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  • Game Breaker- The 'Overdrive-Stasis' trick. The Overdrive spell gives you up to eight actions in a single turn but drains all your spellcasting resources at the end of it. The Stasis Rune spell locks the caster exactly as he or she is at the moment of casting for the next ten turns or so. If you cast Stasis as the last move during Overdrive, not only do you not lose any JP or WP, but you get to act eight times per turn for the rest of the fight. It gets even worse better when you realize that since it saves all your JP, you can repeat casting Overdrive for free multiple times during the fight, so long as Stasis is always your last move in it.
  • Good Bad Bugs - Takonomics, named in honor of the man who discovered it: have enough money to buy a certain number of gold ingots without actually committing to the deed just yet, causing the price of gold to go up until selling the ingots in your inventory will net you a profit; rinse and repeat until you have obscene amounts of wealth.
    • In addition, the well-loved Overdrive-Stasis trick, even though it seems like it may have been on purpose due to the moves descriptions("Temporarily gain infinite speed" and "freeze time in battle"), is actually a glitch- see Zaraktheus' last post here for an in-depth explanation.* It can be taken even further with the use of the Shadow Servant spell, which creates a shadow doppelganger that copies any spell or attack you use, effectively doubling the damage dealt in those eight turns.
    • The Junk Shop glitch, which allows you to get endless free stuff from the Junk Shop in Scrap: just attempt to sell a HyperionBazooka that you don't have and you get seven free items. Perfect for either kitting yourself out with Disc One Nukes or building up enough money to engage in Takonomics.
  • Ho Yay: From the "Essence of Saga Frontier"- Ildon and Rastaban are lovers. Asellus and Gina could be considered an item too if you get the Mystic ending.
    • In spite of one member of the PTB handwaving Asellus and White Rose's relationship as mojo-transfer-by-blood, fandom as a whole ignores this - and no wonder, given Zozma's blatant 'get out of the closet!' speech after the business at the Labyrinth.
    • Asellus gets a lot of homosexual text with White Rose and Gina, but she and Mesarthim rack up a lot of subtext due to the latter's insistence on being her slave.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Rastaban. He plots to have Asellus replace Orlouge as the ruler of Fascinaturu and sends Ildon with her to make sure she is safe. The Bastard part comes in when he kidnaps Gina and puts her inside of a Griffon. This bothers Ildon and angers Asellus. However, if Asellus doesn't save her, then no one would know who's really responsible for her kidnapping.
  • The Scrappy- Slime, who comes from nowhere and goes nowhere. Except in Essence, where he does quite a bit.
  • Scrappy Level- Riki's Mosperiburg dungeon. From the Magma Slimes to the Mystic Spikes, to the Puzzle Boss fight, it's... unpleasant to say the least.
  • Tethercat Principle- It is implied that Blue never actually kills Hell's Lord, but fights him eternally.
  • Woolseyism- A minor one- Alkaiser's Shin[1]-Al-Phoenix becomes Re-Al[2]-Phoenix


  1. True
  2. Real
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