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Ever want a quick guide as to what score Chuck gave a particular episode of Star Trek? You're in luck, because his Trivia section has got you covered. Remember, the score given is relative to all other episodes in each particular series, and not in any other. Also, the scores are awarded in approximate bell-curve fashion: this means that there will be relatively few episodes with a very high or very low score. The scores listed below will always reflect his most recent review of that episode.

Within each score category, episodes are listed by series, in chronological order (by original airdate). Clicking on the episode title will link you to our write-up about it in the Recap section of the site, if there is one.

This is a work in progress, so please feel free to lend a hand.

SF Debris Opinionated Star Trek Episode Scores:

SF Debris Post Episode Follow Up Guide:

This section is a quick guide to the Post Episode Follow Up Awards given out to each episode. Like the scores, this is a work in progress.


  1. It was originally 7.5. In retrospect, Chuck feels he graded this one too high, by using "7" as a baseline for DS9 scores instead of "5", and lowered the score when he re-posted it to
  2. Chuck says it would be a "7" if he didn't consider it a ripoff of the novel, "Dragon's Egg".
  3. This episode has not yet been reviewed directly, but was covered in the "Michael Jonas" review
  4. It was originally rated a 3, but as Chuck notes that this particular episode tends to get worse with repeated viewings, he lowered the score when he re-posted it to
  5. Cliff Bole, though Chuck never actually mentions his name
  6. assuming this is the writers of the episode, that would mean Ira Steven Behr and Hans Beimler
  7. However, it turns out it was just a hologram.
  8. Named for US President Andrew Jackson, depicted on the obverse of said bill, who did just that with various Native American tribes.
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