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I beliiiiieeeeeve in Sad Panda Q&A!
Five minutes in and logic's already abandoned us. We're getting better!
Welshy, episode 9

Sad Panda Q&A is a strange show hosted by Welshy and Sad Panda. Any claims that this series actually answers questions are quite false.

Supposedly, viewers can send Sad Panda questions, which are then asked by Welshy. While he tries to get Panda to give at least one straight answer every episode, he usually fails after being blocked out by assorted madness such as cameos, flashbacks, insulting Cferra, subtitles, warning signs, and commercial breaks. Needless to say it has a very light grasp on continuity and one certainly shouldn't go there hoping to learn something about Panda.

For Panda's other but equally bizzare show, see Forget About It.

The series contains the following tropes.

 Panda: I'm sure that will hurt me later.

 Smarty: Panda, you stay here. And put that white flag down, dammit!

 Welshy: The crack seems to be linked to Magfest. Where there will be video games, booze, music, booze, and scantily clad women wearing very little.

 Welshy: Look over there! It's a happy Panda!

Panda: Really? *leaves and returns with a panda puppet*...Now what was I saying?

Welshy: You were going to send me some money.

 Welshy: Sorry. Sorry, sorry, but I just don't apologize.

 Welshy: I'm just wondering how you traveled so fast.

Panda: I use Sony Vegas!

  • The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: Welshy towards Panda.
  • Painting the Fourth Wall: Actors interact with the elements of the show occasionally, like smacking away video clips and getting pushed back by captions. One Running Gag features English Subtitles making fun of Welshy and Panda, and usually have to be shooed off with a Sonic Screwdriver. There was a also a Warning Sign claiming that the show was going to become more serious, but it was beaten up by Welshy. Then it held Panda hostage in episode 7, before Welshy shot it.
  • Poorly-Disguised Pilot: For the Rap Critic's "Worst Lyric of the [time frame]".
  • Rashomon Style: Episode 4 has multiple retellings from the Sad Panda, Welshy and Smarty as to how the show first started.
  • Retraux: The silent-movie version of Panda getting Welshy involved in the series in episode 4.
  • The Reveal: The person behind the English Subtitles is Film Brain.
  • Running Gag: Welshy getting silenced by guests.
  • Self-Deprecation: They tend to insult themselves. A lot.

 Panda: Feel free to insult me at this email address.

 Anthony: I just wanted the biggest shameless plug...ever.

 ProfessorCelluloid: Redheads are ze best people in ze world! Like Ron Howard! And...Ron Howard!

 Cferra: Something awful/awesome just happened. To the wiki!

 Welshy: What is love?

Panda: Baby don't hurt me. Don't hurt me. No more.

  • We Meet Again: ChaosD1 claims this when he sees Panda. Turns out it's the first time they met.

 ChaosD1: Really? I swear I thought we had a feud or something.

 It's fun to answer questions by giving answers.

I don't have a theme song,

so I say everything that come out of my head:

Blimp, sausages, prostitute, propeller, fork, questions!

  • Your Mom: Done by Panda to Welshy. Completely unprovoked and at random.

I beliiiiieeeeeve!

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