, or is from the future.

Bay says in comic that "Honey can't wake up in a body over half her normal age", meaning that Brady is roughly 7 or 8 years old (since Honey is listed to be 18 in the cast page). She is also shown to be of the age to go to school, making Bay's statement a fact. Considering Bay's own age, the amount of time that Bay worked at the studio and her change from Brad, it does not add up in the slightest. She might have been pulled back in time or created somehow using Bay's DNA and / or Helix, and the latter could explain why Honey seemingly doesn't have a father.

  • The recent introduction of the time portal certainly supports the 'snatched from the future' hypothesis.
    • Of course "over half her normal age" is a fairly odd turn of phrase given Brady's apparent age and the overall situation. "Barely half her normal age" sounds more likely. Or Bay could have meant to say "under half her normal age". The authors (lack of) command of the English language makes such a misstatement entirely plausible.
      • Fanfic again: Bay was the same age as the other scouts in the fanfic, meaning she was only 15 or 16 when she gave birth to Brady/Honey. Bay's age is is given as 20 now, giving Brady plenty of time to achieve the age she is now the old-fashioned way.
  • Now seemingly proven that Brady is indeed also from the future, as mentioned on Honey's bio that Honey was the 'second attempt'.

Bay doesn't actually KNOW who Honey's Father is.

Bay appears to have gotten pregnant from an anonymous hookup in both the comic and the fanfiction.

The Studio is going to use some phlebotinum to make SURE Bay gets pregnant.

  • They seem to have accounted for it in their "plan".
  • Bay definitely gives birth to Honey in the Fanfic (I know, I know). Honey actually attended her own birth and was horrified to discover that Bay intended to give her up for adoption. She blamed this on Robyn since she just couldn't accept the idea that her own beloved mother would even think of rejecting her.
    • Does alcohol count as phlebotinium?

Bay never actually gave birth.

She entered the storage room just as Chris was using the machine, and the matter paradox erased the pregnancy once Brady was pulled back and came within range of her. Thus Bay became an instant mother of a four / five year old.

Robyn never actually met Brady or Honey, or knows that they exist.

Looking through the flashback comics, it appears that at the time of Robyn's exams neither Brady or Honey were around. Given that she probably left the studio shortly after the bar incident, it's likely that her character was then just written into the fanfic without an actual actor (like the original Senshi presumably were). Since there was nobody at Bay's apartment the night Robyn slept outside, Brady was not present (she either wasn't there yet or this was not long after Bay sent her to live with Heather, her origin is still a mystery). Some time after this, Honey then came from the future with Ams.

  • Supported by the recent revelation that Bay didn't start experiencing morning sickness until after Robyn left the studio.
    • Doubly supported since we now know that Brady and Honey weren't snatched from the future until after Robyn left.

Disproven Theories:

Honey and Brady are the same person from the same future.

Brady somehow came back in time, and at an unspecified point will return to the future. After growing up, she went back again (with Ams). Due to the potential of causing a massive Temporal Paradox and preventing key events from happening, some memories of time travellers are altered while they are in the past (which would explain why Honey doesn't remember being in the past before as Brady, or who her father is). Eventually, she will also leave and upon returning to the future unlock all of her memories. Both travels through time are to ensure that Honey actually comes into existence in the first place, because Future Bay remembered both versions of Honey being there, and she was essential in getting her parents together.

  • Due to Honey being from an alternate future (see above) and the plan in this comic, the above theory is now most likely not true.
    • It now looks like Brady and Honey were snatched from different alternate futures, making this even more unlikely.

Heather is a clone of Bay.

In a comic we see Brady talking to another Bay, and in this comic we see Bay phone 'Heather'. I think this Heather is a clone of Bay.

  • According to the fanfic cast page, she is in fact Brad's fraternal twin sister (who Bay is now an identical twin of, making Bay the clone). Bay's profile page on the main site also confirms this, stating outright that she has a sister.
    • It gets even better: The Fanfic cast page states that Heather is was kidnapped at birth and raised in NY by adoptive parents. Of course, this may run aground on the "What is "real" in the fanfic" problem.
      • On the other hand, the adopted parents bit would explain why Bay tells her sister that Brady needs to be sent to "[her] parents" in Buffalo as opposed to "our parents".

The Auction Guy is Robyn.

Even from his first appearance, the Auction Guy seems to have been more forgiving of Bay and her antics than anyone should, such as running out on him on their auction date and leaving him washing dishes, and getting drunk on their second date (albeit, by accident). This suggests that he in fact knew Bay before their "first" meeting at the auction, and was probably a key reason why he bid so much for her to begin with.

Robyn Marks (or Marcuis) was Bay's co-worker and best friend at the now defunct studio. It's unclear as of yet whether or not she knew of or possibly even dated Brad before he was changed, but in the fanfiction stories she was deeply in love with him. Both Robyn and the Auction Guy have similar hairstyles and colors, are accountants, have kind and cheerful personalities, wear purple clothing, and react to Bay's awkward behavior in much the same way. Story 7 (The Line) also alternates back and forth between past and present, and Robyn and the Auction Guy, which may also be a hint.

Some time after the studio closure (and a falling out, given this cover), she was accidentally (or on purpose, for Bay) turned into a man by a Transformation Ray or something similar. After meeting Bay again in his new identity, he realized that he's very much in love with her but is afraid to reveal that he's her former best friend. Meanwhile, Bay is also very much in love with him but is terrified to admit it to herself, to tell him who she used to be, and the fact that she's further and further Going Native. Yes, they're two people who should have been together in their original sexes but due to circumstance and horrible luck must make do with who they now are, and hopefully at least regain their friendship, if not more.

  • Another indication could be the fact that Robyn and the Auction Guy have yet to appear together, even in donation images.
  • Or, the Auction Guy is in fact an Opposite Sex Clone of Robyn, or a Gender Bender version of her pulled from an alternate near-future, which would mean there'd be two versions of Robyn in the present just as there are two versions of Honey.
    • In the latter case, it is also possible (though very unlikely) that the original Robyn was experimented on by Chris and turned male, so he pulled an unaffected version of Robyn from an alternate future to try and cover up his mistake. That Robyn could in all likelihood be several years older (at least) and resent Bay and the studio for taking her life away and / or what was done to her counterpart, making her later leave in disgust and anger. The Auction Guy, meanwhile, would likely be just as hurt (if not more) at being trapped in the opposite sex, and would be afraid to see Bay. But then some time later as he settled down into his life, he saw her one night at the Bachelorette Auction he went to and decided to get to know her again, not knowing that he'd soon also fall in love. He and Robyn keep in touch, being sort-of siblings, and wants to try and heal the rift between her and Bay and reveal his identity to the latter at the same time.
    • Proven once and for all not to be true by this comic.

The Auction Guy is...

... just the Auction Guy. He's not secretly Robyn or anyone else. Robyn simply moved away after the studio closed down and / or a huge fight with Bay, and hasn't kept in touch. All of the clues and similarities between Robyn and the Auction Guy are just Red Herrings to throw the readers off.

  • Cough, Cough, Only Six Faces, Cough
    • He's now shown to be Robyn's brother, so he's not just 'nobody'.

Bay is under some form of compulsion giving her an obsessive attraction to redheads.

  • This could also be the "plan".
  • It does explain Bay's obsessive and uncharacteristic attraction to Auction Guy.
  • It might also explain Bay's breakup with Robyn. Note the expression in Bay's eyes here.
    • Jossed. Bay apparently did not try to take advantage of Robyn.

The Auction Guy will * not* choose Bay.

As a twist and utter wrench throw to both Bay and the readers, he will opt to believe and choose his sister over Bay. She will be utterly heartbroken and torn apart, and Robyn and the Auction Guy may not appear again in the series. Bay would likely chew both of them out before storming off, especially Robyn. This whole scenario is quite unlikely though, considering all the time (often hilariously) spent putting them together.

  • He seems to have chosen Bay, so thankfully this appears to have been shot down.

The Auction Guy is / will be Honey's father.

Come on. Bay is smitten and loves him despite trying to convince herself that she's not. Unless Honey / Brady is a clone or created by magic science, or not Bay's real daughter at all (which would be quite the major Ass Pull by CD Rudd), there's no other possibility.

  • If this is true, then something probably happened to him in Honey's timeline before she was born. Even so, it's very doubtful that Bay would never tell her daughter about her father, so Honey's memories must have been altered in some way for her to have no idea about who he is.
    • In the fanfic Bay had no idea who Honey's father is because her body was being possessed by the very promiscuous Berry at the time (meaning that there were literally dozens of potential candidates). While this could just be laziness on the part of the studio (it conveniently allows them to Retcon it anyway they want to) maybe Bay just doesn't know.
    • Seemingly proven to definitely be false by this comic.
      • It is likely that he will end up being Honey and Brady's stepfather in the future, but barring Time Travel or something else unexpected it's just not possible that he's their biological father.

Chris the producer is Honey's father.

When Doug points out that Bay isn't even pregnant, Chris replies that he has a plan. Well, maybe it was a very simple plan. We all know Bay can't hold her liquor.

  • Very, very cruel (not to mention, rape) and a bit too much just to get another actress, makes this very unlikely.
    • Recent events seem to indicate that "Bay gets drunk and winds up pregnant" is pretty much what happened, though Chris apparently wasn't the culprit himself.
      • It's possible that while Chris himself didn't do it, he arranged to try to get it to happen. According to both Robyn and Bay, he provided them with a credit card to treat themselves. The comic implies that the drinks were actually somehow tampered with (since the bar man said that they were just colas and the comic title is "Little More Than Just Pop In That Glass". There's also the facts that the barman (while only seen from behind) appears to have the same hair color as Chris, but wearing glasses and this comic. It's possible that Chris gave Robyn the credit card and offered her something to convince Bay to celebrate at the local bar. Chris would impersonate a bartender, get Bay drunk, and thus she gets pregnant. Robyn would not be informed of the getting-Bay-drunk bit, which would explain why she was so shocked and upset to find that Bay had wandered off for the entire night. Granted it would be a sloppy (and very unethical) plan, but then the producers didn't seem too with-it anyway...
    • This comic pretty much proves that Chris and Doug did indeed get Bay drunk hoping that she would get pregnant, so that much of it is true, though it's still not likely Chris did the deed himself.

Honey may be Bay and Robyn's child even if Robyn isn't the Auction Guy.

In the Fanfic, Robyn has a supernatural pregnancy that was "temporarily" shifted to Bay before the time skip. It was supposed to be transferred back to Robyn sometime in the future, but what if it wasn't?

  • Robyn is definitely involved somehow, given this comic. Though, it is doubtful that she knew exactly just what she was getting into. If Robyn is / will be Honey's "other parent" or father, she probably doesn't know. Assuming that the "machine" needs someone to be able to lock onto a relation in the future (in the comic above, that could be what Chris wants Robyn for), and Honey was brought back, likely would mean that Robyn is the other parent.
    • The above has definitely been dis-proven as of late, but the main (WMG) theory is still (though quite unlikely) possible.
      • Not anymore.

The reveal of Brady's origin is in fact a Red Herring.

Everything seems to fit a little too perfectly and still doesn't make a lot of sense. It is being widely assumed now with only one or two comics that:

  • Bay was date-raped, meaning the chance of Brady or Honey ever finding their father is slim to none.
    • Don't be so quick to assume it was rape. There's a huge difference between someone deliberately getting someone else intoxicated in order to take advantage of them (which clearly is rape) and two someones getting intoxicated enough to do something they may regret later (which just as clearly is not). Either scenario is possible from the evidence presented thus far as well as a whole range of possibilities in between.
  • Bay really was in fact pregnant but 'lost' it due to a paradox, and Brady is also from an alternate future.

This doesn't explain why Honey is described as to have been born in New York while her mother was on a trip, unless Brady and Honey are actually not the same person (which they are). Since Honey was pulled from the future after Brady was, this probably means that Honey came from a future where there was no Honey ever pulled back, meaning she was, as Brady, pulled herself from the future when she was young. Little to nothing has ever been said about Honey's childhood so this is very possible. Unless Chris can somehow tune the machine to very specific alternate timelines (which does not seem likely), this implies that Brady actually hasn't been born yet. The machine is also described as being able to open a portal to the future, not 'one of an infinite number of possible futures'.

Remember that Honey had Ams (who is an older Teri) in the future, meaning that this absolutely must have also happened when she was a child, which also implies that everything else before that was also identical. The timeline would have only changed once Honey was brought back, most likely giving Brady a much different life as opposed to what her older 'sister' experienced.

As for neither one of them knowing who her father is:

  • There's no indication that Brady doesn't know her father, given that we've seen very little of her in the comic. It was either never asked of her by Bay, or simply ignored (since she assumes Brady is the product of a bad night, and would assume Brady is wrong). Brady would probably clearly recognize her daddy on sight if she ever sees him, which would be extremely awkward for all involved.
  • Sadly, Honey may have simply forgotten him. Assuming the above theory, her alternate timeline would be quite different due to the non-presence of Honey. Brady would never be born in that timeline at all since there wasn't a Honey around for key events to happen, and given enough time Honey's memories of him would have faded. It can happen.

Some day, Brady will be born in New York and once she reaches a certain age, pulled back in time to start the entire Stable Time Loop (but her two older selves would still remain in the present). Honey indeed does come from an alternate future (where Honey was never pulled from the future) but is still reliant on all these events to even exist.

The only way that the scenario / theory given by some comics (that Bay was pregnant with Brady) can work is if Chris later decided to somehow set the machine to an alternate timeline where Bay actually gave birth (which would mean she somehow ended up in New York at that time), and snatched Honey when she was roughly eighteen years old. This doesn't explain why Honey has Ams, unless Bay picked him up at the exact same time and day as Brady did in the normal timeline and gave him the same name (Teri probably decided to go by Ams when he was older the same as Brady decided to use her middle name of Honey). It also makes no sense and is quite a stretch, because if Chris later wanted an older Brady he'd just open a portal to the future and snatch her. There's no reason whatsoever for setting the machine to an alternate universe where Bay gave birth (if this is even possible), unless there's an overly-complicated, contrived reason.

  • You're thinking about this way too much and seem to have overlooked a much simpler, easier, and more rational explanation: Chris likely has no idea how the time portal really works and is simply using it to randomly troll the future(s) for daughters of Bay. In other words, he's just snatching the first person the portal can locate for him and has no idea where or when in the future they're actually coming from. As for whether or not the portal merely accesses "the future" instead of "all possible futures", the source for that little tidbit of information was... Chris himself! He's hardly the most reliable source, since it's clear that he has no idea what he's messing with (and an idiot).
    • To the above Troper: You're most likely correct, given that there's also a (possibly canon) bonus / donation comic where another Honey comes to the present from yet another alternate future. Also, CD Rudd hasn't exactly been well known for storylines in the past... what you see is what you get, and the most obvious answer is almost always the right one. I just don't like how smoothed over and little is thought of the apparent fact that Bay was date-raped, and have looked for as many inconsistencies and plot-holes with that theory as possible (this WMG).
    • Completely quashed by CD Rudd. The origin story is completely correct with nothing (apparently) hidden. This should have been expected due to the clear explanation about paradoxes one comic before Brady's appearance.

Honey knows that Bay was Brad.

At some point as she was growing up, Bay (future) either told her or she figured it out for herself. Honey doesn't care or think much about it though, given how much she loves and admires her mother.

  • In an early comic, Bay mentions to Turt that Honey doesn't know, but all this means is that she never told her and has no reason to think that she knows. It's very unlikely that Honey went through eighteen years without finding out or at least suspecting, unless this is a case of Plot Induced Stupidity. Given what Bay has been going through recently, if Honey actually doesn't know she will soon enough. Though, it would be so much sweeter if she has in fact known all along, and tells her mother so as she's confessing the truth to her daughter.
    • Recent events (as of 2/2010) appear to indicate that this may not be true, as Bay has reverted to Brad and Honey does not appear to understand how or why.
    • It's not so unlikely that Honey would have never suspected. It seems that Bay had already begun to act more feminine by the time the plot to get her pregnant began (she hit on men when she was drunk, for example). It's possible that being tasked with caring for Brady brought out her maternal side which became normal mode for her. Besides that, it's not like Bay talked with people about her Brad days when Honey was around and it's unlikely that a person would believe "my mom used to be a guy" to be a good reason for suspicious behavior anyway.
    • As of lately, Honey is either deliberately playing dumb or else really doesn't know who Brad is. It's more than likely the latter reason though, meaning in addition to never having a father she probably never knew any other family besides her mother.
      • Honey definitely does not know, as proven here.

Bay's mother and grandfather are dead, or have disowned her.

Either reason would explain why Bay wasn't able to contact them over the phone. In the latter case, it would add another reason as to why Bay wanted to be changed back.

    • Bay's grandfather is dead, but her mother is not. She closed the old store after Bay's Grandfather died and and opened a new one at the airport, leading to the scene where Honey gets a map from her own grandmother without either realizing who the other was, lending credence to the theory that Honey knows no other family besides Bay.

Bay's amnesia will be cured by being hit in the head a second time.

Since in fiction, amnesia caused by a blow to the head is often cured by another, don't be surprised if this happens to Bay near the end of the storyline just as Honey and / or others are about to figure out the truth, resetting the status quo to what it was just before her first accident at the ranch. Bonus points if she doesn't remember any of the time she recently spent as 'Brad' either.

  • Bay's amnesia appears to have been cured by the shock of discovering her grandfather's grave.
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