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  • Anvilicious - Every moral in this show.
    • True, though the morals are usually done a humorous way so that it's not too annoying (the same is true for the live-action series) and sometimes it does deviate from the norm in it's morals. In "A Witchmas Carol," which at first looks like it's going to be yet another version of A Christmas Carol where the complete Jerkass ends up getting scared into being nice for the holiday season (in this case with Gem, who's more a jerkass here than in the entire series), Sabrina attempts to scare Gem into getting the Christmas spirit by casting a Christmas Carol spell. In a twist, the plan fails as the ghosts of Christmas past (Hilda), present (Zelda), and future (Sabrina) only make Gem love herself even more (even the fact that she won't be missed by anyone in her family -- not even her nanny -- when she dies doesn't bother her) and Sabrina discovers that she only hatched the plan because she disagreed with Gem's views on Christmas rather than as a genuine effort to change her, so Sabrina gives Gem a gift and wishes her happy holidays instead. Gem, at first, brushes off the gift, but is touched after realizing no one in her family is home with her for the holidays and Sabrina was the only person who cared enough about her to give her a present. So the moral ends up being "You shouldn't try to force someone to change, no matter how seemingly cold-hearted they are in order to save face. Instead you should try being nice to them in spite of everything else". That's one moral that you don't see in most shows like this, whether or not they do a parody of A Christmas Carol.
  • Ear Worm - The theme song by B*Witched, really catchy and hard to get out of your head.
    • "It's Sabrina!...!"
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Alvin.
    • The aunts (for the male fanbase)
    • Harvey (for the female fanbase, and some even like him better in this series)
  • Epileptic Trees - Pi is the son of Jigen from Lupin the Third (or Jigen when he was a kid).
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In one episode, Sabrina's teacher asks her what the ninth planet in the solar system is called. Her response: "There isn't a ninth planet. There are only eight". Cue everyone laughing at her.
  • Idiot Plot - "The Witch Switch" - Who would have thought that giving Gem magic powers would have negative effects.
    • That's subverted by the fact that Sabrina is often prone to jumping ahead without considering the consequences,(she does that in at least half a dozen episodes by my count) and in the case of this episode, she was so intent on having Gem's freedom and wealth that she didn't consider the consequences of Gem being a witch.
  • Jump the Shark: As soon as it moved to Sabrina's Secret Life. Getting rid of the entire cast that didn't originate from the comics and changing all the voices was a bad idea.
  • Parent Service: Hilda and Enchantra were probably designed with this in mind.
  • Recycled Script - One episode had Sabrina, out of jealousy of a better swimmer, accidentally turning herself into a fish, and she could only turn back if Harvey kissed her; this same storyline was done in the sitcom's comic book.
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