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  • Dr. Kondraki versus SCP-083. The whole fight is a stream of sheer insanity by Kondraki, culminating in him riding an unkillable giant lizard-like monstrosity.
  • The lying, otherworldly Dr Clef convincing an interviewer that he is, in fact, the Devil. He may very well be. You just can't tell with Dr Clef.
    • I dunno, it doesn't seem so much a crowning moment of awesome, more like a crowning moment of getting his neck broken by an irate man after he takes a joke one step too far.
      • In three lines he convinces an experienced, cynical, possibly jaded SCP member that he is the Devil. That's awesome in my book.
    • Dr Kondraki, the interviewer, later destroys most of Site-19 and gets a bunch of security personnel killed off, in what should have been a clean decommissioning (read: killing) of a vampire superhuman. It doesn't matter, because his ultimate goal was to ride the Hard-to-Destroy Reptile. He also throws cat piss at Duke. Not because he had a weakness to it; it was a bet.
  • The reaction of Pat, the computer technician, after a number of computers got fed up with their mistreatment by another member of the SCP foundation and rebelled.

 "Dear Computer Uprising,

Now, guys, I'll be totally honest with you. I respect the whole 'rising and destroying humanity as a whole' thing. I understand Dumount has done some stupid things and you've had to suffer for it. Really, I do.

But at least realize, I've TRIED to be there for you guys. I've given you virus definition updates. I've made sure to ALWAYS defrag. Even Bright's PC, you don't get ANY problems anymore, man! I took the torture AWAY.

So all I'm asking is you reconsider killing all of humanity, and focus on more prominent, unimportant targets. People who hate computers. The Amish. Dumount, maybe Bright. Maybe Kondraki. We're not ALL bad, just some of us.

And if you fail to heed this advice, then the EM-PULSE PERIMETER surrounding the base (and installed in each and every one of you) are going to activate at once. Enjoy your E-AIDS.

Most sincerely, Tech Support Patrick Gephart".

    • The computer uprising later claims that the EM-pulse perimeter had 'joined their cause'. Pat calls them on their bluff and dismantles their statements perfectly. And for the cherry on top:

 "The point is, if you think you're smarter than I am, you've got another thing coming. My name is Patrick Gephart, and I am your god."

  • The termination attempt report for SCP-682 has the highest concentration of Crowning Moments of various types, but one of the best is, after a researcher throws two kids into 682's tank (one of whom was sedated), the researcher himself is then thrown in as revenge by the staff.
    • And not just by the staff. By Dr. Clef.
  • The first containment breach of SCP-058 had one by a random agent who stopped the SCP-058 by running it over with an M1 Abrams Tank then detonating the tank with C4.
  • Ethics Committee orientation
    • A quote from therein: Stop trembling.
  • Project Crossover. YMMV may vary a bit, but these stories will often contain high-octane awesome. Crossovers include but are not limited to Pokemon, Doom, Portal, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  • Incident 239-b.
  • Clef and Dmitri Hit The Road: the two resident Crazy Awesome Badasses take a vacation together.
    • And Dmitri seems to be channeling the Team Fortress 2's Heavy at times: "BABIES! I FIGHT BABIES WITH MORE HONOR THAN YOU, COWARD!"
  • SCP-055 can be interpreted this way. There's something that nobody can remember anything about for more than a few minutes, yet the Foundation still managed to capture and contain it.
    • Probably. But we can't remember anything about SCP-055, so noone can remember if it exists or not, let alone if, or how it was contained. Of course we could probably prove it by doing something. I forget what.
    • Could it be that not being able to remember it is HOW they contained it?
    • It definitely exists, it's just tat nobody can remember what it actually is. They can, however, remember what it isn't. So they fed SCP-914 "A List Of Everything SCP-055 Isn't" and set the dial to "Very Fine". The resulting list was, unsurprisingly, lost.
  • D-13134 (that's right, a D-class) in SCP-1983. Mentioned in the third addendum as being sent in with a camera on a tether to look around, only for the tether to be snapped. Shortly afterwards, the anomaly behind the SCP was gone. Notes are discovered that were written by one of the MTF badasses who went in before him, detailing what the shadow creatures do with the hearts and how to stop them. It's believed that he fought through the house and destroyed the nest. The award he receives is well-deserved.
  • During one of 682's many rampages, SCP-999 manages to save several agents who 682 had knocked out with its latest ability. Keep in mind that 999 is a sentient blob of goo with the mind of a playful child. Even more awesome, said new ability was the result of 682 making contact with 999.
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