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Ladies and gentlemen... Welcome to the idiocy that is... Voyager.
SF Debris Opinionated Voyager Guide
The only way Neelix is going to keep the Voyager crew alive is if they eat him!
—Opinionated Voyager Episode Guide, Basics
Welcome to the idiocy that is... Threshold. And that is NOT an opinion.
—Opinionated Voyager Episode Guide, Threshold
So if you are new here, here are the subjects which are not shown respect here: whites, blacks, Asians, Latinos, Indians, men, women, straights, gays, bis, the religious, the agnostic, and the atheist. We mock the left, mock the right, mock the center, mock the apathetic, mock consumerism, mock Communism, spit on the socialists, laugh at the fascists. We'll pick on liberal President Obama and conservative PM Cameron, along with his wife Nick Clegg. We'll piss on the Hawkman, Cyberman, Tall Man, Saruman, Batman, Beltran, Baldwin and Berman. So if you were not aware of it until now, Star Trek is not sacred here.
—SF Debris' review of The Conscience of the King
I am His Grace, Sir SF Debris, Duke of the People Who Don't Give A Rat's Ass and Knight of the Order of Go Fuck Yourself! And, of course, a viewer with an opinion.
—SF Debris, Haven review
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